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paulsherwoodafaict devel-system-x86_64-vagrant no longer builds in master - vboxguest specifically
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radiofreethe file it's complaining about is supposed to be provided by libXt07:36
radiofreewhich isn't in x-common07:36
radiofreeit was in x-generic sorry07:38
radiofreeit was purged during the great wayland cleansing
SotKpaulsherwood: if you use my XFCE branch everything you need should be there I think07:39
SotKin fact, I may have updated vboxguest when I was trying to use it too actually07:39
radiofreeneeds libICE, libSM and libXt adding back07:40
paulsherwoodSotK: actually, I should sign off on your XFCE branch - master was broken, not your changes07:41
paulsherwoodwhat's the best order to fix these things?07:41
radiofreeif SotK's XFCE branch fixes it, and XFCE as well, then merge that?07:41
radiofreeother wise just add libICE, libSM and libXT back to strata/x-generic (see
paulsherwoodeeee, grandson, i remember the great wayland cleansing of two thousand and fifteen, like it were yesterday :)07:42
radiofreethere might be more virtualbox needs though!07:42
* paulsherwood checks07:43
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paulsherwoodsadly, SotK's XFCE branch does not fix build of devel-system-x86_64-vagrant08:07
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KinnisonI'm not surprised that the vagrant system now fails to build08:08
Kinnisonit was a proof-of-concept and seriously hacked about with the vbox build system in order to try and only build the headless guest modules08:08
Kinnisonthe dependencies on X libraries are purely because I could not work out how to disconnect that bit from the rest of the build system08:08
paulsherwoodok then :)08:09
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radiofreeKinnison: it looks like it's depending on X for the guest additions though08:17
radiofreefor the copy-and-paste one08:17
Kinnisonradiofree: it's headless (or IIRC supposed to be) so I tried to excise those, but it was too hard in the time I had available08:18
Kinnisonradiofree: If you can make it only build the core and shared filesystem stuff (which was my goal) then it should be good08:18
radiofreepersonally i think we should revert the "remove these bits of X"08:18
KinnisonBut wayland is the future(tm) and screw anyone who can't keep up for whatever reason08:19
radiofreespeaking of wayland, i think mesa is going to have to be updated for this to work with the 4.0.0 nouveau08:20
KinnisonDoes wayland have an X emulation layer?08:20
radiofreeyeah, XWayland08:20
* Kinnison was worried for a bit that he'd reach a day when his chosen XWM wouldn't behave08:20
paulsherwoodKinnison: i fear this is the way life is going to be, whether we like it or not (ie screw anyone who can't keep up for whatever reason)08:21
radiofreewould an optional "arch" field for chunks in strata be ok?08:21
paulsherwoodradiofree: what for?08:21
radiofreewell we need two versions of mesa, one for a jetson, one for x8608:21
radiofreehowever if you do that you end up with mesa-x86, mesa-jetson, then everything that needs mesa-* needs to branch08:22
radiofreehowever if we had one mesa-common, and defined mesa-x86, arch:x86, mesa-arm, arch:arm08:22
Kinnisonradiofree: is there no way to unify the source trees and switch on build?08:22
radiofreei'd rather keep up with mesa where we can, rather than cherry-pick patches onto an older one08:23
KinnisonSo the issue is that jetson can't move forward?08:23
radiofreeindeed, because they removed gallium-egl in later versions of mesa (that the one we're using)08:23
radiofreewhich means no testing EGL clients in a vm08:24
KinnisonBy paulsherwood's remark "screw Jetson" is to be our approach I guess then08:24
paulsherwoodKinnison: i was speaking philosophically, nothing to do with the current situation08:24
* Kinnison was liberally extending :)08:25
rjekThe question is, how many screws does the average Jetson have?08:25
radiofreewait a minute, the issue was x86 can't move forward08:35
radiofreewe need to move forward *for* the jetson :)08:35
KinnisonOh right08:36
