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locallycompacthi guys09:39
edcragghi locallycompact09:40
locallycompactif I'm migrating a trove which is all coming from upstream, but I can't move all the gits across, what subset of the gits is sufficient for the new trove to correct itself?09:40
locallycompactis it just gitano-admin and local-config?09:40
ssam2can't you just rerun the scripts you used to deploy the original one ?09:41
ssam2i don't know the answer to your question, but gitano-admin and local-config/lorries would be my *guess*09:41
locallycompactssam2, we got stuck trying to deploy to lvs09:46
ssam2i don't really understand what you mean by that09:48
locallycompactybd doesn't deploy to logical volumes09:48
locallycompactwhich is what we need, apparently09:48
edcraggwhat happens?09:50
locallycompactwell this didn't work, anyway10:15
locallycompactit seems the gitano is not responding after the copy10:19
locallycompactok gitano is now ok10:30
locallycompactbut lorry controller is not doing anything10:30
locallycompacthow can I jumpstart lorry controller?10:30
pedroalvarezthere is the "lorry-controller*webapp*" service10:30
pedroalvarezwhich has to be running10:31
pedroalvarezand "*minion*" units, that have to be running too10:31
pedroalvarezother units run by timers10:31
locallycompactsystemctl says they are all running10:32
pedroalvarezanother thing you may be missing, are the ssh keys for the lorry user10:34
pedroalvarez(just in case you forgot about that)10:35
locallycompactok now repos are appearing but they are empty and lc-status doesn't say anything10:39
pedroalvarezwith "lc-status doesn't say anything" you mean that it's empty? or that it doesn't show any error?10:43
pedroalvarezif the latter, could you access to the admin interface to check for the errors?10:44
pedroalvarez`ssh -L 12765:localhost:12765 root@<your-trove>`10:45
pedroalvarezand then http://localhost:12765/1.0/status-html10:45
locallycompactah, it was because the tarball folder didn't exist10:46
pedroalvarezlocallycompact: oh, I'd suggest to copy the /etc/trove/ folder over the new trove10:47
pedroalvarezand errors like these will be auto-fixed10:47
locallycompactwe copied the whole root disk over before anything10:48
pedroalvarezauto-fixed = fixed whenever the "trove-setup" unit runs, manually or on reboot10:48
pedroalvarezlocallycompact: that unit runs some ansible scripts, and gets the variables needed from "/etc/trove/trove.conf"10:59
pedroalvarezlook in there to change things like cgit url's, etc11:00
locallycompactty pedroalvarez11:18
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