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paulsherwoodjoin #grimoire08:58
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pedroalvarezI've been wondering if instead of writing our own software to trigger ci builds, we reuse Zuul and turbo-hipster09:15
jjardonpedroalvarez: IIRC, KDE uses that09:18
pedroalvarezOpenStack uses Zuul + Jenkins plugin I believe09:20
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gtristanWell... aboriginal ybd is ... *finally* off the ground, as of this morning09:38
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SotKpedroalvarez: +100009:53
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locallycompactpedroalvarez, can you elaborate? I've read some of the Zuul and still don't really understand what it is10:57
* locallycompact is also going nowhere near Jenkins, ftr10:57
paulsherwoodgtristan: pls paste the log?11:04
paulsherwoodw00t btw11:04
pedroalvarezlocallycompact: if what you are looking at connecting Gerrit patches to CI jobs, Zuul + turbohipster can help you to fill that gap11:04
pedroalvarezZuul will read Gerrit stream events, and create Jobs for them in Gearman Job queue11:05
ssam2SotK more or less completely implemented that a year or two ago11:05
ssam2patches are in the Baserock mailing list archives11:05
pedroalvarezthen using turbohipster you can get jobs from that queue and execute them11:06
gtristanpaulsherwood, the log is a work in progress :-/11:06
pedroalvarez(I'm not sure about how all of this works, tbh)11:06
paulsherwoodgtristan: :)11:06
* gtristan just got out of meeting and was checking if he could wrangle up an armv7lhf aboriginal quickly11:06
ssam2definitions.git branch baserock/baserock/adamcoldrick/zuul-mason-v2 might be useful11:06
SotKthere is a more up to date branch somewhere I think, but I might not have ever pushed it :/11:08
ssam2and is the turbo-hipster plugin part11:09
ssam2which actually does the interesting work of triggering builds and then triggering tests of those builds11:09
ssam2although I guess Concourse might take over that part, not sure what you're building11:09
locallycompactI want to keep that option available if at all possible. My plan was to try something like gerrit stream-events > jq filter > generate pipeline > deploy to concourse, that seemed like the path of least resistance.11:12
locallycompactBut I don't want to miss a trick with this zuul thing, if it has any11:13
locallycompactBut I also want to avoid introducing more python wherever I don't need it11:15
ssam2zuul basically goes 'gerrit stream-events -> some kind of task runner', if i remember rightly11:17
ssam2where the task runner has to speak Gearman (which is fairly simple I think)11:17
ssam2the trick that Zuul does is it handles cases where you have 10 patches to test and some of them depend on each other11:17
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ssam2i *think* that rather than trying to testing 1,2,3,4,5,7,8,9 and then 10 (which will be slow!) it tries to merge them all together, and if that succeeds, tests them all, and if that succeeds, they all pass11:18
ssam2if you don't think you need that, probably handling `gerrit stream-events` makes sense11:19
ssam2handling it directly, I mean11:19
locallycompactWe do need that, I was just going to write that logic.11:20
* locallycompact digs a bit11:20
SotK explains what Zuul does in depth11:20
pedroalvarezI think having zuul in our infra will be really nice11:23
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SotKme too11:23
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gtristanewww... baserock doesnt have sed in the form of a tarball12:31
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gtristanany prior art/policy about cases where we might actually want both a tarball _and_ a git ?12:32
* gtristan will lorry a tarball locally for the moment and use a local git url12:33
gtristanmakes sense for that early stage, right12:34
* gtristan wonders how he succeeds to build gawk12:34
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gtristanlooks like gawk maintainers make commits of fully generated tarball scripts12:37
* gtristan grunts and carries on...12:37
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edcraggare there any ways to ensure morph uses as many cores as possible?12:47
ssam2the max-jobs fields controls what it sets for MAKEFLAGS12:49
ssam2the default value for max-jobs is calculated in utils.py12:49
gtristanUmmm, was there a regression in file url support in ybd ?12:49
gtristanThis is valid definition:12:49