KinnisonAnd the only reason we can't move x86 forward is because it removes the ability to run EGL in a VM?08:36
radiofreeyes, people (e.g javier) use that for testing gtk, gnome, weston etc...08:36
radiofreeand we do release a genivi vm image which wouldn't work with the examples we ship with it08:37
paulsherwoodSotK: does your XFCE system work, btw?08:41
paulsherwood(ie is it usable)08:41
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SotKpaulsherwood: yeah09:01
SotKrun `startxfce4`09:01
SotKyou may need to configure the desktop somewhat before its easily usable though09:02
* SotK doesn't know how to change the initial layout09:02
SotKs/layout/layout by default/09:02
SotKI must have updated vboxguest when I managed to get it to build, I'll look when I get home09:06
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richard_mawsorry, what game are we playing?09:41
* Kinnison wins09:41
KinnisonOh dear09:43
jjardon42, sorry :P09:44
rjekThis is window 17.09:44
SotKdon't be silly, this is window 409:45
* richard_maw agrees with SotK09:45
rjekrichard_maw: That I shouldn't be silly, or that this is window 4?09:47
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richard_mawit's window 409:47
perrylthis channel isn't right anywhere other than window 409:48
nowstercashier number 3, please09:48
* richard_maw happens to have two window 4s, but that's because he runs two irssi sessions to split work identity from non-work09:48
bashrc_mornington crescent!09:48
Zarathis is window 1109:49
nowsterceci n'est pas une fenêtre09:50
* rjek flees09:54
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straycatif anyone can spare just a little time to review that would be of huge help!10:07
straycatdoesn't have to be every patch either, just whatever you might have time for :)10:08
pedroalvarezstraycat: assuming that `useradd  .. -u 1000` is for the userid, is that really needed?10:09
straycatif we ever want to run ntpd in a chroot (and i do want that one day) then yes10:10
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jjardonstraycat: shouldt ntp be a system account? (0-999 range)10:28
jjardonstraycat: I think the way to create those is with the -r option10:29
straycatjjardon, ahh yes good point10:31
jjardonany feedback about ? if you agree with the change,  It would be great to merge it soon before some change in the x86 bsp is needed10:35
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straycatjjardon, quite a big change, will try to look at it later :|10:39
jjardonstraycat: sure, np10:40
straycatjjardon, i'll resubmit that change with hardcoded uid/gids swapped for -r10:40
straycatsince ntpd's not running in a chroot atm anyway10:41
SotKfixing merge conflicts with devel system strata lists is pretty annoying10:41
jjardonstraycat: thanks10:48
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ssam2I have a couple of Ansible playbooks for managing a distbuild network, and would like to merge them somewhere. Any thoughts where?10:51
ssam2definitions.git, infrastructure.git or a new repo?10:51
ssam2I think definitions.git/distbuild/admin would be a good enough place for them10:51
jjardonssam2: +110:54
ssam2maybe they could be installed by distbuild.configure into /usr/lib/distbuild-admin in fact10:54
Kinnisonpaulsherwood: I've gotten my first system artifact out of ybd which is complete, incl. running the system integration commands10:59
* Kinnison probably ought to stuff an 'ldconfig' into there too10:59
* Kinnison checks the build logs in case it already did one10:59
Kinnisonaah it did that for itself zo/11:00
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paulsherwoodKinnison: is that a partial w00t? :)11:11
ssam2i'm very impressed by how clean all the openstack patches are. well done everyone involved with that!11:33
pedroalvarezssam2: hehe, took me 18 hours to organise them :)11:35
* pedroalvarez realises that he is testing openstack with kernel 4.0.011:43
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* paulsherwood hopes pedroalvarez is excited11:44
pedroalvarezI am :)11:44
pedroalvarezgiven that almost nothing was failing :P11:44
paulsherwoodKinnison: did you get any chance to look at that pygobject weirdness?11:46
