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gwwdears, I have a question about linux ivi system design. If I want to design a linux ivi quickly, can I use existing android system frame, just remove application/application framework and dalvink NM ?08:24
paulsherwoodgww: last time i looked, android audio/video wasn't designed to scale the complexity (eg multi screen sync) required for ivi08:26
paulsherwoodbut i may be understanding your question... if you remove application framework and dalvik... what are you planning to keep of android?08:27
paulsherwood(maybe this question would get better discussion in #automotive?08:28
gwwheh, I just want a linux os ivi, but I also want to reuse the native fundamental components of android platform.08:32
gwwOK, I will also ask in channel #automotive, thank you for your suggestion.08:34
paulsherwoodgww: could you expand on what you mean by 'native fundamental components' ?08:35
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paulsherwoodandroid is a linux os... i'm betting you know that already :)08:36
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* paulsherwood is interested in this question, even if it's a bit offtopic for #baserock08:37
gwwcould you tell me how can I show a picture here? maybe that picture can illustrate my question better.08:37
paulsherwoodpaste a link?08:37
paulsherwoodupload to imgur?08:38
gwwOK, I will try08:39
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gwwThe yellow part belong to android native components, I want to reuse these component when design a linux ivi system. is that ok? or why it is not OK?09:05
tiagogomeseek, there must be a free image upload service that shows less ads09:05
rjekHere you go, tiagogomes
tiagogomesbetter :)09:09
gwwI am sorry because it fail to upload to imgur via my network server in huizhou china, so I have to try another way09:12
gwwDo you think that solution is feasible? From the view of software technique and ivi product.09:16
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paulsherwoodradiofree: any thoughts on the above architecture?09:53
paulsherwoodactually, i see gww has moved this conv to #automotive09:54
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radiofreeso build an ivi system using android but without the application framework and dalvik?10:23
paulsherwoodi guess gww is trying to benefit from as much off-the-shelf integration as possible from the android stack10:25
radiofreeah.. the graphics drivers probably10:27
radiofreeoh he's gone10:28
rjekhe's on #automotive10:28
radiofreeno he's gone from there as well10:28
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* pedroalvarez needs a fix for "scripts/" without morph edit16:18
paulsherwoodpedroalvarez: can you describe the usecase?16:24
pedroalvarezMy use case is: I need to generate a license manifest16:24
pedroalvarezfor that we have "scripts/"16:25
pedroalvarezwhich uses morph-edit16:25
paulsherwoodwhen do you need this?16:25
pedroalvarezwe have another command for that, I'll have a look at fixing licensecheck.sh16:25
pedroalvarezI need that for GENIVI baseline releases16:25
radiofreeare you doing a genivi baseline release now?16:26
paulsherwoodack... but when is the next one of hose?16:26
pedroalvarezwell, I'm not sure when exactly it's the deadline, but I'm going to be busy next week, so doing it right now16:27
pedroalvarezradiofree: yes16:27
radiofreeit's probably a good idea to re-add the out of tree nouveau driver for the jetson16:27
pedroalvarezbecause... ?16:28
radiofreeit's a lot more stable, hold on16:28
pedroalvarezI'd apprecaite stability, but not for this release16:29
pedroalvarezalthough is only one little component16:29
pedroalvarezbut I'll have also to test it, etc16:29
radiofreethe cgit is pretty slow today16:30
* radiofree taps fingers16:30
locallycompactradiofree, sorry about that16:30
* benbrown_ pretends he has nothing to do with it.16:30
radiofreethere already appears to be a baserock/tegra/4.4 branch ._o16:31
radiofreeof nouveau16:31
pedroalvarezmaybe jjardon tries to upgrade to that?16:32
radiofreewell it's the wrong branch16:32
radiofreei'll check to see if it was ever used, then force push the correct one?16:32
radiofree(if it wasn't)16:32
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pedroalvarezyes, it's pointing at the same sha as baserock/tegra/4.316:33
radiofreeit was never used16:34
radiofreeok to force push baserock/tegra/4.4 then?16:34
pedroalvarezradiofree: it would be a crazy idea to include that change on this release though16:37
pedroalvarezbut still, I will appreciate the patches16:37
radiofreeyeah, totally crazy, lets do it :D16:37
radiofreejk, the baseline image is fine without it16:37
radiofree(there's nothing on there that can crash the driver)16:37
pedroalvarezI mean, there are a couple of processes that will take an hour16:38
radiofreegdp image should have it though16:38
radiofreebut yeah, i'll check to see if there's a newever version and submit patches16:38
pedroalvarezdoes it worth to have 2 bsps?16:38
pedroalvarez(not that you are suggesting that, but just wondering)16:39
radiofreedon't think so, i'll just patch bsp-jetson and then they'll both get it?16:39
pedroalvarezfine by me16:39
radiofreethere's a newer version as well...i'll test it16:40
benbrown_Exciting and new unpetrify-ref fix in gerrit!17:03
pedroalvarezbenbrown_: will merge as soon as I can check the branch exists :)17:18
benbrown_pedroalvarez: tyvm :)17:19
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