gtristanrepo: file:///home/tristan/codethink/BASEROCK/REPOS/sed-tarball12:49
gtristan ?12:49
paulsherwoodgtristan: actually, i have not tried that for a long time, so maybe12:51
paulsherwoodgtristan: can you paste a log?12:52
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gtristanpaulsherwood, relevant bit here:
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gtristanit does clone into a tmp dir fine12:56
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gtristanand I double checked the sha1 (ref), it's there in the cloned dir12:56
paulsherwoodgtristan: and you're using latest tag?12:57
paulsherwood(of ybd)12:57
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gtristanpaulsherwood, no last week :-/13:02
* gtristan tries rebasing against new tag13:02
paulsherwoodit *shouldn't* behave differently, but let's be on the same page :)13:03
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gtristanpip install <smth> ?13:06
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paulsherwoodpip install fs13:06
paulsherwooddocumentation has been updated13:06
gtristansame error13:07
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paulsherwoodyou're saying you still get 'ImportError: No module named fs.osfs;' after pip install fs ?13:08
gtristanno no13:08
gtristansame git clone error on the file:///path/to/repo13:08
paulsherwoodaha, ok13:08
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gtristanpaulsherwood, looking at, says something about hardlinks option13:09
gtristancould it have to do with the fact that my ybd 'gits' is configured in a different partition ?13:10
paulsherwoodcould you try running that git command in situ?13:10
paulsherwoodie git clone --no-hardlinks gitdir checkout13:11
paulsherwoodif you want to get exact values of gitdit checkout....13:11
paulsherwoodput the following in the line above:13:12
paulsherwoodimport pdb ; pdb.set_trace()13:12
paulsherwoodand then you can type the variable names to see what they contain (sorry if you already know this)13:12
gtristanfatal: This operation must be run in a work tree13:12
gtristanI chdir'ed into the repo it cloned in and ran: git checkout --force <ref>13:13
gtristanthats what it tells me13:13
gtristanoddly the clone command doesnt say --bare13:13
gtristanbut the repo is a bare one13:13
paulsherwoodgtristan: to allow progress, maybe just push your sed-tarball repo somewhere and link to that?13:13
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* paulsherwood will need to investigate properly later13:14
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gtristanpaulsherwood, anyway I'm gonna pack up for now... but what I've found is with GIT_TRACE=1 it shows some useful context13:32
gtristanit tells me that the tmpdir it clones to is in fact the one setup with --mirror13:33
gtristaneven though it errors out at the line with --no-hardlinks13:33
gtristanpaulsherwood, os.rename() must be the problem13:36
gtristanif I understand correctly, that will not work across file systems13:36
gtristanif os.rename() is what I think it is, anyway13:37
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richard_mawaye, os.rename() doesn't work across fliesystems, there'll be something in shutil vofor muvoving13:45
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locallycompactSo where is the gearman setup in this old zuul branch?13:56
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locallycompactHow far did this zuul system get? What was it capable of when the branch was current14:30
locallycompactBecause I don't see gearman in g.b.o and this seems to imply it's essential to the whole thing14:31
ssam2it got to working prototype stage14:31
ssam2gearman is a protocol14:31
pedroalvarezbut I believe gerrit was running on ubuntu when we investigated this14:31
ssam2the way zuul-mason was intended to work was with some Baserock-specific task runners in the system-test.git repo14:32
ssam2these were implemented with something called Turbo Hipster, but that's kind of an implementation detail14:32
ssam2the point is that using the Gearman protocol, Zuul could trigger these task-runners14:32
ssam2Turbo Hipster is a generic way of writing task runners that speak Gearman, I think14:33
pedroalvarezbut for gearman you need the actual gearmand server running somewhere14:34
locallycompactI think this is what I meant in the first place ^ ?14:34
locallycompactWhere was this thing14:34
pedroalvarezso, I think Gearan job server was just installed in Gerrit, which was ubuntu. But I guess only SotK knows14:35
ssam2ah, i see14:37
ssam2actually I don't14:38
ssam2isn't Zuul the Gearman job server?14:38
