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paulsherwood15-08-18 07:53:32 [647/661/661] [TOTAL] Elapsed time 15:39:4807:54
paulsherwoodit crashed on strip-gplv3.configure but i believe that's a bug in definitions07:54
paulsherwoodnotice that time includes all of the cloning. this was on a completely 'fresh' baserock image, same performance as mason07:55
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pedroalvarezpaulsherwood: good09:12
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bashrchow would I set an ssid in baserock? I've been trying iw connect and scan commands, but not getting anywhere10:13
bashrcI only get "Operation not supported (-95)"10:14
paulsherwoodbashrc: i fear you're asking on a day when most/all of the folks who might answer are on hol or conference10:16
paulsherwoodrjek: any ideas?10:16
rjekSorry, I have none.  I was just thinking if you needed to somehow involve wpa_supplicant, but I have never had to configure WiFi from the command line, even on "desktop" like systems10:16
rjekbashrc: There are several answers here, all using different software stacks.  I don't know which one Baserock ships:
rjek(/etc/network/interfaces, iwconfig, iw, nmcli all seem to be options)10:18
ssam2for example, if strata/NetworkManager-common.morph is in your system, you can use nmcli10:20
ssam2I find that referring to a specific GNU/Linux operating system as "Baserock" isn't very helpful usually. to me "Baserock" really only refers to the overall project which develops some tooling and example systems10:21
bashrclooks like network interfaces might be the best bet10:24
bashrcthe baserock I'm using doesn't have iwconfig or nmcli10:25
ssam2it might be worth adding iwconfig to the system you're using, either. maybe it's not there just because of an oversight on the part of whoever developed it10:27
ssam2for your information, the Nix / NixOS conference is the weekend of Nov 14th in Berlin10:33
ssam2which is right around my birthday, so I might not go :) but it would probably be interesting to folk interested in the stuff we are doing in Baserock10:34
* paulsherwood might go10:35
petefothpedroalvarez: please couls you add soem details about that to the Events page on the wiki?
ssam2petefoth: this isn't a codethink channel!10:52
* rjek plugs petefoth's leak.10:52
petefothssam2: oooops - sorry about that. I wil punish myself appropriately10:52
* ssam2 passes the cat'o'nine tails10:52
petefothssam2: I don't have time for hobbies now - I'm at work ;)10:55
pedroalvarezI've started looking at nix today, and so far it looks really interesting11:12
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pedroalvarezWow, installing Nix in baserock (using a `curl | sh` script was really easy11:32
pedroalvarezI've created a monster11:32
ssam2let's hope there's no rootkit in that script :-)11:36
ssam2i've heard of people using Nix on top of existing OSes, though, seems quite good for that11:36
ssam2although I never figured out how much of the host OS it shares -- I guess programs installed with Nix use standard libraries from NixOS instead of your distro, so it's effectively a "container"12:05
ssam2in that it only shares the kernel with the 'host' distro12:06
paulsherwoodssam2: iiuc nix shares, but everything it installs does not12:20
paulsherwoodit creates a .profile of symlinks for foo and all its depends, so foo only accesses what nix has installed for it12:21
paulsherwoodbut foo is not 'contained' in the normal sense... it can write to the filesystem for example12:21
paulsherwoods/shares/makes use of what is in the host/12:22
ssam2makes sense12:27
pedroalvarezI think it's pretty neat12:40
paulsherwoodssam2: it also 'installs' everything under /nix, so that could be boxed-off completely for example12:43
pedroalvarezand shared between users12:43
paulsherwoodthe .profile concept allows different sets of executables per user12:44
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