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paulsherwoodpedroalvarez: w00t!!!!!!!!!!09:29
paulsherwoodwdutch: /win 4009:33
paulsherwoodwdutch: iirc it was quite a lof of work. you shoudl be able to  clone the w.b.o site and look at its css and config09:35
straycatjjardon, are you around?10:44
jjardonstraycat: I am11:16
straycatI'm just looking at c6b6225e4f5872ea749fde416bca8e6b89cb5424 and wondering whether there's anything we can do about it11:22
straycat Use git as a build dependency instead hack morphologies manually11:22
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jjardonstraycat: I think this is the most correct way to fix this (lot of modules assume you have git if you are building from git); do you have a different idea?12:49
straycatjjardon, Not exactly, but I do have a couple of problems, the first is that I'm not certain we can build a devel system since the merge of the python3 change because the nodejs stratum seems to want python2 rather than python3 so it may need to depend on python2-core instead of core, I'm building from that change now.12:57
jjardonstraycat: yeah, Im preparing a patch to fix that12:59
straycatThe second problem is that to build git with man pages we want to build-depend on docutils, but docutils depends on core, and git has to be defined quite early on for several of the tools.12:59
jjardonstraycat: git is in core already12:59
straycatthat's the problem :)12:59
jjardonah! :)12:59
jjardonmaybe a solution for this is to rebuild git again in other stratum so we can build it with the man pages?13:00
straycatSo there are at least 2 options that I can see, we can try to revert the change that makes chunks in core build-depend on git, or we can keep a git-minimal in core and then replace it with git (complete with documentation) later on.13:00
jjardonId prefer the second option, yes13:01
straycatOkay great, because that's the one I'm doing :)13:02
jjardonstraycat: sorry about breaking the nodejs build!13:14
straycatno worries, thanks :)13:17
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pedroalvarezlooks like caribou is failing to build in mason17:21
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* jjardon looking into that17:35
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paulsherwoodpedroalvarez: which country are you in?19:11
pedroalvarezpaulsherwood: still UK19:12
paulsherwoodweren't you flying today?19:12
pedroalvarezYes, the flight is in 50 minutes19:13
pedroalvarezI know you are missing me :)19:13
pedroalvarezpaulsherwood: is there19:17
paulsherwoodsafe travels :)19:17
pedroalvarezAny way to fetch the gits with ybd without building?19:17
paulsherwoodi'm about to test that... i notice the kbas servers seem to be down19:17
paulsherwoodoh, i misunderstood you19:18
pedroalvarezMine was misbehaving too19:18
paulsherwoodyes. turn tree server off. then it will need the gits to calculate caches19:18
pedroalvarezRestarting them might solve the problem19:18
paulsherwoodso comment out tree-server or set it to foo19:19
pedroalvarezIn ybd.conf I guess19:19
pedroalvarezThat's easy19:19
paulsherwoodi want to test retrieving artifacts without the gits :)19:19
pedroalvarezYes, that too19:20
paulsherwoodyup, the kbas servers were not running. need to do some 24/7ing of this19:26
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jjardonwhere the GENIVI-K1.0 tag in definitions comes from? I do not see it in the master branch20:29
jjardonnevermind, baserock/release/GENIVI-K1.020:30
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paulsherwoodjjardon: yup, we decided not to worry about getting this into mainline for now20:48
jjardonpaulsherwood: rigth, I was a bit confused as I remember to review some of the patches in that branch the other day20:51
jjardonalso, Id tag it as a prerelease or something, not as an official baserock release, but not a big deal20:52
paulsherwoodjjardon: well, it's official in that it's a GENIVI release21:05
paulsherwoodwe have have to consider that we could be 'releasing' for multiple things, asynchronously i think21:05
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