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gtristanGood morning baserock; any clues as to how to boot this image: ... using qemu-system-arm ?08:31
radiofreeIt'll be slow08:36
radiofreeI'm not sure there's any bootloader there, so -hda Jetson.img won't work08:37
radiofreeYou should be able to grab the kernel from it and manually boot it with the correct -kernel and -append values passed to qemu08:38
gtristannod, I guess that's what I'm going to try08:39
gtristanpulling out the kernel08:39
radiofreeJust do mount Jetson.img /tmp/mnt08:39
gtristanthis btw, seems out of date:
radiofreeIt'll be in /mnt/tmp/systems/factory08:39
radiofreeKernel and dtb08:40
gtristanthinking maybe I can use similar scripts pointed out there from 'genivi-initial-setup' repo08:40
radiofreeYou can get the correct append value from the extlinux.conf file in /mnt/tmp08:40
radiofreeActually I guess the kernel won't work08:40
radiofreeThe append value will08:40
radiofreeHowever you'll need a kernel +device tree for the machine system-arm emulates08:41
gtristanI was looking at -machine help, I think vexpress yeah08:41
gtristanthere are only two which support the cortex v9 cpu08:42
radiofreegtristan: OK, just use that zImage download from that wiki guide then08:42
gtristanwhich, I'm inferring is the right one by a reading of built-essential/stage1-gcc.morph08:42
radiofreeFor your kernel08:42
gtristanI doubt it08:42
gtristanthose links are broken :)08:42
gtristanthat's sort of what I meant by "out of date" hehe08:43
radiofreeAaah… bugger!08:43
radiofreeI guess that 'run-built-arm-image' script would be useful aswell08:43
gtristanyeah, that's still around :)08:44
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paulsherwoodgtristan: i've asked benbrown_ to take a look at if he has time11:01
gtristanpaulsherwood, ah great, that should allow us to make GNOME images with ybd that are, hopefully much smaller than 7GB :)11:03
paulsherwoodgtristan: yup :)11:04
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jonathanmawI got a report that the instructions for flashing the jetson at (error log
jonathanmawlooking at the code, it seems to have been caused by a change in the tegra-uboot-flasher-scripts repo14:04
paulsherwoodi think this was discussed late last year... iirc radiofree fixed this and i suggested that we consider putting the script into definitions to reduce future confusion14:05
radiofreejonathanmaw: git pull the script14:09
radiofreejonathanmaw: what's the sha of your current HEAD14:10
jonathanmawradiofree: the SHA of my current (known working) HEAD is cf91845a69c955858faec5e6dc5208248bda2a65, commit message "add colibri_t20"14:10
radiofreejonathanmaw: of baserock-flashing-script sorry14:11
radiofreejonathanmaw: is the baserock-flashing-tools folder in /root/nvidia-tools/_out_tools/ ?14:11
jonathanmawMine's ae83dc5d2321db0854b36d7b5bc69ab7bc119466, but I haven't used it recently, I've been reporting an E-mail I received.14:12
radiofreeok you need to git pull baserock-flashing-tools14:13
radiofreefix is
jonathanmawthanks radiofree14:16
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paulsherwoodmaybe a bit offtopic here, but very interesting nonetheless (and mercifully short)17:03
radiofree"Zoinks! This video can’t be played with your current setup."17:04
* radiofree needs to install some more gstreamer packages17:04
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