paulsherwood(i'm aware you may have more pressing and interesting things to do)11:46
paulsherwoodcan somone please add ed.cragg as an email alias for the chap works here and seems to go by that name?11:51
rjekpaulsherwood: Wrong channel?11:52
paulsherwoodoops... wrong channel indeed. i'm an idiot. quote me :)11:52
ssam2it's taking my Jetson more than 30 minutes to download the linux-stable.git tarball from ...11:55
ssam2could be a connection issue, but seems weird11:56
paulsherwoodssam2: re-start it11:56
pedroalvarezssam2: I noticed yesterday some slow connectivity with cache.baserock.org11:56
paulsherwoodi've seen that with morph occasionally (not jetson-specific)11:56
paulsherwoodie sometimes morph has *stopped* while getting tarball for me... never managed to reproduce it though11:57
ssam2downloading a large file with wget on this Jetson is going equally slow, so it is the connection11:59
ssam2or the board11:59
rjekssam2: I've seen bad git performance from here today too, might be congestion at our end.11:59
ssam2it's much faster on my laptop. So I think it's the board12:00
ssam2laptop and Jetson are plugged into the same switch12:00
rjekOh, hmm.12:00
ssam2i would restart it, but it's not far off done and I don't want to have to start from the beginning :)12:01
radiofreessam2: that's interesting, try installing the rtl_nic/rtl8168g-2.fw firmware and test again12:01
paulsherwoodssam2: can you confirm the tarball is still downloading, not stoppped?12:01
ssam2it's still downloading, 100KB/sec or so now which isn't so bad12:02
ssam2radiofree: i'm not sure i'm going to have time to do that right now, i'll note it down though12:02
radiofreei'm getting equally crap performance downloading on my laptop and jetson12:02
ssam2maybe it's just our network.12:03
paulsherwoodwhy would you want that on a jetson, radiofree ? :)12:03
straycatjjardon, thanks for that review12:03
radiofreepaulsherwood: it's the largest "quick i need a big file to download from a fast server" i could think of12:03
straycati think on-failure might be better than always, but it's kind of academic12:03
radiofreewhich is odd considering i use fedora12:04
jjardonstraycat: yw12:04
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Kinnisonpaulsherwood: sadly I've had way too much fun with system integrations to look at pygobject yet12:46
* Kinnison supposes he could take a pause12:46
Kinnisonpaulsherwood: using the command you gave me:12:46
Kinnison2015-04-15 12:46:39 [pygobject] ERROR: No definition found for pygobject12:46
robtaylorrdale: ooi, have you got systemd building with musl yet?12:50
rdaleno, i'm not sure if systemd can be built with musl12:51
rdaleso i haven't actually tried12:51
paulsherwoodKinnison: are you using master?12:54
* paulsherwood blushes, having fixed a bug recently12:54
robtaylorrdale: i'd be interested to hear how it does if you do :)12:54
rdaleok, i'm just looking at the systemd mail archives where there is a discussion about musl12:55
robtaylorrdale: yeah looks like Tom applied the patchset12:58
Kinnisonpaulsherwood: aah, I'll workout some clean commits and rebase then13:00
pedroalvarezjjardon: my answer here is a bit messed up:
pedroalvarezbut is my answer anyway, I don't want to reply the same in all the components.13:03
ssam2radiofree: this is what you need to deploy a Mason:
ssam2deploy the .morph file with `morph deploy`, then once the system is running, copy distbuild.conf to /etc/distbuild and mason.conf to /etc/mason, then reboot13:33
ssam2you also need an ssh key called worker.key in /etc/distbuild in fact, which isn't used for anything (unless you need to build private repos)13:35
jjardonpedroalvarez: thanks ,I commented in gerrit13:42
pedroalvarezjjardon: wow, patch the scripts that generate the configuration to configure it for ourselves?13:43
pedroalvarezheh, that is going to be hard work13:43
radiofreessam2: thanks13:44
jjardonpedroalvarez: if thats going to stop you, ignore my comments; I only wanted to flag it because we will have to do that work at some point when you try to upgrade and the format of those configuration files have changed13:46
