IRC logs for #baserock for Tuesday, 2016-06-14

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rjekHello.  I'm having trouble getting to the magical lorry controller interface thing11:46
rjekI'm sure this used to work11:46
rjekWhat's interesting is that lighty is saying /status-html/status-html is not found, but that's not what I requested11:46
lc_it should be /1.0/status-html11:47
rjekWell at least I only spent 10 minutes doing it wrong.11:50
rjekta lc_11:50
rjektalc, if you will11:56
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lc_paulsherwood, I added a stratum to a system morph,  then built the final system, that stratum and all it's dependants are rebuilding even though the strata relations have not changed. Why?14:48
lc_Sorry, I lie, just the dependants are rebuilding.14:48
lc_ah, because the stratum morph is rebuilding14:49
paulsherwoodlc_: do you believe it should not be?14:50
lc_haven't convinced myself either way14:50
lc_but I would have expected it to just be calculating cache keys based on the strata relations and not its existence in the system14:51
persiaI would expect the calculation of a cache key for the *system* as a result of that change, but for none of the individual strata in the system.14:56
pedroalvarezmaybe is rebuilding because you don't have the artifacts cached anymore?14:58
gtristandrive by remark: I added python2-core to base system x86_64 the other day for a test, I'm quite certain that nothing was rebuilt, only python2-core artifacts were downloaded and the system itself rebuilt14:59
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