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pedroalvarezgood day09:12
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pdarmorning pedro09:32
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* pedroalvarez finds a library to parse Nix expressions10:48
paulsherwoodi wonder if there's one for bitbake? :)10:50
* Zara remembers hunting through the config file to work out what things were... ( )10:55
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pedroalvarezI can't work out how to install this 'simple-nix' cabal package11:39
straycatin baserock?12:02
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pedroalvarezno no, debian. You might think my question is not baserock related but it is :)12:14
pedroalvarezAnyway, if you ever find a "cabal - the simple guide" doc, don't trust the title12:18
Zarathis thing looked thorough at a skim-read but I'm guessing you've seen it already and idk that it'll be useful at all:
Zarabut just in case! :D12:20
* Zara runs away again12:20
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* pedroalvarez finds a way (thanks to #nixos) to extract everything from a derivation (or package)13:54
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jjardonhi! anyone around to give feedback about ?18:29
straycatjjardon, weirdly, i am, isn't this change reverting the change you made a while back?18:42
jjardonstraycat: yes18:42
jjardonI realize we will have to patch a lot of modules manually18:42
jjardonalso, I remember to se some commands from chunks that, even they build fine, will show UNKNOWN if you type <command> --version18:44
jjardonbasically the chunks assume that if you are building from git, you have git installed18:47
straycatout of interest, why do we have libtool and libtool-tarball?18:47
jjardonyou need the tarball to bootstrap18:52
jjardonthe idea is to build as much as possible from git, not tarballs18:52
straycatahh, okay19:09
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