jjardonpedroalvarez: how other openstack instances personalize the configuration files?13:47
pedroalvarezjjardon: that would be a good starting point.13:48
pedroalvarezand yes, upgrading to kilo is not going to be straightforward now13:49
radiofreehmm i probably should submit a patch to the jetson clusters to use BOOT_DEVICE13:50
Kinnisonpaulsherwood: It appears to be related to tput returning 113:51
Kinnisonpaulsherwood: which might be a bug in gnome-autogen.sh13:51
paulsherwoodinteresting... i wonder why morph would be happy, then?13:52
* Kinnison is digging13:52
jjardonwhat version of gnome-common are you using? It got a lot of patches recently13:53
paulsherwoodwhatever is in definitions13:53
paulsherwood(master, ish i think)13:53
jjardon3.12, that's ancient. I will write a patch13:54
franredpedroalvarez, jjardon, we assume that the Openstack system runs at fist boot without any other manual configuration - which implies we need to modify the configuration files, and for tracking the changes are better to put them into the repository13:54
franredthat makes upgrading them a little bit more difficult but much more traceable :)13:55
paulsherwoodwhich repository, franred ?13:55
jjardonfranred: Im not suggesting that a manual configuration is needed13:56
Kinnisonpaulsherwood: I *think* we're encountering a difference between ybd's use of vs. morph's use of cliapp.runcmd()14:00
paulsherwoodwow! :)14:00
KinnisonNot particularly wow14:01
Kinnisonit's also a difference between the 'tty' command and the 'tput' command :)14:01
Kinnisonit's an icky combination14:01
KinnisonBut ybd isn't sealing off the build quite cleanly14:01
franredpaulsherwood, - hopefully master definitions soon ;-)14:03
Kinnisonpaulsherwood: I'm not going to claim it's *clean* but makes pygobject able to be built14:03
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ssam2SotK: is there an easy way to test your OStree branch?14:10
ssam2I basically want to avoid having to run 'git-review -d' for each patch in the series14:10
SotKssam2: its pushed to g.b.o as baserock/adamcoldrick/ostree I think14:11
ssam2cool, thanks14:12
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paulsherwoodKinnison: i don't even begin to understand this, so if it works and you're ok with it, i'll accept that patch :)14:17
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Kinnisonpaulsherwood: it's to do with how stdin is processed in the runcmd pipelines14:18
Kinnisonpaulsherwood: this is the smallest patch to get a similar effect14:18
paulsherwoodwell so long as it doesn't break the rest, i'm ok with it :)14:19
richard_mawit won't14:20
* straycat would maybe like to document the simple-network conf ext on the wiki14:24
straycatbut not today :)14:25
straycatssam2, if you git review -d the final change in the topic you get all of them?14:31
ssam2oh, i didn't think of that14:32
ssam2SotK: the ostree branch seems to download the .stratum files from the cache but not the stratum.meta files14:51
ssam2but then a deploy fails because the .meta file isn't available14:51
ssam2seems it was easy to fix, but I wish that Morph just always downloaded whole artifacts14:53
ssam2ie. .meta, .build-log, everything14:53
ssam2I have a few fixes for the ostree branch for things i've come across, should I push them somewhere for you to look at?14:53
SotKssam2: please do :)14:54
ssam2ok, morph.git branch sam/ostree-fixes-114:57
ssam2i've found these while trying to `morph deploy` a system on x86 that was built with distbuild on a Jetson14:57
ssam2so downloading everything from the remote cache14:57
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Kinnisonpaulsherwood: I've pushed a bunch of commits to my ybd repo on github -- I'm not satisfied with them all yet, but you can see where I'm going with things15:02
radiofreessam2: do you get a snazzy web-ui if you you follow that?15:02
paulsherwoodKinnison: careful... upstream is trigger-happy... they may get merged :)15:02
ssam2the snazziest one15:02
radiofreesorry didn't realise i was scrolled back so far, that was in relation to the mason stuff15:02
jjardonSotK: is ostree already in definitions? I cant find it15:04
