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tiagogomeswhat's the reason why workspace code was kept around in morph despite `morph edit` being removed?09:42
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persiatiagogomes: Mostly intertia and backwards compatibility.  It is safe to remove.09:45
persiaWell, as long as that doesn't break a migration path: if it does, the migration needs to be documented.09:45
tiagogomesI can't see a reason why systems branches and workspaces are of any use l without `morph edit`, so I'd have expected that both were removed at same time09:49
persiaThat would also have made more sense to me.09:50
persiaI reconstruct the rationale as being to enable support for workspaceless environments without breaking existing workflow for users of workspaces.09:50
persiaIt was very contentious at the time.09:50
tiagogomesAlso, it would always be backwards compatibility, you would just need to change dir to e.g. /src/workspace/master/baserock/baserock/definitions/ and run morph commands from there09:51
tiagogomesin that case, `morph edit` shouldn't have been removed, as not being able to use it clearly breaks the workflow09:52
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persiaThe problem with morph edit is that it usually did the wrong thing, and when it did the right thing, it corrupted the history of the local repository.09:56
persiaThat said, when removing it, it might have been nice to make it easier to access cached git repos, etc.09:57
pedroalvarezthere is `morph get-repo` or similar09:58
pedroalvarezdon't know if that gets the cached repo09:58
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jonathanmaw_I'm having problems logging into storyboard.baserock.org11:19
jonathanmaw_i.e. I created an openid account (which worked fine), but trying to log in using that gave me an "Internal Server Error" page11:20
jonathanmaw_and recommends I contact ssam211:20
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ssam2oh dear11:21
ssam2let me have a look11:21
ssam2are you trying to log in directly on, or via storyboard?11:21
jonathanmawI click the login link from storyboard.baserock.org11:22
jonathanmawand it redirects me to asking me to verify my identity11:22
jonathanmawsince apparently can't reach storyboard.baserock.org11:22
jonathanmawclicking "Yes (Allow)" from there brings up the internal server error11:23
ssam2could you try logging in on directly and see if that works?11:23
jonathanmawthe internal server error claims to be coming from storyboard.baserock.org11:23
jonathanmawI'm apparently currently logged in to openid.baserock.org11:23
ssam2Right, it's storyboard that is broken. Pedro is currently looking at that, I'll see if he can help11:23
ssam2have you tried a few times? i've found storyboard login a bit flakey in the past11:24
pedroalvarezoh dear11:25
jonathanmawssam2: several times, now11:25
* jonathanmaw has to lunch now, will try again in a bit.11:27
pedroalvarezodd, I just tried and that worked for me...11:28
pedroalvarezeven from another browser11:30
pedroalvarezeven from an incognito window :/11:30
persiaincognito doesn't protect against the internet, only one's own device.11:31
rjekNetSurf's CI builders for SDKs is broken atm, so no new libpng for us just yet :-/11:32
rjekBut I did spend some of last week messing with definitions for all of NetSurf's libraries so we can try to use them for CI11:32
pedroalvarezright, found the error11:46
pedroalvarezjonathanmaw: looks like you are trying to log in with your openid user "jonathanmaw" but you already have an user in storyboard with your openid user "jonathan.maw"11:51
pedroalvarezour OpenID let's you create 2 id's with the same email, but storyboard doesn't11:52
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Zarahm, that should probably be noted on the wiki12:08
gtristanI'm going to shut down and go eat... just wanted to say; there are 2 remaining showstopping bugs in GNOME integration and I'm hitting the wall with them12:13
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gtristanone of them is geoclue... it actually works with a regular user, and I made progress to get gnome-initial-setup to make it work, but still it's failing12:14
gtristanthe other is gnome-keyring, which I think needs permission to do something... in any case goa cannot persist credentials to the keyring12:15
gtristanwell, I have more useful output from an initial boot with G_MESSAGES_DEBUG=all, hopefully this will help12:19
jonathanmawpedroalvarez: I'm in \o/12:20
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Zaraadded a thing under 'get a baserock openid' here:
Zaraif my wording's weird, please fix as appropriate; I tried to paraphrase as best I could...12:22
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pedroalvarezthanks Zara! :)12:29
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pedroalvarezI'll try to have a look at the OpenID to make it impossible to create multiple accounts with the same email12:30
Zaracool, I think that's the better long-term fix12:30
jonathanmawhrm, is the correct way to report a bug in baserock to add a story to
jonathanmawIf so, the "Save Changes" button doesn't seem to be working for me.12:42
Zarahave you specified a project? I think you may have to do that, though it doesn't make it clear.12:43
jonathanmawi.e. the searchable box to the right of the task?12:43
jonathanmawyes, if I don't fill that in, then the button's greyed-out and unclickable12:43
Zarathere should be a task, too; I think that gets filled in by default on master (defaults to the same thing as the story title) but less sure about baserock's instance12:44
* Zara checks; yup, a task's added automatically on master but not on . neither is that clear about the need for a project, though12:46
Zaratime for a story...12:47
Zarabtw, it will pick the project by default if you click 'add story' (top right) when looking at a project (as opposed to 'new story', at the top). The more time I spend with that 'new story' button, the more I dislike it...12:49
jonathanmawargh, I made duplicate stories.12:50
pedroalvarezjonathanmaw: thanks for the report12:56
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* pedroalvarez still has a lot of paches waiting for review:
tiagogomesI can have it a go, but I am not the best person to review those patches15:35
pedroalvarezthey are easy, I promise :)15:37
pedroalvarezansible, shell, and docs15:38
richard_maware they shown in dependency order?15:40
pedroalvareznope, recently updated first15:44
richard_mawis there any way to see the dependency information in the new UI?15:51
pedroalvarezI normally look at the "Related changes" list15:55
pedroalvarezthey are in dependency order15:55
tiagogomespedroalvarez, have you though in using an extended validation certificate? That would cost Codethink some £££, but it could be a better option16:12
pedroalvarezwe have tried, and we have to continue trying16:16
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