IRC logs for #baserock for Monday, 2015-10-19

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paulsherwoodconfigure: error: Python module libxml2 is needed to run this package01:10
paulsherwood3 15-10-19 00:00:43 [3/48/771] [itstool] ERROR: log file is at /src/artifacts/
paulsherwood(from master ci.morph using ybd)01:11
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paulsherwoodgtristan: how near are you to lotte hotel world?01:13
gtristanpaulsherwood, :)01:14
gtristannot near... about 1 hour away01:14
paulsherwoodk. maybe we could do drinks/food later?01:14
paulsherwoodany ideas on the itstool thing?01:15
gtristanI'm not sure which you're talking about... are you missing adapters ?01:16
paulsherwoodi'm building ci.morph from definitions mastrer using ybd.. i wonder if something has changed recently to break the definition of itstool01:18
paulsherwood(last week this was working fine)01:19
gtristanno idea, I have a *ton* of unsubmitted patches, itstool is pretty low-level01:19
gtristanjust recently hyphen/enchant & webp was added01:20
gtristanbut that shouldnt have any effect01:20
paulsherwoodnp i can track this down01:20
gtristanpaulsherwood, so around what time are you thinking, afternoon / evening ?01:33
* gtristan is about to launch another attempt at WebKit... configures correctly but actually rendered my laptop completely unresponsive while building01:34
gtristanfor hours, and only got to 53% of the build :-/01:34
paulsherwoodgtristan: use AWS01:35
paulsherwoodor  post your branch and i can build it for you01:35
* gtristan thinks the ram is the bottleneck, only 8GB on this dinasaur01:36
gtristanand swapping like mad01:36
paulsherwoodhmmm... that doesn't sound right to me01:36
paulsherwoodi've successfully built webkit in < 1 hour  with 4GB01:36
gtristanI recall having done so in the past too01:37
gtristanactually I recall because I had to patch gnu make (now its cmake)01:37
gtristanthere was some hardwired memory limit01:37
gtristanwell, I'll try to launch it again, maybe something else was to blame for that - I was asking for a lot01:38
paulsherwoodwe could meet later in the week... pedroalvarez will be here too. i expect he'll be way too tired today01:39
gtristanoh I don't mind the trek out there01:41
gtristanwell, I would like to stop by there anyway, pedroalvarez will be exhausted and will need to sleep surely01:43
gtristansurely, I guess he's landing this evening01:43
gtristanok, let me give this webkit build another shot01:44
gtristanfinish my morning coffee injection :)01:44
gtristanand I'll swing by the area in the afternoon01:45
paulsherwoodsounds good01:46
gtristanpaulsherwood, where are you staying exactly again ? directly *at* lotte world near jasmil metro ?01:47
paulsherwoodat lotte, it's rather luxurious :)01:49
gtristanI'll be underdressed I'm sure :)01:50
paulsherwood893259d724707190f763a980bc055ad9c87f7535 broke itstool, according to git bisect01:51
paulsherwoodgtristan: i doubt it01:51
paulsherwoodso libxml2 is being installed in the sandbox, but i'm guessing this is something to do with python2 + python3 coexistence02:26
gtristanOdd, perhaps... I noticed that libxml2 is a part of core.morph, but XML-Parser is there too - I have no idea why the build failure though02:52
* gtristan has not yet rebased the python upgrade02:52
* gtristan thinks python2 and python3 are intended to be parallel installable, though02:52
gtristanI *guess* you probably need a different XML-Parser for python302:53
paulsherwooderk :)02:53
gtristanImported from /srv/lorry/lorry-area/XML-Parser/XML-Parser-2.41.tar.gz.02:58
gtristanor that is a perl parser, eh...03:01
gtristanpaulsherwood, do you have 1b486bd7e7e79583331648f322a52424fe27d297 ?03:03
gtristanpaulsherwood, looks like jjardon fixed that issue03:03
paulsherwoodaha! :)03:05
paulsherwoodwow, that's a big rebuild03:06
* gtristan is at 61% of WebKit and trucking along :-S03:08
gtristanno lockups at least !03:09
paulsherwoodgtristan: strata/qt5-tools/qtwebkit.morph:max-jobs: 103:12
paulsherwoodmaybe we should fix that, forever03:13
* paulsherwood wonders how many emgineer-weeks have been wasted by that setting03:14
* gtristan is building webkitgtk with 8 threads :)03:15
paulsherwoodhow many cores in your machine?03:16
gtristanquad i703:16
paulsherwooddo you think 8 is the right setting, then?03:16
* paulsherwood doesn't understand cores vs threads here03:17
gtristani7 does 2 tasks per core03:17