locallycompactThis thin says in the conf:
locallycompactHostname or IP address of the Gearman server. server=gearman.example.com14:38
ssam2oh, yeah14:38
pedroalvarezZuul, I guess is a Gearman client that requests jobs to the gearman server14:38
* richard_maw attempted to build gearman in baserock once, to look to see if it could be made to socket activate14:39
richard_mawgot it building and running, but ugh14:39
richard_mawmassive pile of C++ and Boost14:39
* persia seems to recall SotK getting a zull+gearman based Mason up at some point, although not deployed14:40
locallycompactrichard_maw, what's 'socket activate'?14:40
ssam2why does gearmand have to be in Baserock?14:40
persiassam2: At one point, the goal was to have everything used by baserock built by baserock.  I don't know that we hold that as dear today.14:40
SotKthe mason-v2 branch ran gearman in the same machine as Zuul14:41
richard_mawlocallycompact: server doesn't bind the sockets, systemd does, and starts the service when something connects to the socket14:41
* paulsherwood still holds it dear14:41
locallycompactrichard_maw, ah14:41
SotKlocallycompact: the system in that branch would run zuul, gearman and turbo-hipster14:42
locallycompactwhere's gearman in g.b.o or definitions?14:42
richard_mawit's not, the last time I looked14:42
richard_mawI hacked about, since I think the version of boost was incompatible14:42
locallycompactrichard_maw, SotK just said it was in the system in that branch14:43
locallycompactI still don't understand where turbo hipster fits into this, tw14:43
* richard_maw remembers why he was investigating gearman now, he was looking to see if he could configure gearman to start on an ephemeral socket and report which port it bound to, and concluded that making it socket activate would be more useful14:43
richard_mawlocallycompact: I never did either14:43
* SotK goes to look14:44
persiaI thought turbo-hipster was just a gearman worker that did certain sorts of DB-related test jobs14:46
* SotK can't find it, I don't know how it was working off the top of my head14:46
persiaWas it ?14:50
SotKthat was indeed the working branch14:52
SotKI did some stuff to get it more up to date, but then ran out of time to finish14:52
locallycompactMore up to date than what's there?14:52
locallycompact^ is same but better?14:53
locallycompactThere's a thing just called 'gear' in there14:54
locallycompactWhats that14:54
locallycompactnot the backend14:54
locallycompactSo, if this is mason, what are the references to 'mason' in definitions master?14:56
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locallycompactWhat does it do?14:57
SotKgear is a python api for interacting with gearman iirc14:57
SotKmasonv1 runs a build of ci.morph every time there is a new commit to master I think14:57
persia(for those counting, mason versions seem to start at 0 today, with mason v0 being the jenkins thing)15:03
locallycompactso how does gearman spin up workers to do things15:04
locallycompactputting aside the mystery of its not being anywhere15:04
SotKelasticity was an unsolved problem with the zuul work when we ran out of time for it15:05
locallycompactok cool15:06
pedroalvarezI think you can have workers anywere, if they have access to the gearman job server :)15:09
persiaNote that some other zuul users (KDE, OpenStack, etc.) have solutions for elasticity.15:09
locallycompactoh I see15:09
locallycompactso gearman isn't spinning things up it's just being resourced for jobs15:10
pedroalvarezgearman workers will go to gearman job server to request jobs to do15:10
locallycompactbut gearman itself doesn't deploy workers for that purpose?15:11
pedroalvarezgearman itself is only a job queue, producers will put jobs on it, and consumers will take them15:12
pedroalvarezjust that15:12
locallycompactok, nice15:12
pedroalvarezZuul and turbo-hipster will use that to work15:12
rjekThere is no turbo-hipster, only Zuul.15:13
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locallycompactThere does seem to be a turbo-hipster15:13
locallycompactIt's in this system branch15:13
persiaIt is the primart consumer to use pedroalvarez' description of gearman15:13
locallycompactRight so contacting zuul to say, 'go tell gerrit all is well' is not done by gearman, it's done directly by the worker15:15
locallycompactand gearman gives the worker the information to do that15:15
locallycompactis that right?15:16
SotKI think turbo-hipster sets the job status to complete or something like that15:16
locallycompactThe github page says15:16
