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paulsher1oodradiofree: iiuc the fact that we don't cross-compile is a limitation imposed by the specific definitions set we are using?07:13
paulsher1oodi'm thinking of renaming ybd back to brock, or at least standardising on lower-case. typing YBD is a bit of a pain, brock is short enough, probably catchier than ybd. any thoughts?07:48
paulsher1oodwill decide before monday since i'm going to tag and call it a first 'release'07:49
paulsher1oodmaybe even brok07:51
paulsher1ood(master pet tamer)07:51
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rjekgerald is a good name.09:28
paulsher1oodthat's true. is it relevant, though?09:54
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radiofreepaulsher1ood: it's a limitation of baserock sadly10:56
radiofreehmm.. what's wrong with the name YBD? Is brock/brok someone from mythology?10:57
radiofreeBrock (Pokémon), a character in the fictional world of Pokémon who usually travels with Ash10:57
radiofreeBrok <Master Pet Tamer> from world of warcraft10:57
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paulsher1oodradiofree: just that it's an acronym, rather than a name. names are more memorable in my experience14:27
paulsher1oodbut given i'm hoping you'll be an advocate/reference user i'm happy to take your input as representative of ybd's target community. unless somone comes forward strongly against ybd, i'll stick with that14:29
* paulsher1ood has just spent over an hour trawling genivi internal email threads. by the end, I had to tell them I'm going to unsubscribe from all their private lists at the end of this year.14:31
paulsher1oodit's great that some discussion is now happening in public, especially the interaction with AGL. I just hope the rest follows now14:32
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rjekpaulsher1ood: Relevence doesn't matter.  Look at Jenkins :)19:59
paulsher1oodrjek: i meant, was your comment relevant? were you *suggesting* Gerald as a name for ybd?20:14
ratmice___jjardon: hmm, that gold bug (18200) was fixed, but it looks like the nightly tarball snapshots are not generating (probably since the switch to git i would guess20:19
rjekpaulsher1ood: I was suggesting gerald as a name >:)20:25
rjekI sounds like a good name for a minion who goes and does work for you, as any valet or butler.20:26
rjekOn the other hand, I have nothing against the name ybd, and it is less typing than brock.20:26
rjekpaulsher1ood: btw, did you see ?20:26
rjekIt appears to be Baserock, but awful.20:26
rjeks/Baserock/Morph & ybd/20:27
rjekIf you want non-relevant off topic, beer cellar achivement unlocked:
* ratmice___ notes "plus real cider"20:38
paulsher1oodrjek: bazel looks interesting. why do you say it's awful?20:43
ratmice___not sure what that means (real), but if its intended to distinguish to old-fashioned fermentation methods, vs the factory ones its worth having an investigation :)20:43
paulsher1oodrjek: actually, bazel *does* look interesting... it looks like only ~ 100 active effort days (according to git summary), maybe they are onto something20:52
paulsher1oodproject  : bazel repo age : 3 months active   : 100 days commits  : 1231 files    : 224120:53
paulsher1oodbut it does have the swiss-army-knife problem, same as morph :)20:54
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ratmice___paulsher1ood: it has been in use behind googles ramparts for a while, so I doubt that those times reflect21:14
rjekpaulsher1ood: I wouldn't trust gitdays on it.22:35
rjekpaulsher1ood: As it'll have been "over the wall"; who knows how much development occured before they opened it?22:35
rjekratmice___: Real cider is raw fermented apple juice, rather than fizzy stuff that is simply apple-flavored.22:36
rjek(in the UK, commonly Strongbow, Blackthorn, Aspel's are the fizzy stuff.  The real stuff is normally >6% and looks like a bladder infection.  Some people apparently like this.)22:37
rjekpaulsher1ood: Bazel looks like it's trying to solve some of the same problems, but is even more complicated for reasons that aren't obvious to me.22:39
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paulsher1oodrjek, ratmice___ : noted. my comment was half-ironical. ybd has a full 125 git-days, and I *know* what went into that. if bazel has genuinely 100, and started a few months ago, they may have learned some things that i'm still working out.23:11
paulsher1oodif this is what google has been learning over the last few years, then i'm less intrigued23:12
paulsher1oodrjek: i like your shortening to gitdays. i'll use that from now on23:13
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* paulsher1ood googles 'git active days and chicken' and is *extremely* disappointed that comes EIGHTH.... wtf? :-)23:15
paulsher1oodso, now a couple of years after that cryptic comment... here's my algorithm:23:16
paulsher1oodengineering effort on project is approximately equal to gitdays on project.23:16
paulsher1oodthe chicken entrails are crucial to the calculation, as you can see :-)23:18
* paulsher1ood notices he needs to fix some links on since the switch to pelican23:23

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