gtristanwith 4 cores I do 8 things at the same time03:17
gtristanso yeah, but I dont think it needs a setting, ybd conveniently detects that at the beginning of the build03:18
paulsherwoodok, so have you specified max-jobs: 8 in ybd.conf03:18
gtristanI did not specify anything03:18
gtristanprobably cmake is doing what gnu make normally does with 'make -j' ... just take the amount of cores available03:19
paulsherwoodinteresting .... in python, what does multiprocessing.cpucount() tell you?03:19
gtristanI would need an explicit setting if I wanted to reserve jobs for doing something else03:19
gtristanI dont know... /me greps ybd sources03:20
* gtristan suspects something like cat /proc/cpuinfo | something03:20
paulsherwood(ybd has config['max-jobs'] = cpu_count() / config.get('instances', 1)})03:20
paulsherwoodi guess it' says 803:21
gtristaninstances is basically, how many ybd's you have running at the same time I guess ?03:22
paulsherwoodyou might find that instances: 2 and max-jobs: 8 gives faster builds overall03:23
gtristanmy build logs always say: [SETUP] Max-jobs is set to 803:23
gtristanhmmm, so wait... if I set that up... then ybd will parallelize builds of modules which dont depend on eachother ?03:24
gtristanall by itself ?03:24
gtristanthat would definitely make faster builds in general03:24
gtristanmany modules dont parallelize builds in their build scripts for one, and for another builds tend to burst in cpu, even if they do parallelize03:25
gtristan74% :)03:25
paulsherwoodgtristan: yup03:26
gtristanon the other hand, when reaching your target and there are no separate instances to run... you dont want to limit your remaining interdependent builds to be limited to half of your available jobs03:27
gtristanso probably some tweaking can be done there :)03:27
paulsherwoodthat's how i can get one machine to build all of ci.morph, from scratch with no artifacts,  in 85 minutes03:27
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gtristan99% :)03:55
gtristan2hrs of webkit, eesh03:59
gtristanthis machine would not build everything from scratch in 85min - getting clunky03:59
gtristanpaulsherwood, so are you all set for connectors and gadgets and such ?04:00
gtristanI'm thinking to make a stop at yeongsan elecrtronics market on the way down04:00
gtristanbut I guess you've sorted out all your adaptors and such ?04:01
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paulsherwoodi think we should be ok, thanks04:54
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jjardonvery soon we will build 3 different web engines: qtwebkit, webkitgtk and qtwebengine  (based on blink, chromium fork of webkit); only a note for the challenges the ciat team need to solve06:57
paulsherwoodjjardon: parallel instances of ybd06:58
gtristanjjardon, speaking of which... there is a lorry challenge I'm not quite sure how to handle from reading:
gtristanor anyone haha :)06:59
gtristanbasically, the WebKit repository, where the WebKitGtk port lives, is here:
gtristanand what we want is the webkit-2.10 branch07:00
gtristanI was able to test the build by cloning the upstream git mirror07:00
gtristanand following these instructions:
jjardongtristan: why only that branch? I guess we will need another branch in the next GNOME release07:01
gtristanwhich essentially fetch a specific version and then git svn rebase... I presume the lorry controller is using git-svn07:01
gtristanjjardon, good point07:01
gtristanthe part that I dont understand, is how the lorry file should be written to handle the scheme in upstream webkit07:02
jjardongtristan: if you are going to not lorry everything, I would be ok to lorry tarballs for now, if that makes life easier for you07:02
gtristanwhich is not only tags/ branches/ trunk/ ... but also has releases/07:02
gtristanwell, I could prepare a tarball lorry which we could fix later07:03
jjardononly remember to name the lorry repo <something>-tarball , so we can identify it easily07:03
jjardonas IMHO is a bug to work with tarballs07:03
* paulsherwood doesn't like that we keep settling for tarballs07:04
* jjardon neither07:04
gtristanright, if we do settle for the tarball, we should name it as such, because then switching to a proper repo will not break... but are we capable of handling the svn ?07:05
jjardonpaulsherwood: btw,  안녕하세요! :)07:05
paulsherwoodjjardon: i'll take your word for it :)07:05
