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gtristanrobtaylor, decent news... virtio-net, when _actually_ compiled into the kernel and used... brings the glibc compile time down from 2hours and 40mins... to just 40min08:59
pedroalvarezgood news then! :)09:03
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robtaylorgtristan: awesome!10:00
gtristansystemd, I havent re-tried yet, it's horribly slow10:01
gtristanI dont understand why either, they arent writing C++ are they ?10:01
gtristanI mean, I havent retried the *whole build*, but started a build of systemd and observed that it is still horribly slow10:02
paulsherwoodgtristan: iirc at one point systemd builds got slower because of building tests... are you doing that by anychance? i may be wrong10:03
robtaylorgtristan: do you mean that each individual cc is slow?10:05
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gtristanrobtaylor, I do, I mean each individual CC takes a loooong time :)10:29
gtristancrazy, irrationally long10:29
gtristandont think I'm building tests no10:30
gtristanbut fwiw, before having virtio-net properly compiled in the kernel and working, the armv5l build took 5 and a half hours10:30
gtristanwhich is longer than it takes to build gcc10:30
robtaylorgtristan: maybe see if pump.mode helps (distcc)10:31
* robtaylor off driving now10:31
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gtristanargh, embarrassing10:37
gtristannot that great news at all, it did look faster10:38
gtristanbut it's not fast by that much10:38
* gtristan will have to tweak further10:38
* gtristan tab completed glib.<sha1>.build-log.110:39
gtristanwhen it should have been glibc.<sha1>.build-log.110:39
gtristansorry to get your hopes up... distcc only brought the build time down by 20min, not 2hours10:40
gtristans/distcc/virtio-net I mean10:40
gtristanwithout distcc I suppose it would be much slower10:40
* gtristan off for feeding10:40
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pedroalvarezhrmf... I've just upgraded a trove I have here around, and systemd-networkd fails..12:22
paulsherwoodsoftware is hard12:23
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pedroalvarezbut I've deployed the same version I'm trying to upgrade to, and it works fine12:23
paulsherwoodupgraded using morph, or ybd, or other magic?12:24
pedroalvarezand i have no idea what's failing :/12:24
paulsherwoodybd upgrade is known to fail12:24
pedroalvarezusing morph12:24
paulsherwoodbecause of overlaps... the ordering comes out wrong in ybd12:24
paulsherwoodmaybe morph has hit the same problem12:24
pedroalvarezit's weird.. everything looks fine in the system.. but it doesn't work12:25
paulsherwoodthe overlap causes the wrong thing to be linked last iirc12:25
pedroalvarezand my systemd and dbus foo is not enough12:25
paulsherwoodcan we easily grep all of the logs of this channel? it was discussed here i think12:25
paulsherwoodpedroalvarez: ^^12:26
paulsherwood(i logged the issue for ybd at
paulsherwoodtraceability FTW :)12:26
pedroalvarezthat was because the system was booting busybox init12:27
pedroalvarezthis one is booting with systemd, but fails in the process12:27
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pedroalvarezthe only thing I can think of, is that this snowflake I'm trying to upgrade has some special configuration that breaks when upgrading..12:28
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paulsherwoodok, so not the same problem, then12:29
pedroalvarezwell, not exactly the same problem, but who knows :)12:29
pedroalvarezi'll discard it whenever I have more information about it12:29
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ssam2I made a Git repo that contains all the sources for a minimal-system as submodules13:12
ssam2not because i think that's a good idea, necessarily, just to see how well it works13:13
pedroalvareznext step move definitions to a makefile13:14
paulsherwoodssam2: did you see that thing robtaylor found as a 'better' submodules soln?13:16
* paulsherwood can't find the log13:16
ssam2i'm investigating a bunch of those13:16
robtaylorits pretty winning13:16
ssam2oh, didn't see subrepo though13:16
robtaylori'm using it to vendor in for my go projects13:16
robtaylorgives you the entire repo inside your repo, so you always have histroy13:17
robtaylorbut you just see commits from when you update the subrepos13:17
robtayloryou get remotes for the origins of your subrepos13:18
robtaylorand git subrepo fetch will give you a ref for your subrepo content13:19
ssam2cool, i'll try it out13:20
ssam2any idea if it's been tried with 100s or 1000s of repos?13:22
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robtaylorssam2: no idea :)14:13
paulsherwoodssam2: are you seriously considering pulling in all of the sources for (say) a system?14:15
robtaylorssam2: as everything ends up in your git repo i doubt it'll work well14:17
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ssam2paulsherwood: yes14:19
ssam2you have to do that anyway in order to build it14:19
paulsherwoodssam2: not if you have a cache server14:21
paulsherwoodbut yes14:21
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pedroalvarezright, I think I'm going to go ahead and merge 'gall' fix, we have not lorring anything new since yesterday15:02
franredpedroalvarez, sound sensible15:04
pedroalvarezfranred: is that a +1? :P15:07
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franredpedroalvarez, yep15:08
franredI can send the confirmation to the ml15:08
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pedroalvarezhere we go
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franredpedroalvarez, merged15:33
pedroalvarezwoop woop! thanks franred!15:33
ssam2here's a reimplementation of GNU Make which converts Makefiles to Ninja rules!
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pedroalvarezANNOUCEMENT: and have been upgraded, and as a result, we have enabled lorry-controller  in them again17:16
pedroalvarezhappy lorrying17:16
ssam2nice work!17:16
CTtpollard'keep on trucking'17:16
pedroalvarezthanks for investigating the right version17:16
pedroalvarezupgrading g.b.o is really polished at the moment, that's nice17:16
* richard_maw notices he hasn't seen an update to the git in his debian system yet17:18
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ssam2they have quite a bit of backporting to do I think17:21
jmacsMost people are on 1.7.10 and the security update doesn't come in until 2.7.1 (at least)17:22
pedroalvarezheh, there is already a 2.8.0-rc317:25
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pedroalvarezsome info about configuring fail2ban on the wiki:
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