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edcraggmorning :)10:08
franredgood morning edcragg10:12
edcraggmorning franred :)10:13
radiofreethe upcoming patches for the jetson are pretty good, you'll be able to use everything from mainline (well... weston needs two patches on top)10:51
radiofreehowever, you'll need to update u-boot10:51
radiofreethis isn't a problem if you just flash the image clean onto a jetson, however if you want to use "morph upgrade..." then you're going to have to do it manually10:52
radiofreei'm looking at trying to upgrade u-boot from userspace though, so it shouldn't be too much of a pain10:53
radiofreehi system-version-manager doesn't appear to work11:23
radiofreemaster of definitions11:23
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franredradiofree, Python 3 vs Python 211:24
* richard_maw kicks cpython11:24
richard_mawstupidly deciding that if there's no /usr/bin/python then obviously you want python3 there!11:25
radiofreefranred: sorry?11:25
richard_mawradiofree: system-version-manager is a python script with #!/usr/bin/python11:25
radiofreei see...11:25
richard_mawI think jjardon supplied patches to make python3 the default, but the python build system does the daft thing of deciding that if you have no /usr/bin/python then it installs a symlink to the current version in it11:26
radiofreedid i do something wrong to cause this system to not have python 2 then?11:26
richard_mawradiofree: not necessarily, it could be that python2 isn't installing the /usr/bin/python symlink to replace the python3 install11:26
* richard_maw lost track11:26
* radiofree doesn't have anything called /usr/bin/python2*11:27
radiofreeis this broken for everything then?11:27
richard_mawlet me check which systems python2 is included in11:28
* radiofree hacks extlinux.conf for now11:29
richard_mawpython2 is included in build and devel systems, hmm11:29
richard_mawradiofree: yes, looks like insufficient QA in system-version-manager before approving the change11:30
radiofreei have /usr/lib/python2.7 folder11:31
radiofreeso is python2 on there, just /usr/bin/python has been overwritten?11:31
richard_mawradiofree: not if you don't have a python2.7 binary in PATH11:32
radiofreei do not11:32
richard_mawcould be something tried to install a python library in a weird way thn11:32
radiofree"include_server" whatever that is11:33
richard_mawnot a clue11:33
richard_mawradiofree: unicode safety is probably too much work, but you could try a small number of structural changes to make it python3 syntax compatible. Lines 86, 207,210,213 put brackets on the print and line 410 change it to `except SystemNotCompatibleError as e`11:37
jjardonrichard_maw, richard_maw : weston systems doesn't have python2; taking in acount python2 is a runtime dependency of tbdiff (in foundation), we should add python2 to all systemd that includes the foundation stratum, or port version-control-manager to python3, or make foundation build-depends on python2, even if its not strictly a build dependency11:38
richard_mawmaking foundation build-depend on python2 won't fix it11:39
jjardonoh, yeah, you are rigth; so only 2 options then11:40
radiofreerichard_maw: thanks, though i get this error now
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richard_mawhrm, unicode11:41
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richard_mawradiofree: for that one change `'['` to `b'['`11:44
richard_mawoh, and the '/run' on the following line11:45
radiofreechange that to b'/run'?11:47
richard_mawthe issue being you can't split a byte string on a unicode string11:47
radiofreeok, did that, still more errors :\11:47
radiofreetop error is just running "system-version-manager", second one is running "system-version-manager list"11:48
radiofreesorry i can't be of any use here, i barely know python2....11:49
richard_mawthe error in `system-version-manager list` requires changing all the strings in the function call on line 133 from 'foo' style to b'foo' style11:51
richard_mawthe first error requires a more structural change than I can articulate11:55
radiofreehmm didn't work, same error11:55
* richard_maw kicks python311:56
richard_mawfar too much stuff assumes that paths are unicode, rather than arbitrary strings!11:56
rjekThey're not quite arbitrary strings :)11:57
richard_mawsorry radiofree, it's going to require a bigger rewrite than I thought11:58
radiofreeok, for now i think i'll just re-add python2, thanks for the help11:58
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