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paulsherwood15:45 < radiofree> it should put them in a queue somewhere for human input ("what would you like to do here?")...08:58
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pedroalvarezyes.. lorry controller can be improved in too many different ways :)11:30
pedroalvarezNOTE: is still slower than usual.11:34
pedroalvarezI still don't know why11:34
pedroalvarezit might be just the network..11:38
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pedroalvarezlooks like it's working better now13:49
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jjardonmmm, seems this patch for our lorries didn't work as expected:
franredjjardon, what is the issue?14:24
jjardonthe repo its not being updated14:24
franredjjardon, maybe the sha1 do not match - so if we want to use the new repo we need to force push or revert your patch and create a new lorry-file for the new repo14:26
pedroalvarezwas the history of the repo compatible?14:27
pedroalvarezdidn't we check that when reviewing>14:27
franredI didn't14:27
franredI've checked that I can clone the repository14:27
pedroalvareznot yet, let's figure out why14:28
pedroalvarezno failures in the lorry controller14:32
pedroalvarezjjardon: why do you think is not being updated??14:36
franredjjardon, it seems it was lorried fine by me - master is in both repos at 193ad6bb3db7ed2ba6b93c1ab4e1e592985e5b9014:40
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jjardonpedroalvarez: it was merged yesterday, when lc-status said bluez-tools will be updated in 28 min14:45
pedroalvarezjjardon: I mean, what are you missing from that github repo that is not in g.b.o?14:51
jjardonpedroalvarez: oh, sorry, seems everything is there14:54
franredjjardon, :)14:56
tiagogomesthe bug was on jjardon after all14:57
radiofreeis the baserock gdp stuff maintained in a completely separate branch?15:01
paulsherwoodif so, no reason for it to stay that way15:02
radiofreewell i was just about to submit one15:02
paulsherwoodgo ahead :)15:03
radiofreeqt applications using qtwayland with the ivi patches works in ivi-shell/hmi-controller (i.e upstream weston), however, when you use genivi's ivi-extension plugins, the qt apps segfault when you make them visible (everything else works fine)15:03
pedroalvarezradiofree: gdp was merged in master15:04
pedroalvareznot saying it's being maintained15:04
radiofreeso there's an issue with genivi's ivi-extension15:04
radiofreethe gdp won't work after this upgrade then15:04
radiofreei'll see if i can fix it15:05
radiofreemaybe just skip 5.5 and go straight to the beta of 5.615:05
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rdalein the bsp-x86_64-generic stratum, it includes the docutils stratum for this reason: 'nasm wants asciidoc and xmlto for generating its docs so include docutils here'. But that involves building extra strata, such as core with a whole pile of extra chunks. Do we really need to do that for a minimal system?15:39
ssam2we still don't support any kind of build-time variations..15:41
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ssam2is your concern about build speed, or the size of the resultant build?15:41
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rdalewell i'm trying to test building a minimal system and it is taking a long time to build because of this build dependency15:43
ssam2I don't think breaking documentation throughout the reference systems so that the minimal system builds faster would be unfortunate. maybe you could just change it locally to speed up your builds15:45
ssam2i know it's only nasm documentation, which might not even work or be useful, though ...15:45
rdaleno, it doesn't sound very interesting to me15:45
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ssam2oops, I meant to do "I do think" in that message :-)15:50
ssam2although for the case of nasm, maybe it's ok15:50
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paulsherwoodperryl: probably worth putting a COPYING file at root of your concourse-scripts repo16:11
perrylpaulsherwood: ooh, will do, thanks for informing me!16:11
* pedroalvarez cannot see perryl's question :(16:12
paulsherwoodthere was no question... the conversation started in another channel, sorry16:13
paulsherwoodtoo many irc windows16:13
perrylpedroalvarez: i added GPLv2 stuff to my scripts and forgot the COPYING file :)16:13
pedroalvarezah right :)16:14
JPohlman1Hi folks!17:12
ssam2hi jannis !17:12
pedroalvarezJPohlman1: hey17:13
JPohlman1Kinda off-topic but are there any minutes from a Codethink-style IRC standup available in public?17:14
ssam2maybe by accident :-)17:14
paulsherwoodJPohlman1: please hold :)17:14
JPohlman1I am looking to run the same kind of standups in another team and it would be great to show them an example :)17:14
JPohlman1paulsherwood: Thanks :)17:14
ssam2also offtopic, but any chance you'll be at fosdem this year? :-)17:15
pedroalvarezthat's not offtopic at all17:15
paulsherwoodI think we should publish that anyway17:16
JPohlman1ssam2: Not this year sadly, no. I'm too busy moving house and setting up a freelance business, all in the first 1-2 weeks of February17:16
ssam2ah well, one day! good luck with the business!17:17
JPohlman1paulsherwood: Sounds like a good idea. I still appreciate the way we did those kinds of meetings at Codethink and I think other teams could benefit from the same approach.17:17
paulsherwoodJPohlman1: cc-by-sa17:18
JPohlman1ssam2: Thanks, I'll try to make it again next year :)17:19
JPohlman1paulsherwood: Noted, thanks17:19
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JPohlman1I saw the Christmas party pictures; renting the whole place this time? You guys have grown a lot! ;)17:25
pedroalvarezyeah, I'm like 10kg fatter..17:26
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JPohlman1paulsherwood: From the standup doc: "Wake them up with whatever means" - is this about people like me? ;)18:21
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