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tiagogomescan we configure gerrit to instead of rushing in sending an email when some change has new comments, was +1/-1 /+2/-2 or was merged, to wait a bit and send a digest email with a summary of the changes09:34
tiagogomesthe waiting time doesn't need to be much09:35
* richard_maw gave up on gerrit's e-mails, since he couldn't find a way to disable the notifications, let alone cull them09:36
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* pedroalvarez too09:37
* pedroalvarez ponders upgrading g.b.o and doing a release09:38
pedroalvarezany preference?09:38
pedroalvarezanything else people would like to see done?09:39
richard_mawany automation in making releases easier would be nice09:40
* richard_maw prefers the incremental improvements in the release tooling over the releases themselves09:40
richard_mawone thing though: It would be nice if our kernels had user namespaces enabled09:40
Zara(I found this which suggests some changes can be made to gerrit notifications at the project level: though it doesn't include anything about a weekly digest unfortunately)09:41
pedroalvarezrichard_maw: yes, I was thinking about improving the automation and the process docs09:43
tiagogomesin the morph log file the morph configuration is written like, whilst build output like . Which form people prefer? Everything prefixed with a log format or no10:04
richard_mawtiagogomes: if this is the separate "last command" log file, it doesn't need all the timings like that10:06
tiagogomesno it is not for that, it was an aesthetics question, although I was thinking that the separate last command should have all the log since the user started a new morph process10:09
richard_mawoh, sorry, I completely misunderstood your question10:10
richard_mawI don't care so much about the output being prefixed with the time for multi-line log entries, just that it is indented to the same level10:10
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jjardonhi, I wonder if someone more can take a look at
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paulsherwoodjjardon: have you built/tested it?13:30
bashrchere I get into the same territory as perryl did. Is there a baserock equivalent to "iw dev wlan0 scan" ?13:33
perrylbashrc: you may need to run ifconfig wlan0 up first13:34
bashrcit is up13:34
perrylahh; is iw dev wlan0 scan giving an error?13:34
rjekiwlist scan?13:34
perryli think iw is the equivalent of iwconfig/iwlist in baserock IIRC13:36
bashrcbut "iw dev wlan0 info" does return some info. Looks like scan isn't supported13:36
perrylahh; it could be iw dev wlan0 list?13:36
bashrclist doesn't work13:37
perryl:( that's troubling13:37
bashrcinfo is moderately useful though13:38
bashrcit does give essid, channel, frequency13:39
jjardonpaulsherwood: I did, when I submitted it 2 months ago :) I'd like to know opinnions before rebase and rebuild again13:40
paulsherwoodjjardon: if it works, I'll be happy to +113:43
paulsherwood(or +2 and merge if sam's +1 stands)13:44
pedroalvarezthat's a big problem atm13:56
pedroalvarezsometimes we don't know if something else uses it13:56
pedroalvarezalthough it looks like glib it's being added to all the systems13:58
jjardonpaulsherwood: OK, thanks14:06
pedroalvarezjjardon: I'm also ok with it, I'll note that in the patch14:07
pedroalvarezjjardon: make sure you don't miss new systems (if any) when rebasing14:08
jjardonjjardon: great, thanks14:09
jjardonpedroalvarez: great, thanks14:09
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pedroalvarezpedroalvarez: you are welcome14:12
pedroalvarezI've found that scripts/release-build  is broken, and a patch to fix it a the same time14:38
pedroalvarezI don't know who did the patch because it wasn't commited, and it was in a shared VM14:39
pedroalvarezHere it goes, if we find out who did it before merging it, I'll modify the commit message to point that out:
paulsherwoodpedroalvarez: should we try to merge jjardon's glib before release?14:56
pedroalvarezThat will trigger a really heavy rebuild14:57
pedroalvarezI already created a branch for the release14:57
paulsherwoodok np14:57
pedroalvarezAlso, I don't know if I will be able to do the release today. I'm mainly reviewing the process, and trying to improve it14:58
pedroalvarezworth noting that I've configured a (not public) Mason armv7lhf that will put armv7 artifacts to again15:01
paulsherwoodooh, cool.15:08
tiagogomesplease, no major changes just before the release15:09
jjardonpaulsherwood: nah, I'd like to rebase and rebuild again first over the weekend15:10
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pedroalvarezbah, release-upload doesn't update the symlinks :)15:56
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pedroalvarezI've managed to publish the artifacts of the release, but failed to finish it17:18
pedroalvarezGood news is that I think I will be able to improve a lot the release-process17:18
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SotKpedroalvarez: it wasn't me who made that patch, so I guess it was Sam20:47

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