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rdalei get an error when i run baserock-import: ImportError: No module named 'baserockimport' - the version of python is 3.4, but the package is in python2.7/site-packages - should python 3.4 be looking there?12:18
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ssam2what might have happened is that at system-build time, the import tool was installed with `python2 ./ install` rather then `python install`12:20
ssam2python3 certainly shouldn't be looking in python2.7/site-packages ever12:20
rdaleoh ok12:20
ssam2actually, baserockimport uses morphlib, so it requires python212:20
ssam2so really the bug is that the baserock-import script should use `#!/usr/bin/env python2` instead of `#!/usr/bin/env python`12:21
ssam2or whatever12:21
ssam2a patch to fix that would be much appreciated12:22
rdalei'm not sure i have a python 2 interpreter in the image - there is nothing called 'python2'12:24
ssam2python2.7 ?12:27
ssam2is morph in the image? if so, there must be a python2 ...12:27
ssam2unless whatever stratum contains python2 was missed out of the system.morph file -- manual runtime dependencies :(12:27
rdaleno, morph seems to be using python 3:  4 lrwxrwxrwx    1 root     root             9 Dec  2 10:39 /usr/bin/python -> python3.412:28
rdalei suppose i haven't built anything with morph in this image yet12:30
rdaleah, yes sorry about the noise - this is the target image, not the one i was going to use to build12:31
VLetrmxthe sha for the import tool will likely also need to be updated, the version in the current release relies on an older morphlib12:33
VLetrmxi'll test the update and send it if everything looks okay12:34
rdaleok thanks12:34
VLetrmxwhile we're here let's make the baserock-import stratum include python212:48
VLetrmxit already does VLetrmx12:49
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VLetrmx is the fix for that13:05
rdaleok thanks, i've given it a +1 and I'm building a system with now13:13
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rjekOpenSSL bug tl;dr: minor decrese in difficulty for some public key algorithms (but still very very very hard), a crash can be caused with a crafted client certificate (client or server can crash), memory leak in X509 certificate handling, race condition in multi-threaded clients using PSK identify hints can result in a double-free crash.15:58
rjekIn summary: meh, no rush for Baserock infrastructure to update, IMO15:58
ssam2ok, thanks for the summary!16:06
tiagogomesunpretrify-ref is not a word16:08
rjekSounds perfectly cromulent to me.16:10
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szmHello, I'm trying to build the genivi demo platform following these instructions: and I keep running into a build error (pre-configure failed) for the genivi-demo-platform-hmi.  Could anyone help me out with this?16:14
jonathanmawszm: do you have a log for specifically why it failed?16:19
szmjonathanmaw: I have the morph.log, I could copy just the error output though16:20
jonathanmawszm: either is fine16:21
szmhere's the error output:
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jonathanmawszm: I think I see what happened, the ref underneath genivi-demo-platform-hmi changed16:28
jonathanmawit should be fine if you check out the branch "master" instead16:29
pedroalvarezthe instructions of that wiki were updated, that shouldn't be happening I think16:29
pedroalvarezoh, wait..16:29
pedroalvarezwell.. this is bad :)16:31
szmjonathanmaw: I checkedout the master branch for the genivi demo platform and after starting building I see ERROR: Definitions format version 7 is not supported16:31
szmpedroalvarez: I think they were updated a few weeks ago16:32
pedroalvarezit's a bit broken, indeed..16:32
VLetrmxdoesn't szm just need to upgrade to the latest release and build from that? or am i missing something?16:33
pedroalvarezVLetrmx: he is trying to follow some instructions that we have on the wiki16:33
jonathanmawszm: if you go to /src/morph and checkout "master", that should work, too16:33
VLetrmxahh ok16:34
szmjonathanmaw: I did that, started the build over pretty much, we'll see when it gets back to that point16:37
szmjonathanmaw: appreciate the hhelp16:37
jonathanmawszm: thanks for finding the issue with the wiki instructions16:38
jonathanmawpedroalvarez: would you like to fix the wiki, or shall I?16:38
pedroalvarezI've just created a new tag that should work16:40
pedroalvarezUpdating the wiki now16:40
pedroalvarezszm: apologies, the version of the tag you were using had some issues (like the one you found) that were fixed when merging them on master16:42
szmpedroalvarez: gotcha, I'll try it out, thanks16:46
pedroalvarezI hope that works for you :)17:00
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