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paulsherwood09:18 < rjek> When are we rewriting lorry to use YAML?09:23
paulsherwood09:19 < locallycompact> Ideally, never09:23
paulsherwood09:19 < rjek> JSON is designed to enrage my fingers09:23
paulsherwood09:21 < locallycompact> JSON doesn't have an obnoxiously complex spec09:23
paulsherwood09:21 < locallycompact> It's easy to parse and do things like above09:23
paulsherwood09:22 < paulsherwood> rjek: patches gratefully accepted09:24
paulsherwood09:23 < paulsherwood> locallycompact: humans need to read lorry files, and create them. programs only parse them09:24
locallycompact<locallycompact> That argument is no less ridiculous than "humans can't read symbols"09:24
paulsherwoodlocallycompact: i disagree, quite strongly :)09:24
locallycompactIt's like saying humans can't read algebra09:24
locallycompact"algebra's only for computers"09:25
locallycompactit's just bs09:25
paulsherwoodlocallycompact: you're not representative. most humans can't read algebra09:25
locallycompactalgebra is just a formal language like any other language, people have hardwires for language09:25
paulsherwoodlocallycompact: yet still, most humans can't read algebra09:26
paulsherwoodanyway, i'm not asking you to write the patch :)09:27
locallycompactmost humans can't read mandarin, it's no argument09:27
rjek<rjek> Sure, a human /could/ read and edit uuencoded XML...09:28
paulsherwoodlocallycompact: seriously, it *is* an argument. that you don't see it, suggests that you aren't really thinking about how users actually are. we've had too much of that at baserock imo.09:28
rjekWe're designing tools for humans to use.  If there's something that makes it easier for most of the people working with it, that's an improvement.09:28
rjekJust because some humans have no problem with the current one is not a reason to not move to something else.09:29
* paulsherwood never thought he'd agree with rjek so wholeheartedly on anything09:29
rjekWe already moved definitions from JSON to YAML, and there was much rejoicement.09:29
* paulsherwood gets back to shaving other yaks09:29
* SotK half wrote patches to make lorry use yaml ages ago but never got round to finishing them09:30
locallycompactpaulsherwood, I am thinking about how users are, I'm a user, and I don't like yaml because it doesn't afford me anything, it just slows me down09:35
rjekWhen editing JSON, I spent half my time holding down shif09:38
paulsherwoodlocallycompact: you're not a *typical* user, sorry.09:40
paulsherwoodanyway... isn't it just ?09:40
paulsherwoodSotK: ^^ ?09:41
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SotKpaulsherwood: probably10:12
SotKIIRC some of the lorry files aren't valid yaml though10:12
SotK(tab characters break yaml.safe_load I think)10:13
paulsherwoodinteresting. ok, i'll run a proper test before i submit that10:14
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ssam2i did a patch to update Git, not built or tested yet though:
paulsherwoodssam2: i'm +2 on that... i would say a temporarily broken service may be better than an insecure one at this point?11:51
ssam2ok, i think those two points aren't related though11:53
ssam2if we want to be paranoid, I guess we should stop mirroring on until it's updated11:53
ssam2because we could theoretically pull from a hostile Git repo and have the 'lorry' user account compromised11:53
ssam2i think that's the only issue though, exploiting the server requires write access, which is restricted to people we trust anyway11:54
paulsherwoodfair. but my point is that i'd rather see it merged and tried, than wait too long for testing. others may have different pov11:54
ssam2makes sense11:55
ssam2merged :-)11:55
ssam2# systemctl stop lighttpd-lorry-controller-webapp.service12:01
ssam2i've stopped mirroring anything til we upgrade12:01
pedroalvarezbtw, patch number 2000!!!!12:02
pedroalvarez congrats!12:02
paulsherwood jjardon ???12:10
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pedroalvarezsadly, previous patch for Git wasn't enough:
jjardonpaulsherwood: patch coming12:21
paulsherwoodpedroalvarez: merged12:21
edcraggthis is like patch tennis12:22
paulsherwoodwelcome to the future :)12:22
jjardonpedroalvarez: if you upgrade git, dont forget to upgrade the chunk in devtools12:22
pedroalvarezhehe, paulsherwood is a good reviewing "wall"12:22
paulsherwoodjjardon: that was
pedroalvarezpaulsherwood: plas for opening concourse to the public?12:24
pedroalvarezjjardon: I wonder what's the error with gnome system12:24
paulsherwoodpedroalvarez: soon. really soon.12:25
paulsherwoodpedroalvarez: probably april, with champagne12:25
pedroalvarezpaulsherwood: nice12:25
jjardonpedroalvarez: "bug" in accountservice module: still request the old compat libraries (libsystemd-logind instead libsystemd)12:27
gtristandidnt we ensure that the compat libs for systemd were generated for that sort of thing ?12:31
gtristan ... looks not12:32
gtristan <-- we should really have --enable-compat-libs there12:33
* gtristan was sure he remembered adding that12:33
radiofreegtristan: we should, jjardon any comments?12:36
jjardonyes, we will fix the modules; systemd will drop the compat libraries soon, some distros dont even include them anymore12:41
gtristanWe should not make it our personal vendetta to make modules compile exactly the way we would like them too, or the way they should be compiling next year, I think.12:51
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pedroalvarezouch, gall fails to build :/13:43
pedroalvarezactually I think it builds ok, but we run the tests, wich is nice13:44
pedroalvarezand they fail13:44
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pedroalvarezhere the error, reported to #gitano, just in case they know how to solve it.
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* pedroalvarez removes the dust from git-send-mail, and sends a patch to the ML18:03
pedroalvarezand it actually made me love gerrit so much18:04
Zaragit-send-mail was awful as a new engineer. gerrit was much quicker to learn.18:06
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