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pedroalvarezSotK: :(10:42
paulsherwooddoes anyone here have recommendations for how to do tagging in gerrit?10:42
pedroalvarezI know someone tried to integrate it, (ctgriffiths?) but I think it wasn't ready10:42
pedroalvarezpaulsherwood: have you already tried to tag anything?10:44
paulsherwoodno, i'm trying to understand 'the rules'. this is for another project, to be fair10:44
paulsherwoodbut given we have lots of gerrit experience here i thought i might be able to get guidance10:45
pedroalvarezI *think* that for creating tags, you only need the right permissions in gerrit10:46
pedroalvarezIf one has those permissions, he will be able to push tags, using git10:47
pedroalvarezI don't think you can create tags using the UI, but I may be wrong10:48
SotKpedroalvarez: :( indeed10:50
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SotKI don't know what will be the best way to split it either10:51
pedroalvarezI didn't expect storyboard to have common dependencies with OpenStack strata10:52
SotKI worry about ending up with really fragmented definitions10:52
SotKit depends on stuff like SQLAlchemy and Pecan10:52
SotKplus a bunch of oslo stuff10:53
* SotK finds the list10:53
pedroalvarezthat list is nothing after dealing with all the requirements of openstack :)10:54
* SotK also wonders what to do with the webclient, which depends on a bunch of npm packages, some of which we already have the xstatic equivalent of in git.b.o10:55
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pedroalvarezsome versions of oslo components conflict with the requirements of kilo10:59
pedroalvarezor the version of kilo that we have integrated now10:59
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pedroalvareze.g: oslo.db>=1.7.0,<1.8.0 for Kilo,  oslo.db>=1.8.0 for Storyboard11:02
* pedroalvarez has a list of all the requirements for Kilo11:03
SotKoh hm :/11:03
paulsherwoodmoving forward is usually least pain11:04
paulsherwoodpresumably pstream would be happy for folks to report Kilo working (or how to fix to work) with 1.8.0 or later11:04
pedroalvarezfrom my experience, in OpenStack that's not the case11:05
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pedroalvarezThey know that the libraries are going to change in some version, and that's why they put the '<' there11:07
pedroalvarezActually they only do that with the libraries that they control, like oslo* keystonemiddleware,  python-{swift|ceilometer|heat|...}*clients11:09
pedroalvarezAlso, fixing upstream in this context would be fixing a lot of code11:10
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pedroalvarezMaybe we could just move to OpenStack Liberty11:10
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pedroalvarezmeh, the extensions/strip-gplv3.configure doesn't work anymore11:24
pedroalvarezIt's not stripping anything, and then it fails with:
pedroalvarezI'll try to fix this11:25
pedroalvarezI see, this might be failing since we dropped cliapp from the extensions11:49
pedroalvarezbut why Mason is able to deploy it? this doesn't make any sense :(11:53
tiagogomesno, it makes sense, you still just didn't crack it11:56
pedroalvarezright, fixed12:06
tiagogomescool, so what didn't make sense and now makes sense?12:11
pedroalvarezstill doesn't make sense12:12
pedroalvarezMason and I are using different versions of morph though12:12
pedroalvarezI found that the regular expresion for finding the .meta files didn't work for subprocess, but I guess it did work for cliapp runcmd12:14
pedroalvarezI just had to remove the escaping characters '\'12:15
* richard_maw raises eyebrow12:15
richard_mawI'd be more inclined to believe it's a difference between GNU find and busybox find… since neither do anything more to the path than pass it directly on to the find command12:17
pedroalvarezis it possible that subprocess scapes them?12:17
richard_mawpedroalvarez: only on windows, where their exec syscall equivalent takes a single string, rather than a list of arguments12:18
* pedroalvarez tries with busybox find12:20
pedroalvarezI want to believe that subprocess is escaping '\' making the regex to fail12:31
pedroalvarezsubprocess.check_output(['find', '/baserock/', '-regex', "/baserock/gcc-[^-]\+\.meta"])12:39
pedroalvarezThat doesn't show anything in my system12:39
pedroalvarezoh, no that works in Mason, that explains why it works there12:42
richard_mawif I remove the \ it doesn't work on my system, but if I put them it, it works12:42
pedroalvarezI guess I failed to check busysbox find12:43
richard_mawI'm using busybox find btw.12:43
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pedroalvarezMason only has busybox find too12:43
richard_mawok, so the difference appears to be whether it uses extended, or basic regexes12:44
richard_mawfind uses basic btw12:44
richard_mawhmm, -regextype12:44
pedroalvarezok! I was pondering forcing the use of busybox find12:45
richard_mawbah, busybox find doesn't recognise regextype12:45
richard_mawah, hm, if it has both, then that ought to work12:46
richard_mawargh! "The POSIXLY_CORRECT environment variable does not affect the behaviour of the -regex or -iregex tests because those tests aren't specified in the POSIX standard."12:48
pedroalvarezUsing posix-basic fixes it, but it blows up if the system doesn't have GNU find12:50
richard_mawyep, which is why I was annoyed that it wasn't specified in POSIXLY_CORRECT12:50
richard_mawsince then you could set it that way for GNU find, and leave busybox find at the default12:50
pedroalvarezI see12:51
richard_mawso assuming find is still built into busybox, running `busybox find`, or doing the traversal in-python are your best choices12:51
pedroalvarezrichard_maw: thanks for raising that eyebrow and helping12:52
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perryli'm currently having issues with setting up wifi on baserock; wlan0 appears to be up but not running; can anyone assist?13:07
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pdarperryl: have you had any luck with your wireless?13:23
perrylpdar: yes, was just about to say i've sorted the issue :)13:23
pdarawesome! What was the problem?13:24
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pedroalvarezI've never done that before13:36
perrylthe issue i was having was no output running "iw dev wlan0 scan" but it turns out i needed to run "iwconfig wlan0 up" first...13:37
* richard_maw keeps forgetting that too when he has to set up interfaces manually13:39
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pdartiagogomes: i was just testing your staging area patches14:42
pdarthe lock files for successfully built things seem to remain after their staging area is removed14:43
pdaris this intended?14:46
richard_mawI don't believe it is, though I understood the v2 of those patches used the directory rather than a lock file14:47
tiagogomespdar not it is not intended, but you seem to be testing an old version. The current version of the patch is v314:48
tiagogomess/not it/not it14:48
pdartiagogomes: oh yes, ti seems im testing stuff from the 3rd of august, whoops14:59
* pedroalvarez sends a couple of patches Genivi-related15:00
richard_mawpedroalvarez: voted15:03
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