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persialearning: if your circular dependency is a bootstrap issue, find a way to use host tools to build something that can build something (maybe itself) repeatedly.  If not a bootstrap issue, find a way to untangle them.07:11
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leemingok so sounds like what I thought initially. Was just slightly confused with the mention of us not handling them09:15
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persiaAh, yes.  The tools do not handle this, so require human assistance.  Maybe not the most accessible phrasing.11:25
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locallycompacttrying to build enlightenment I get16:40
locallycompactconfigure: error: Package requirements (glproto >= 1.4.17 gl >= 9.2.0) were not met:16:40
locallycompactRequested 'gl >= 9.2.0' but version of gl is 9.1.116:40
locallycompactwhich chunk is that?16:40
ssam2have you seen strata/enlightenment.morph ?16:41
ssam2anyway the gl chunk is probably Mesa16:41
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paulsherwooddoes anyone know if it's possible to build a runtime-only version of devel-system using morph?16:52
paulsherwood(i'm still wrestling with splitting, and am wondering if my latest bug is me or the definitions)16:52
ssam2sure, it's possible16:52
ssam2i'm not sure if it's possible in the way that you are thinking of ... how do you do it with YBD ?16:53
ssam2by specifying in the system .morph that for each stratum it should only include the -runtime artifact?16:53
ssam2or some other method ?16:53
paulsherwoodcurrently my idea is i set default-splits: [-runtime] and expect it to figure everything out from rules for what a -runtime artifact containts16:54
richard_mawssam2: aye morph determined that by you listing the *-runtime artifact name16:54
ssam2Morph doesn't have a default-splits option16:55
ssam2I guess you could edit DEFAULTS, and delete the -devel artifact altogether16:55
ssam2and also remove the '- .*' line from the runtime artifact16:55
paulsherwoodmy issue is missing 'depmod' during the system integration commands16:56
paulsherwoodi'm guessing (but it may be a bug in ybd) that maybe the runtime artifacts somehow might not include depmod16:56
paulsherwoodmy very long log is at
ssam2it should be in /usr/sbin/depmod I think, which would be in the linux-bins chunk artifact by default16:57
ssam2is that actually depmod missing?16:58
ssam2seems that the 'sh' process would fail if that was the case16:59
ssam2which would print a "depmod not found" message to stderr, rather than raising a Python OSError16:59
paulsherwoodeek, then. maybe missing 'which' ?17:00
ssam2it would make more sense if 'chroot' was missing17:00
ssam2that's what sandboxlib is trying to run17:00
ssam2and it seems like that is the only case that could raise a Python OSError17:00
ssam2anything else would have a subprocess.CalledProcessError17:00
ssam2oh, wait17:01
ssam2i forget that sandboxlib uses os.chroot(), it doesn't call a separate program17:01
ssam2but still, that must mean 'sh' is not found17:01
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ssam2in fact, it's definitely not due to 'depmod' missing, because that line explicitly succeeds even if depmod is missing (so that it doesn't break minimal-system builds)17:02
paulsherwoodnm, i'll have to research tmrw17:27
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