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paulsherwoodschema says unpetrify-ref should be 'string', but we have various counter-examples, eg ansible: 1.315:03
paulsherwoodshould we fix the refs, or the schema?15:03
rjek1.3 looks like a string that could be interpreted as a number, to me. :)15:21
paulsherwoodquite. yaml.safe_load decides it's a number15:28
rjek"1.3" ?15:51
* rjek is not wise in the ways of YAML15:51
jjardonpaulsherwood: yes 'pip install pbr' works16:38
jjardonpaulsherwood: btw, current gnome system in master builds without problems overnigth (using morph)16:39
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paulsherwoodwell, i'm trying that now with ybd, will see :)19:10
paulsherwoodyup, mater builds ok19:19
paulsherwoodYBD 16.08 is released20:05
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