Kinnisonpaulsherwood: I won't cry if that happens, but I'm not asking for it any time soon15:05
* Kinnison is still running tests on some of the stuff15:05
KinnisonI want to run a full build with a fresh artifact cache and then compare the results15:05
SotKjjardon: not yet, there is a branch for it in definitions somewhere though15:05
SotKI'm currently rebasing said branch onto master and carrying out a couple of fixups15:05
rjekKinnison: While you're there, do you fancy testing richard_maw's DES password fix?15:07
paulsherwoodKinnison: bah! 2015-04-06 21:08:31 [librabbitmq] ERROR: Git submodules problem15:08
paulsherwood(ignore the timewarp)15:08
Kinnisonrjek: ybd isn't able to deploy yet15:08
Kinnisonrjek: that's next on my list15:09
Kinnisonpaulsherwood: is that my fault?15:09
paulsherwoodnope, i don't think so15:09
paulsherwoodi'm just moaning15:09
rjekKinnison: ;-)15:09
paulsherwoodi shouldn't even be here15:09
Kinnison♫ ... I don't belong here ...15:11
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straycat  is a very quick fix i need for simple-network conf ext15:17
straycati realise we should put all that stuff in a dict15:17
straycatbut if we can use this for now i'd appreciate it15:17
straycatjjardon, ^15:17
straycatmerged thanks15:19
jjardonwow, other were faster than me :)15:19
jjardonbut Id not use that simple-network configuration file if you plan to use systemd: but the install-files instead: simply create the .network file and you are done15:20
jjardonthe rework in simple-network was done to be able to upgrade old system that do not use systemd-networkd15:21
jjardonstraycat: ^15:21
straycatjjardon, i hadn't thought of that actually, but i guess i can continue using simple-network for now15:22
ssam2oops, i forgot about that as well15:23
ssam2SotK: does the ostree branch handle the case where an old-style system artifact is available in the remote artifact cache?15:23
SotKssam2: no15:23
ssam2i've noticed that my deploy has downloaded a full system tarball from the remote cache and is now committing it to ostree. I'm excited whether it will work or not :)15:23
jjardonstraycat: sure, but with the install-files approach you have the full potential of networkd without the need of change any script (you can add .match files as well)15:24
SotKheh, I don't see why it wouldn't work15:24
straycatjjardon, that's very true, and now that install files can be templates you wouldn't even need to hardcode anything in the install files themselves15:25
SotKit will mitigate the speedups a bit though15:25
ssam2might be good to rebuild the system... although since this was built on ARM, it can't15:25
ssam2as long as it works, I guess this is only a temporary problem15:25
ssam2great, I seem to have broken the glibc build :(15:27
ssam2with  . ... no idea how that broke it on x8615:27
ssam2although, the last logged failure is about 9AM, so I guess it's a random failure15:28
radiofreehd space?15:28
ssam2seems to be some weird race condition where the mason shell script tries to deploy the system before it's finished building15:29
radiofree"2015-04-15 09:15:39 Finished building glibc-doc"15:29
SotKssam2: that seems to happen semi-frequently :/15:30
ssam2bug in Mason I guess15:30
ssam212.1GB is free on cache.baserock.org15:30
ssam2time-to-running-first-.write-extension for the distbuild system I'm deploying seems to have gone down to 7s with OSTree, was over 3 minutes before15:35
ssam2it did take quite a lot of time to download the artifacts and commit them into the ostree artifact cache though15:36
ssam2but that only needs to be done once, not on every deploy15:36
SotKdownload will be quicker when the remote cache is also using ostree15:36
ssam2mm, true15:36
ssam2can we do that? :)15:37
radiofreecan i use this wonderful 3minute+ -> 7s technology?15:37
* SotK doesn't know what will happen if old morph talks to a morph-cache-server from my ostree branch actually15:38
ssam2radiofree: yes, but you have to redeploy your system from the ostree branch. I think adam sent a mail to the list with instructions15:38
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jjardonAny suggestions about where pygobject should be? would it be ok to put it in foundation? or should we create another stratum? what about libsoup?16:32
