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tiagogomesis it intentional that when you build a system that has a cached system artifact; morph still tries to get the artifacts/build the sources of the chunks that are part of that system?13:57
pedroalvareznot sure :/13:58
pedroalvarezsome people think that it should never fetch the system artifact13:58
richard_mawit's a bug for the current implementation, though we want the system artifact to be some kind of overlay in future to make system artifact creation cheaper13:58
richard_mawat which point it would still need the chunk artifacts to build the overlay13:58
tiagogomesyep, I'd like that13:59
pedroalvarezyes, that sounds like the real solution to this problem13:59
tiagogomessystem artifacts as it stands doesn't make sense13:59
pedroalvarezyes, you can deploy without building13:59
pedroalvarezyou can deploy an armv7 system in your x86 vm given that the armv7 system artifact is in the cache13:59
tiagogomesyes, that is nice, as it allows you to have an archive of old images without wasting unnecessary disk space14:01
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* richard_maw would like to go with ostree, but that has problems when you have files outside /usr14:07
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tiagogomesSotK, were you working on system artifacts based on overlays?14:10
SotKtiagogomes: near the start of this year yes, but I haven't had time to do anything required for it to be properly usable14:11
* tiagogomes wonders if people would get the pitchforks if he suggested getting rid of the build-morphology and distbuild-morphology commands14:19
pedroalvarezI like them14:21
pedroalvarezwell, I used to like them14:21
pedroalvarezif `distbuild --local-changes=no` is the same, then I don't care14:22
tiagogomesI am not sure if there is still a case for them without workspaces14:22
ssam2good to get rid of them14:22
ssam2better still would be to rationalise all of Morph's commands to take just the path to a Git repo14:23
ssam2to a file, rather14:23
ssam2right now some just take a path to a file, and some take the triplet repo, ref, file14:23
ssam2better *still* would be do that, but allow --repo and --ref options for situations where you don't have a local clone of definitions.git14:23
tiagogomesyep, I would like them to accept only a locally cloned definitions repo14:23
ssam2anyway, no need to scope creep, removing the -morphology commands is a good first ste14:24
tiagogomesif we want to support building remote definitions, I like the --repo & --ref idea14:26
tiagogomesBut I think that we are following a path that, if can be done with git, do it with git instead of morph14:27
tiagogomesAs I stated before, I am also not a fan of the get-chunk-details command14:28
ssam2it's not so much building, more things like `list-artifacts`14:29
tiagogomesAnd perhaps `get-repo` should be `clone` instead14:29
ssam2it's quite handy to be able to run that on remote repos and the like14:29
SotKI think we've had people get confused when we've reused the git command name14:29
ssam2i think reusing names from Git turned out to be confusing in the past14:29
pedroalvarezyes +1 to not reuse git subcommands14:30
pedroalvarezooi, do we know if get-repo fetches from local cache, or from internet?14:31
VLetrmxget-chunk-details seems a little pointless to me, but i think the fact that someone requested it should motivate us to make the aliases simpler14:31
VLetrmxso the mapping should be very obvious trove:delta/foo trove:baserock/baserock/morph etc if people want to do crazy things let them define that in DEFAULTS (yes let's also move the aliases to DEFAULTs)14:32
pedroalvarezI like were we are going14:32
pedroalvarez        h^14:33
tiagogomesssam2, I confess that I never used list-artifacts. How do you use that command?14:34
ssam2tiagogomes: same way you use `build-morphology`14:34
ssam2tiagogomes: but it gives a list of all the artifact IDs involved the build14:34
VLetrmxalso would be good to remove -morphology commands imo14:35
VLetrmxand be rid of triplet interface14:35
ssam2tiagogomes: really useful when doing releases and copying all the release artifacts around14:35
pedroalvarezVLetrmx: that has been just suggested :)14:35
VLetrmxpedroalvarez, i know i'm just agreeing :)14:35
pedroalvarezlet's make this a tool easy to use14:36
VLetrmxthat would be good :)14:37
* SotK still wants one tool for building/deploying, and another for interacting with definitions14:37
VLetrmxokay on that i might mention a related talk at nixcon14:37
VLetrmxnix already has nix-env nix-shell nix-build etc, they're actually working on *reversing* this, because they find that what they have now isn't clear enough for users14:38
VLetrmxgarbas actually basically suggested a git-like interface for nix14:38
VLetrmxwhich is essentially sort of what we have with morph right now14:38
VLetrmxi don't actually have a strong opinion on this, but i think it worth mentioning14:39
tiagogomesmorph is getting leaner14:39
ssam2I think one tool for building, one for deploying one for developing definitions, one for importing, one for exporting... that should be our maximum14:43
ssam2and i don't actually want a tool for deploying at all, I want to be able to use Ansible14:43
* richard_maw is told that Ansible has some facility for instantiating systems as well, but doesn't know anything about it14:44
tiagogomesyou mean, writing a library in Ansible to do the deployment?14:45
ssam2an Ansible baserock_system_deployed_to_openstack module14:45
ssam2you give it the path to some definitions, the name of the system, and some parameters, and it does the rest14:45
ssam2including building14:45
ssam2this is a pipe dream though :-)14:45
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