IRC logs for #baserock for Thursday, 2016-01-21

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paulsherwoodJPohlman1: no comment :)08:35
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paulsherwoodis gbo slow again?09:13
radiofreedoesn't appear to be09:16
pedroalvarezI wouldn't be surprised...09:20
pedroalvarezlorry controller is performing much better today, but the experience still looks slow09:21
paulsherwoodnever mind... we have at least one local trove here :)09:36
pedroalvarezwell.. I still mind tbh09:39
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pedroalvarezright, I think I found what was going on with git.baserock.org10:23
pedroalvarezpaulsherwood: it should work better now ^10:23
* mwilliams_ct whistles innocently 10:23
pedroalvarezno problem mwilliams_ct10:23
pedroalvarezwasn't blaming you10:24
ssam2perryl: I'm just looking at your cgit patches (finally!)10:25
ssam2I noticed the filter program can raise an exception in some cases10:25
ssam2would cgit ignore that error and display the page normally if the filter raised an exception?10:26
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perrylssam2: i'm not 100% sure :( IIRC i never got the filter to display correctly last time i looked at it10:27
perrylso it always displayed the original morphology, but i'm not sure if the filter was breaking and just displaying the original, or not working at all10:28
ssam2ah ,ok10:28
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rdalei'm using the python trace feature, and there doesn't seem to be a way to tell it which modules to trace, as opposed to which modules not to trace. is there any way to do that?12:55
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toscalixgtristan: around?15:08
gtristantoscalix, I have to pack up and leave the coffee shop right now...15:10
gtristanit's just barely passed midnight...15:10
toscalixgtristan: will send you a mail15:10
gtristangreat !15:10
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paulsherwoodrdale: ^^18:47
rdaleexcellent! that's pretty useful19:06
paulsherwoodgreat :)19:55
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