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jonathanmawam I right in thinking that baserock doesn't formally define runtime dependencies, rather the system installs all specified strata, strata can build-depend on other strata, and artifact splitting can separate out the parts of a chunk you don't want on the target?09:07
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benbrown_jonathanmaw: AIUI, yes09:29
persiajonathanmaw: That is also my understanding.  There have been various discussions about runtime dependencies in channel and on the mailing list, but I believe never the combination of consensus and code that would allow one use them.09:32
jonathanmawok, ta09:33
jonathanmawone other thing: when using ybd, how do you test changes to source code? clone the repo and check out the specified branch; make changes and build there; point the definitions to the locally-cloned-repo and run a build?09:34
benbrown_jonathanmaw: Changes to a chunk/component, rather than ybd itself?09:39
jonathanmawbenbrown_: yep, changes to a chunk09:39
benbrown_In which case, you could do that, I'm not entirely sure what the policy is on branching in g.b.o these days.09:40
benbrown_Though, you might not have the permissions to do that.09:40
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persiaIf building locally, pointing definitions at a local repo is a clean way to do it.  For remote builds, it can be more complicated.09:47
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lc_trying to build baserock 64 and mesa says15:28
lc_configure: error: Couldn't find clock_gettime15:28
richard_mawhas it tried looking in time.h?15:28
lc_I wouldn't know15:29
* richard_maw usually read through config.log and ./configure to find out why this sort of thing happened15:30
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