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paulsherwoodi know :)04:13
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ssam2anyone looked at ?09:46
ssam2looks a bit like a much simpler Gitlab09:46
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edcragglooks nice and simple09:49
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* leeming sighs at a ybd job that has taken 24hours, then errored13:19
paulsherwoodleeming: any idea *why*?13:20
paulsherwoodleeming: can you share a log?13:20
gtristanleeming, shouldnt be too bad... unless of course, webkit fails to compile on arm because you messed up your custom cross compiler down in build essential ;-)13:20
gtristan(then welcome another 24hrs)13:20
paulsherwoodleeming: if you're interested in wallclock time (aren't we all?) maybe use a powerful aws machine?13:21
leemingpaulsherwood,  apparently on downloading a cache, it slipped up and ended process. Since caches are used, it shouldnt take as long this time, right?13:24
* paulsherwood has never seen 'apparently on downloading a cache, it slipped up and ended process.' please could you post the log?13:25
paulsherwood(unless you're building something secret, of course)13:26
paulsherwoodleeming: ^^13:28
leemingsorry, that was my paraphrasing... the ssh session i am using is busy right now. 2mins will open another and see if i can find the log13:29
paulsherwoodack, thanks13:30
paulsherwoodare you using vagrant? if so, amending the Vagrantfile to increase your VM cores and mem may help you13:31
leemingno, this is just a local VM. It isn't anything important, I am just gaining initial experience with baserock right now13:33
leemingcan't seem to find an obvious log file. Looked in obvious places13:35
leemingas in, cwd, /var/logs, /src/ybd and looking through the default config now13:35
edcraggyou have to specifically add logging to the config, don't you?13:37
leemingedcragg, if that is the case, no exact error message then, sorry. Terminal scrollback maxed out13:39
edcraggis there a build log for the thing that failed, in the local artifact cache?13:40
leemingi can't find anything that looks obvious13:45
leemingsince I rerun, unfortunately can't look at timestamps13:45
gtristanleeming, there is a 'ybd' directory containing artifacts, gits, ccache_dir...14:24
gtristanleeming, the build logs should be in artifacts along side each artifact which was generated14:25
gtristanbut it's the logs of the actual builds, not the log of the output of ybd operation14:25
gtristanI usually run it with 2>&1 > ~/build.log to catch it indeed :-/14:25
gtristanor > build.log 2>&1 rather14:26
gtristanand to answer the previous, right... ybd will pick up right where it left off and probably repeat the same error right away (unless it was some cosmic debris which caused the incident and the build just continues)14:27
leeminggtristan, thanks. That is what I presumed.14:29
leemingThe error did look like it was some timeout/network error, but can't say for sure as I don't have the exact error message available. IF i am right, maybe need to have a look at catching that and retry (if it doesnt already) ?14:30
leeminganyway, not very helpful without exact error, i know14:30
paulsherwoodleeming: no, there's no log file by default. if you want one, ybd/ system arch | tee some-log-file.txt14:37
leemingpaulsherwood, sure - will do that in future to avoid anything running off my terminal scroll back14:41
paulsherwoodleeming: ack14:41
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rjekCan ybd deploy to a kvm+ssh host where the block storage is an LV, rather than a flat file?15:25
ssam2it builds a disk image locally as a file, then copies it kinda using rsync (using the 'xfer-hole' and 'recv-hole' script, which is a workaround for rsync apparently not supporting sparse files correctly... if i remember)15:42
ssam2so i imagine the answer is "no", but i don't know exactly what you need15:42
rjekCan recv-hole write to block devices?15:43
ssam2apparently to stdout or to a file15:44
rjekie, can you specify /dev/vg/lv ?15:44
rjekLooks like it uses dd for the heavy-lifting, so it might work15:45
pedroalvarezsome previous checks, that the file doesn't exist, may trigger an error15:46
rjekHow does it get recv-hole to the remote end?15:46
ssam2i'm not at all sure15:47
ssam2oh, writeexts.get_data('recv-hole') returns the actual text of the script15:48
ssam2so it just passes the whole thing to `ssh`15:48
locallycompactoh I forgot it did that15:48
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