rjekISTR there are two reasons for using tarballs: 1) there is no publically-facing VCS for a project, 2) GNU-style change logs murder git07:05
rjek2 seems surmountable with effort and engineering perhaps, 1 is unavoidable really07:05
paulsherwoodit's 2 i'm not ok with07:06
jjardonrjek: 3. lorry cant manage to clone the repo (I think this is the gcc case)07:06
paulsherwoodwe could do shallow for that07:07
* paulsherwood is running out of battery07:07
* gtristan has a queue of 9 patches which basically separate some modules outside of strata/gnome/, and add strata/WebKitGtk.morph which depends on those common deps on those07:07
jjardonpaulsherwood: send patches :)07:07
jjardongtristan: can you put those in a branch so I can take a look before you submit them?07:08
rjekjjardon: That's reason 2, IIRC07:08
gtristanwell, I can, but they *also* depend on the unresolved lorry thing07:08
gtristanjjardon, also, what do you mean by "a branch", the regular git review topic branch ?07:09
jjardongtristan: yes07:09
jjardonso we do not have to battle in gerrit too much :)07:09
jjardongtristan: btw, I wanted to proposse you a challenge07:10
gtristanthey should not be merged before the libwebp/enchant and hyphen definitions morphs land either, they depend on that07:10
gtristanjjardon, shoot :)07:10
jjardonGNOME 3.18.2 is going to be released the 11th of November, what about having a complete GNOME system by them so we can offer an baserock image to the community to try it?07:11
gtristanjjardon, we can probably make that date, I have a branch-scheme / CI proposal pending that I want to send / discuss on the ML07:12
jjardonto give you an idea, these are the modules part of the GNOME 3.18.1, as released by the GNOME RT:
gtristanbasically I'd like to see CI done both on master, _and_ on gnome-3.18 branches if at all possible07:13
jjardongtristan: ok, lets try it; if not we can try with 3.19.107:13
gtristangetting the OS to build with everything should not be a problem07:13
jjardongtristan: that would be awesome07:13
gtristanbut sorting out what is stable and what is master right now needs thought07:13
* gtristan has a writeup anyway, but we'll see how it works with what you guys have in place already07:14
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*** ChanServ sets mode: +v ssam207:15
jjardonssam2: 08:11 <jjardon> GNOME 3.18.2 is going to be released the 11th of November, what about having a complete GNOME system by them so we can offer an baserock image to the community to try it? :)07:16
jjardonssam2: I still do not see tracker in the GNOME stratum :)07:17
ssam2that would be cool07:41
ssam2it would be nice if the import tool could import from jhbuild so we could do that for every gnome release!07:43
jjardonssam2: jhbuild tracks branches07:43
jjardonwe need a tool that takes the last tag for a given repo, or the last tag for a given repo and from a specific branch07:44
jjardonssam2: does the import tool supports jhbuild yet?07:45
ssam2finding the last tag for a given branch is really easy07:46
ssam2`git describe --abbrev=0` (not that easy I guess, I had to look it up :)07:50
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jjardonssam2: yeah, but to be useful with our definitions maybe we have to use branches un the unpetrify-ref: field? Update would be very easy in that case07:52
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ssam2jjardon: would be better to add a new 'tracking-branch' field or something like that07:56
ssam2which we could actually document, etc :)07:56
jjardonssam2: lets do it. is V7 already merged?07:56
ssam2yeah, just waiting for release07:56
jjardonah no, we need to do a release07:57
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ssam2no reason we can't propose more changes though07:57
jjardonssam2: what is needed to do a release?07:57
jjardonis the process documented somewhere?07:57
ssam2basically, new versions of the images at need to be uploaded07:58
ssam2usually the process involves lots of yak shaving though07:58
ssam2e.g. seems to be broken at the moment, so there's no x86_32 build, so that needs to be fixed 1st07:58
ssam2and getting an arm build is still a pain07:59
ssam2i would do one if I had a couple of days free to do it07:59
paulsherwoodssam2: i have lots of arm machines. how can i help? :)08:00
ssam2paulsherwood: turn one into a Mason08:00
jjardonwhy not use the images mason is building a put them somewhere, then tag definitions and we are done?08:00