locallycompact"Each task_plugin is a zuul gearman worker that implements, handles, executes a job, uploads/post-processes the logs and sends back the results to zuul."15:16
SotKyeah, it does that by setting the gearman job status to complete, which zuul then sees (since it created the job) iirc15:20
locallycompactBut presumably there are more details involved in providing a +1 to gerrit than 'complete'15:21
locallycompactif it's just a 'complete', and that's just a gearman protocol, what is significant bout turbo-hipster being described specifically as a 'zuul gearman worker'15:22
SotKturbo-hipster understands the jobs that Zuul creates15:23
locallycompactok, yeah15:23
locallycompactso the basic-est idea for mason was to have zuul, gearmand and turbo all in the same machine15:24
locallycompactwith some elasticity solution for workers when the job queue gets slammed15:24
locallycompactto come later15:25
SotKopenstack use nodepool to spin up places to run tests I think15:25
locallycompactmore words :)15:26
locallycompactoh ok15:26
locallycompactlooks a bit boshy15:26
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locallycompactso it's conceivable to write a turbo hipster plugin that just calls the concourse binary with the relevant generated pipeline15:29
locallycompactand noms the result somehow and spits it back to gearman, zuul then gerrit15:29
SotKyeah, turbo-hipster plugins can just be a shell script if you want I think15:30
locallycompactthis is much clearer, thanks15:31
persialocallycompact: The issue is visualisation: you'll ideally want a way to represent all the incoming candidates to some landing point graphically, along with the success/failure state, etc.15:40
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locallycompactThe success/failure should be detailed in gerrit, no?15:44
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persiaYes, the CI system should submit gerrit reviews, but it's hard to see the total set of what is happening in a project with just that detail.16:13
persiaAnyway, just a minor observation when looking at gerrit+zuul+gearman+turbo-hipster from the perspective of concourse.16:14
persiaAs concourse looks great, but assumes post-merge, etc.16:14
locallycompactconcourse isn't critical here16:16
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SotKpersia: there was a plan early last year to write a UI similar to current mason's for Zuul, and also add a pipeline which builds current master regularly16:26
persiaStrangely, that link redirected me to "[object URL]#!/page/about"16:32
franredit does work for me16:33
SotKpersia: what is "[object URL]"?16:33
Zaraworks for me16:33
persiaSotK: A sequence of characters.  Each is distinct for me.  I can replicate with a few other things at I've not seen this with other storyboards.16:34
persiaI get the same thing using another browser, which usually solves this sort of issue for me.16:35
SotKpersia: kind of like "?state=zyvwLrETp4kKzXvGHOnk&code=9tyRUQDv5reR8Rh63bhgYUmTB8H9Tc"?16:35
persia(although in the second browser I tried, it is "[object%20URL]"16:35
persiaSotK: Yes: at least in my location areas, I don't seem to have any markup indicating it is a substitution.16:36
SotKpedroalvarez: does have the 401 fix in?16:37
pedroalvarezI think it does16:37
SotKpersia: if you log in and then paste the link, does it work?16:38
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persiaHmm.  Seems my password isn't what I thought it was.  This will take longer than I expected.16:40
* persia begins to wonder how often processes the mail queue16:45
jjardonIm seeing this when building, should I be worried?16:49
ssam2persia: right away I think16:52
ssam2might be greylisted?16:52
ssam2jjardon: that's from the default splitting-rules, I think16:53
ssam2jjardon: default strip-commands, I mean16:53
ssam2jjardon: hmm, no, not that either16:53
ssam2jjardon: it's from ybd running 'ldconfig -r $sandbox'16:54
ssam2jjardon: there's a .py file inside usr/lib64 for some reason, ldconfig tries to parse it as a shared library, fails, then warns16:54
persiassam2: Nope: No logs on the relevant mail server of any attempt by anything @ baserock.org16:55
* persia tries again16:55
ssam2hmm... nothing much in the logs of sendmail since Feb 28th either16:55
ssam2but it is running16:56
persiaJust tried again, and I don't see anything.  If you also don't see anything, I wonder if something between the web form and the mail server is unhappy.16:56
persia(I had thought the first error might have been a typo in the email address, but ...)16:56
ssam2no errors16:57