franredjjardon, python-common?16:32
jjardonSotK: maybe you already have some idea/patch about this ^16:32
ssam2one of the python strata, rather than foundation16:35
ssam2I think that if in doubt we should create a new stratum for each thing16:36
ssam2and in future, make strata optional16:36
ssam2i know it's painful right now having lots of strata, but it's something that we need to fix, one way or another16:36
jjardonsure, problem is that all the python strata depends on core, but glib is in foundation16:38
jjardonmaybe is better to create a separate stratum?16:38
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jjardonand maybe move there libsoup as well? we could call it gobject-libraries? mmm, not sure I like this idea though16:40
ssam2no, classifying libraries by whether or not they use GObject doesn't seem useful16:41
franredjmacs, pedroalvarez, I've updated the commit message in to show where the files come from16:42
rdalei think most of the gnome libs in foundation are there to support systemd, and maybe there should be a systemd stratum16:42
franreds/files/config files/16:42
jjardonwould it be ok move libsoup to the connectivity stratum?16:42
ssam2jjardon: this is really an edge case for the 'metapackages' concept: we can either have an 'ostree' stratum that has stuff in it that other things need, or we can admit that trying to group everything into metapackages isn't always possible16:42
jjardonrdale: agree16:42
jmacsfranred: cool16:44
jjardonssam2: sure, what I want to avoid is to repeat chunks in different strata16:44
pedroalvarezfranred: thanks16:48
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SotKwhy not make the python strata depend on foundation?17:27
straycatjjardon, sorry only just spotted your other comment about the template, have responded17:28
straycatthe other obvious alternative is to patch ntpd to set a higher rlimit17:28
straycati'd rather use what we have for the moment17:29
jjardonI'd like to avoid unnecessary dependencies as well17:31
straycati don't follow?17:32
straycatjjardon, ?17:33
SotKwhat is the problem with chunks in multiple strata anyway ooi?17:35
straycatwhich one do you include in the system?17:37
straycatjjardon, i'm just going to leave this in the configure extension17:38
straycatwe can change it later if we really need to, i'd like to try and get ntpd working in a chroot anyway at some point17:38
SotKah, yeah17:39
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franredSotK, it doesn't make much sense to add foundation as a dependency of python-core or python-common, these strata should be pretty simple and depending on core, IMHO17:51
franreds/much sense/much sense to me/17:51
straycatjjardon, i've updated the changes in to match your suggestions17:55
straycatahh forgot to update the commit msg for one of the changes, neat that gerrit lets me do that through the web interface17:56
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jjardonstraycat: sorry, I was replying to SotK comment about make python strata depend on foundation18:23
jjardonThanks for the rework, I will take a look when I get home18:24
straycatjjardon, thanks!19:08
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SotKpaulsherwood: looks like I was building using v4.3.26 of VirtualBox20:05
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straycatwhat, gerrit didn't merge my change into baserock/openstack-v720:50
SotKwhat do you mean?20:51
straycati mean isn't in baserock/openstack-v7 on gbo20:51
richard_mawit takes a few minutes to sync20:52
straycatit was merged this afternoon20:52
SotKoh, that's weird20:52
SotKdoes the gerrit-replication plugin only push certain branches maybe?20:52
straycati have a horrible feeling that might be the case20:53
straycatokay i'm going to go ahead and push that change manually20:53
pedroalvarezstraycat: i took your change and included it in the initial patch series21:45
pedroalvarezSorry I didn't flag that error, it has been a busy day. But I did make sure that your patch was in :)21:47
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