jjardonis there a mason for ARM?08:00
ssam2jjardon: that's exactly what we want to do :)08:00
paulsherwoodssam2: why not ciat?08:01
ssam2paulsherwood: i've never used it. does it work?08:01
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ssam2it just needs to deploy the images08:01
paulsherwoodit seems to, yes. wdutch is your man08:02
ssam2and I guess produce morph-compatible artifacts... but we could punt on that if it produces working .img files08:02
ssam2a ciat instance that can provide working builds of build-system-armv7lhf-jetson.img would be really helpful08:02
paulsherwoodhow do mason artifacts get to
ssam2by artifacts, do you mean the .img, .tar.gz files, or the actual chunk tar files?08:03
ssam2the former are uploaded with scripts/release-upload08:03
ssam2the latter don't go there, they appear on automatically, and get manually copied to for releases08:03
paulsherwoodwhy bother with the copy?08:04
ssam2we've discussed before what's needed to do away with this silly dual-artifact-cache setup we have -- a way of cleaning up unwanted stuff from without removing old release artifacts08:04 was a quick hack and still is08:04
paulsherwoodssam2: do you think we *need* to keep all chunks for releases, as opposed to just current release?08:05
ssam2not sure08:05
ssam2problem is still the same even if we only care about 1 release though08:05
ssam2the files all look the same from `rm`'s point of view08:05
* paulsherwood has been ponderign on this for ybd lately08:06
* wdutch has a look at build-system-armv7lhf-jetson08:06
paulsherwoodwdutch: could we move ciat to a cheaper box, while you're on? :)08:06
ssam2jjardon: anyway, I like the idea of tracking-ref or something. It might overlap with what firehose is doing, though08:06
ssam2jjardon: but probably better to have the info in definitions than in firehose's config files, if possible08:07
paulsherwoodssam2: ciat uses latst firehose, iiuc08:07
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wdutchpaulsherwood: yes, I need to figure out how to redirect to a new server after I move it08:07
paulsherwoodbtw what's the minimum solt to make a server program keep running after i logout of a box (something more elegant/reliable than screen)08:09
rjekAdd code to daemonise08:10
rjek(detach from terminal and such)08:10
ssam2systemd units are fairly easy to write08:10
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jjardonwho do I have to bribe to add the GNOME system to ciat? :)08:12
* wdutch is open to bribery08:15
paulsherwoodjjardon: there's your answer08:15
* jjardon opens the bribery chest08:18
jjardonbut lets fix the artifacts stuff first, so making a release is not as painful as its now!08:19
jjardonwdutch: how difficult would be that? any idea?08:19
wdutchjjardon: just for x86?08:20
gtristanjjardon, I'm pushing a topic branch called adding-webkitgtk08:21
ssam2we currently release the BR reference systems for x86_32, x86_64 and armv7lhf (jetson)08:21
jjardonwdutch: that would be the first step, yes08:21
gtristanas mentioned, it wont build without other patches applied, and the tip, the WebKitGtk.morph points to a local repo, it needs the lorry first08:21
jjardongtristan: cheers08:22
gtristanjjardon, so it's _only for review_, no merging !08:22
jjardongtristan: ack :)08:22
jjardongtristan: I was actually thinking on pushing a branch to the repo, not to gerrit :) dont worry, I will make my comments there08:23
jjardonssam2: do you know if someone is working on activate cgit on gerrit?08:24
gtristanjjardon, right I dont have access for now08:24
paulsherwoodl;et's take care of that?08:24
gtristanyay !08:25
* gtristan jumps in circles08:25
* paulsherwood can confirm that this is exactly what is happening in real life08:25
paulsherwoodit's causing quite a stir in this posh hotel08:25
ssam2jjardon: don't think anybody is actively working on that08:26
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paulsherwoodi think we're trying to move away from gerrit if at all possible, but i may be wrong08:27
ssam2first I've heard if so ...08:27
jjardonpaulsherwood: are we?08:27
jjardonI though we are moving all the baserock components to gerrit, so we need to activate cgit in gerrit to easily see branches and stuff08:28
jjardonand keep for deltas08:28
* Kinnison doesn't understand the desire to migrate the projects off g.b.o08:29
radiofreeplease don't :(08:30
