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tiagogomesmm our definitions don't validate according our schemas08:47
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rjekbtw, there is a "moderate severity" OpenSSL update being released on the 3rd10:47
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rjekpedroalvarez: You don't relish the opportunity to update everything? :)10:58
rjekWe won't know what the impact is until we find out what the bugs are10:58
rjekIf it's an issue of lessened secrecy, I don't really care10:59
pedroalvarezrjek: thanks for letting us know, please warn us if the update is important11:02
rjekWill do11:02
rjekIf it's remote DoS or remote keymat leakage, I will recommend rebuild :)11:03
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pedroalvarez<mcfrisk> Hi, is anyone working with isolated sysroots with bitbake? We hit race conditions way too much and would like to solve this problem once and for all.12:07
pedroalvareznobody answered :)12:07
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* VLetrmx would add ssam2 to but can't17:21
VLetrmxwhy did we want a variant of DefinitionsRepo that didn't require app?17:23
ssam2it makes it much easier to reuse the class outside of Morph17:24
* VLetrmx nods17:27
richard_mawpedroalvarez: re: isolated sysroots with bitbake: that's one of the reasons I'm having a go at build tools split out into a bunch of tiny commands/libraries, I want to have something that you could potentially fit into non-Baserock build tools17:33
* persia mumbles about builtroot17:36
persiaErr, , not past-tense17:37
ssam2not sure how buildroot relates here17:41
ssam2it doesn't do any build isolation17:41
ssam2or was that the point?17:42
persiaThat was part of the point: the other being that people looking to use parts of the toolset might want to do so in such a way that it could be compatible with unisolated builds.17:44
persiaWhen discussing Baserock at parties, I usually hear more about buildroot than bitbake, which was the motivation for the mumbling.17:44
ssam2I idly wondered recently about replacing the whole lower layers of the Baserock reference systems with Buildroot17:44
ssam2it would take some scaffolding to inject the Git repos as source code17:45
ssam2but it might save us from having to maintain our own GCC bootstrap and the like17:45
ssam2idle thought, anyway, not tried it at all17:45
persiaThere's the reliability issue also: part of the nice thing about having the bootstrap in definitions format is that it is in definitions format, rather than being some random tarball from some external source.17:46
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