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ratmice___rjek: ahh, yeah (at least familiar with strongbow to know what you speak of),00:28
ratmice___rjek: even in real ciders though there is a divide, between the fermentation process, so your typical cider is going to be very dry with all the sugar fermented out, or backsweetened, or pasturized to kill off the yeast before all the sugar has turned to alcohol, where the old english & french fermentation process strips nutrients out of the juice (by catching nutrients in the pectins released from the apples) so that the yeast is on life suppor00:32
ratmice___that leads to a very naturally sweet cider00:32
ratmice___anyhow its seen somewhat of a resurgence in the last 20 or so years00:33
ratmice___anyhow thats the stuff that i consider to be real cider00:35
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ratmice___rjek: thats the type of stuff in particular, haven't tried that one though00:58
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rjekratmice___: Interesting.  We've got Weston's stuff on at the moment, but the CAMRA definition of "real" cider is "not out of a pasteurised keg" essentially08:44
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ratmice___ahh, seems like a fine definition09:19
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* paulsher1ood has tagged ybd 15-13. any questions, bugs, feedback gratefully received10:51
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