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paulsherwoodjjardon: libmtp seems to spend forever in its configure command?14:23
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Perlo0unghi, i hv a question :) is there any template morph for building out of tree kernel modules?14:55
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jjardonpaulsherwood: patch coming15:21
paulsherwoodjjardon: tvm15:39
paulsherwoodcan anyone comment on Perlo0ung's question?15:40
jjardonyes, but he left:
jjardonmmm, I have problems installin sandboxlib with pip:15:55
jjardonany idea?15:55
paulsherwoodjjardon: maybe upgrade pip?15:59
paulsherwoodjjardon: Thanks for the link - it's in the logs now, for future reference  if Perlo0ung returns or googles it :)16:01
paulsherwoodPerlo0ung may be a she, btw :)16:01
paulsherwoodempathy seems unhappy :/16:18
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paulsherwood(not sure if that's necessary, but empathy seems to want it)18:24
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jjardonpaulsherwood: it should not be needed; thats an optional dependency to support Ubuntu accounts framework19:12
jjardonpaulsherwood: sorry, I'm trying to debug that problem in empathy but it's taking me all the day to compile everything19:14
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paulsherwoodjjardon: are you using the artifact cache?19:30
paulsherwood should be uptodate with master19:31
paulsherwood(for ybd)19:31
jjardonpaulsherwood: I tried to use ybd but I have the problem I posted before when trying to install sandboxlib19:32
jjardon(using latest pip, and other modules install ok so not sure what is the problem)19:32
paulsherwoodeek. i see19:34
paulsherwoodjjardon: what about installing it from source?19:34
paulsherwoodjjardon: ah, hold on19:35
paulsherwoodpip install wheel19:35
paulsherwoodthen pip install sandboxlib19:36
jjardonno luck19:37
paulsherwoodwheel, not whell19:37
jjardonalready installed: Requirement already up-to-date: wheel in /usr/lib/python2.7/site-packages19:39
jjardonIm going to download another chroot, maybe this one is too old19:39
paulsherwoodjjardon: you could everything on your host, no need for chroot with ybd19:40
paulsherwoodbut maybe that's worse, if you prefer to have both morph and ybd19:40
jjardonit doesnt hardcode stuff in /src anymore? Also, dont feel very secure  running ybd as root :) or thats not needed anymore?19:42
paulsherwoodstill needs root. it doesn't hardcode /src by default, but most users *want* /src :)19:42
paulsherwoodyou can set 'base: /whatever/you/want' in a ybd.conf file, either in ybd directory or definitions dir19:43
jjardonargh, sandboxlib fails to install out of the chroot as well:19:49
paulsherwoodi don't suppose you have virtualbox?19:59
paulsherwoodif so you could just clone ybd, cd ybd, vagrant up, vagrant ssh, cd definitions20:02
paulsherwoodbest raise issues on sandboxlib, though20:02
paulsherwoodi'll do that20:03
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paulsherwoodjjardon: on your original problem install, could you do pip install pbr?21:23

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