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mwilliams_ctGood morning #baserock. quick trove question for you: I have a collection of lorries that pull in from a private server. where are the relevant public (and private) keys for lorry stored?08:35
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pedroalvarezmwilliams_ct: I think they are in /home/lorry/.ssh08:37
mwilliams_ctpedroalvarez: ta08:38
mwilliams_ctswhat I would have guessed08:38
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ssam2GStreamer is more or less buildable with Meson now :-)09:53
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leemingit was mentioned that morph/ybd does not support circular dependencies. But when is a good/reasonable time to have circular dependencies anyway? or is it just a matter of dealing with the mess from upstream?13:51
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pedroalvarezI wonder where would you start building if you have circular dependencies13:55
richard_mawthen it becomes an exercise in archaeology to deterimine which component was made first13:55
pedroalvarezfor some things, like gcc, where you need gcc to build it, we use gcc from the host13:56
pedroalvarezfor other complex things, maybe it's possible to just install a binary, and then build from source later, and not installing the first version13:57
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leemingso it isn't exactly a common/important problem (from a build tool - ybd/morph) point of view?14:45
ssam2more that it's unsolvable in an automated way15:00
ssam2it's certainly important, although not very common15:01
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robtaylorleeming: in general, if you want repeatability, you need to break cricular dependencies in some way21:32
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