paulsherwoodi thought that straycat's git candidate stuff can be usedto work *withh* gbo08:30
* paulsherwood crosses his fingers08:30
jjardongtristan: you are creating too many strata08:31
jjardonmaybe we need to find a way to group them?08:33
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jjardonKinnison: contributors can not commit to g.b.o; and we tell them to clone the repos from gerrit, not g.b.o08:34
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jjardonKinnison: if we activate cgit in gerrit we do not loss any functionality, I think08:35
KinnisonI'd rather just have the httpd on the gerrit server redirect to g.b.o08:35
jjardonKinnison: contributor still can not see its branches08:36
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KinnisonDo you mean the review refs?08:37
jjardonno, I mean normal branches08:38
KinnisonWhy would we want arbitrary contributors pushing normal branches to gerrit? that sounds like a recipe for doom08:38
jjardonKinnison: not arbitrary, gtristan for example08:39
jjardonKinnison: we tell contributors to clone from gerrit but then we push to another different repo in g.b.o? It looks confusing to me08:40
paulsherwood'nobody in the community is saying "i *love* how the strata are organised"08:59
Kinnisonjjardon: mostly I think of the gerrit as a convenience function for handling candidates.  Gerrit is one of the least-good git servers I know of so I wouldn't want to make it 'default'09:00
Kinnisonjjardon: either way, g.b.o will need to have updates from the gerrit09:00
Kinnisonjjardon: because other troves mirror from g.b.o09:00
gtristanok, the requiring icu-common from graphics-common is probably safe to apply ;-)09:06
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CTtpollardI guess my raspi is in korea?09:08
CTtpollardoops wrong channel09:08
paulsherwoodCTtpollard: this channel is fine... we have korean representatives here :)09:09
paulsherwoodCTtpollard: do you want us to ook for it?09:09
gtristanjjardon, lets get it to just build: tell me how you want the strata arranged and I can prepare a new branch based on that09:09
CTtpollardpaulsherwood: I don't know if it will have any distinguishing features, no worries09:10
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gtristanguys, can we at least get the ICU refactor out of the way ?
*** nowster_ has joined #baserock09:15
* tiagogomes_ will start reviewing patches soon09:18
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paulsherwoodi seem to have triggered some merge  issues in gerrit... eg
paulsherwoodcan anyone help?09:26
tiagogomes_ paulsherwood have you tried to press the rebase button?09:29
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ssam2you have to rebase, +2 again, then submit again09:37
ssam2it's dumb09:37
tiagogomes_yeah, that did the job09:38
* gtristan looked for a "rebase button"09:39
*** nowster_ has joined #baserock09:39
tiagogomes_gtristan I think the rebase button to appear, you had to be signed in09:39
* gtristan is signed in09:40
*** nowster__ has quit IRC09:42
gtristantiagogomes_, not allowed to rebase your own patch !09:43
gtristanI have "Abandon" instead09:43
paulsherwoodmerged, for real this time09:43
ssam2maybe rebase is restricted to people in Mergers group?09:44
ssam2which doesn't really make sense09:44
ssam2gerrit access controls are quite complex, it takes time to get them right09:44
wdutchcan I not clone from ssh:// without permission?09:44
jonathanmawpaulsherwood: are you still interested in misc fixes to the GDP? I've been looking at the browser PoC, and while taking tpollard's patch to fix cursor trails is easy, catching up with master is trickier, since our baserock branch has changes which I had hoped to get merged into browser-poc, but weren't09:45
paulsherwoodwdutch: ssh -A ?09:45
ssam2wdutch: you need a gitano account on, yes09:46
ssam2try `ssh whoami`09:46
paulsherwoodjonathanmaw: i'm in your hands on this09:46
tiagogomes_wdutch you can, but not using the SSH protocol09:46
wdutchCIAT clones from ssh urls everywhere09:47
tiagogomes_wdutch,  git clone git:// should work anonymously09:47
wdutchI feel liek there is a reason it always uses ssh but I can't remember why09:47
* tiagogomes_ can't comment on CIAT09:48
SotKpushing candidate branches maybe (idk if it actually does)?09:48
jonathanmawpaulsherwood: I'll see if the only problem is the unmerged build-system patches, and see if I can chase the maintainer.09:48