ssam2i don't think it logs password reset mails16:57
ssam2i'll try myself16:57
ssam2i got a mail right away16:58
ssam2and sendmail logged it16:58
ssam2so this is strange16:58
ssam2Do you see 'Email with password reset instructions has been sent.' from the website?16:59
edcraggif anyone knows about autotools, i'm having this error when trying to build autotools on armv8:
ssam2what exactly are you building?17:04
ssam2"autotools" is multiple pieces of software17:04
ssam2it looks like you have the dependency order wrong, at a guess?17:04
ssam2hmm... actually aclocal comes with automake, so I guess not17:05
ssam2actually it seems to be running 'autoreconf' as part of the automake build, and it's that which is failing17:06
persiassam2: Sorry: yes, I did see that message from the website, twice.17:06
ssam2perhaps because it's missing aclocal, because aclocal isn't installed yet17:06
ssam2persia: ok, hmm17:07
persiaCould it be my address?  Is there some sort of filter that gets unhappy if I use a .jp?17:07
edcraggssam2: yes, it's the automake build17:08
ssam2persia: the web application uses django-registration-redux to implement all this17:08
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persiassam2: default or simple backend?17:09
edcraggcould this be a problem specific to building on armv8? i expect the automake build hasn't been found to be broken elsewhere17:09
ssam2edcragg: it seems unlikely17:09
ssam2persia: default17:09
ssam2persia: version 1.317:09
* edcragg curses autotools, which has only ever caused him pain17:10
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persiaHrm.  I tried a fresh "register" action, hoping that would help, and got a 500.17:12
* persia goes back to reading docs17:12
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pedroalvarezright! openssl upgrade time!
ssam2persia: oh, the 500 is new17:18
ssam2persia: at least those are logged :-)17:18
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persiaHeh, cool.17:18
paulsherwoodpedroalvarez: +217:18
persiaIs there anything else I can do to help troubleshoot?17:18
ssam2persia: registration turns out to be totally broken (probably since the upgrade to Django 1.9), so thanks for finding that!17:19
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ssam2persia: not sure what else, I guess the next step is get logging from django-registration-redux, but i'm not sure exactly how.17:19
persiassam2: Ah, excellent!  If you get it working, please let me know, so I can re-register and/or adjust my password.17:19
ssam2might be just django logging config17:20
pedroalvarezpaulsherwood: ta!17:20
persiaSotK: Apparently, I can't test the authenticated behaviour at today: can you test the not-authenticated behaviour?  If you can't replicate, I'll try again when I can test both ways.17:21
* SotK tests it17:22
SotKworks for me when logged out17:22
ssam2upgrading to django-registration-redux 1.4 just broke things in a different way17:24
ssam2this is pretty rubbish17:24
ssam2i don't have time to dig in to this tonight17:24
persiaSotK: In that case, I'll try to replicate some other time, and let you know if I can figure out how that happened.17:24
persiassam2: No worries.  Let me know if you want me to try things again once you do have time.17:25
ssam2The new failure appears to be because Django's database migrations don't actually work usefully17:31
ssam2ok, hopefully registration works again, I've manually added the column that the migrations failed to17:33
ssam2will look at this further tomorrow, bye!17:34
*** ssam2 has quit IRC17:34
pedroalvarezANNOUNCEMENT: I'll reboot to finish the upgrade17:36
pedroalvarezit seems to be working :)17:40
paulsherwoodhow come it's lorrying elixir, but locallycompact's patch is still +117:41
paulsherwoodbut yes, it seems to be working in a lovely way :)17:42
pedroalvarezhm? that patch is to add a definition, not to lorry it17:42
paulsherwoodah ok17:42
paulsherwoodhow often is refreshed?17:43
pedroalvarezevery miniute I think17:43
paulsherwoodnot afaict17:44
pedroalvarezit'supposed to update every minute, yes17:47
pedroalvarezpaulsherwood: what do you see to think that it's not happening?17:47
paulsherwoodnothing, now :) it's refreshed17:48
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gary_perkinsHi, would it be too difficult to import fail2ban into BR? Our public BR servers are getting hammered by the Chinese18:34
pedroalvarezgary_perkins: I would be happy to try18:36
gary_perkinspedroalvarez: Awesome! Thanks. It would make us all feel a bit safer :)18:37
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