paulsherwoodjonathanmaw: one thing i'm interested in is how to make gdp containg agl :)09:48
SotKwdutch: I guess CIAT could be given a gitano account?09:49
jonathanmawpaulsherwood: that's an interesting question which requires defining "agl", hopefully in a way that doesn't conflict with the GENIVI specification09:49
gtristanjjardon, ummm:
paulsherwoodjonathanmaw: i agree09:54
gtristanjjardon, how come we are building libxml2 twice ?09:54
gtristandoes the python thing not depend on core.morph and naturally pull in libxml2 ?09:55
gtristanif not, isn't the sensible thing to split out libxml2 from core.morph and share it ?09:55
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wdutchI've put the keys from the old ciat into the new one and it's still saying permission denied10:08
wdutchoh because we were using a different trove10:08
*** nowster__ has joined #baserock10:10
wdutchwho can add a ciat key for me?10:11
wdutchif I ask nicely O:)10:11
paulsherwoodgary_perkins: ?10:11
jjardongtristan: not sure we can do that10:11
jjardoncomponents in core depends on libxml2, so you will have to move those as well10:12
paulsherwoodjjardon: only libxslt iiuc10:12
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*** mariaderidder has joined #baserock10:13
jjardonpaulsherwood: yep, but then you have to check why those components are there to not break other statra: it can be done but it will take time, but happy if gtristan wants to spend time on it10:15
gtristanjjardon, python2-core *already* depends on core.morph10:17
gtristanit seems that libxml2 is entirely unneeded there10:17
gtristanaha !10:18
gtristanjjardon, that needs thought indeed10:19
gtristanjjardon, I wonder if libxml2 builds something different when python2 is present, as compared to python310:20
gtristanor if it builds something for each of them10:20
gtristanperhaps we just need libxml2 to sit on top of both pythons for everything to work out10:21
gtristananyway, we're shutting down and will see if the others arrive10:22
* gtristan shuts down10:22
*** gtristan has quit IRC10:23
ssam2wdutch: are you talking about access to accounts?10:25
ssam2wdutch: if you have the old key, you can use it to add the new key10:25
ssam2wdutch: cat | ssh -i sshkey add new_key10:25
ssam2(not tested)10:25
wdutchI shall try that10:26
*** nowster_ has joined #baserock10:26
wdutchbut that will add it as me, maybe as SotK said CIAT should have an account, does this matter at all?10:26
*** franred has joined #baserock10:27
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*** nowster_ has quit IRC10:30
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jjardongtristan, we build againt pythyn2 to build the python2 bindings needed by itstool10:54
jjardonand we build libxml in core because probably something in foundations needs libxml210:54
*** franred has joined #baserock10:54
*** nowster has joined #baserock10:58
ssam2wdutch: if you do it with the old ciat key, instead of yours, then it should do it as the ciat account11:11
ssam2you could do: `ssh -i whoami` first to check what account it thinks you are11:12
wdutchssam2: there is no ciat account afaik, we used a different trove in the past11:12
ssam2ah, ok. so what you need is an account11:12
ssam2i can do that11:12
ssam2pm me the public key11:12
ssam2sorry, missed that it didn't have an existing account on git.baserock.org11:13
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jonathanmawhrm, cherry-picking only the buildsystem patch did not result in a working browser-poc, rebasing did, however. Any objections to me pushing a branch "baserock/jonathanmaw/genivi-demo-platform-2" and pushing a modified branch of definitions that uses it?15:09
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* jonathanmaw is not sure whether tacit approval applies :/15:27
* radiofree has never sought approval when pushing personal branches to gbo15:29
ssam2i have no objection to you pushing a branch, if that helps15:30
radiofreei think it's ok (at least no one has commented on it)15:30
jonathanmawdone! there's a branch "baserock/jonathanmaw/k1.0-fixes" in definitions, which has a few more fixes to browser-poc. The most notable is that you don't see cursor trails before the browser finishes loading a page15:35
jjardonjonathanmaw: definitions in g.b.o or in gerrit?16:08
jonathanmawjjardon: g.b.o16:10
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