IRC logs for #baserock for Tuesday, 2015-04-14

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Kinnisonpaulsherwood: Morning, and havva-PR:
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paulsherwoodKinnison: thanks :-)08:51
jjardonHi, Id like to check the config.log of one of the chunks of one of the systems that are being built in the ci: is that info available somewhere?08:56
* SotK tries to work out what the test at the bottom of morph's "morphless-chunks" test actually does08:57
SotKI guess its just checking that the artifact is a tarball08:57
ssam2jjardon: the config.log is thrown away after the build completes, along with the rest of the staging area08:57
ssam2jjardon: the .build-log file (stdout and stderr of the build) is available, which might be enough08:58
ssam2jjardon: there's no easy way to get at it, though. I really want a `morph show-build-log` command08:58
jjardonssam2: URL?08:58
ssam2let me get back to you08:59
ssam2jjardon: if you know the cache-key of the artifact, you can get the build log with `curl --get`09:02
ssam2where the long hex string is the cache key09:03
ssam2`morph list-artifacts` can help you find the cache key09:03
jjardonssam2: thank you!09:04
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pedroalvarezQ: as part of the openstack integration work  we have generated systemd units for postgres, rabbitmq, openvswitch and apaache-httpd. Would it be ok if we install them in their chunks so that they are not openstack-sytem specific?09:08
ssam2I think the original ideal of systemd was that upstreams would ship unit files that worked everywhere09:09
ssam2i'm in favour of working towards that goal09:09
pedroalvarezssam2: makes sense09:10
richard_mawinlining in the post-install-commands makes the most sense to me09:10
pedroalvarezyeah, that too09:10
jjardonI think I found a bug in our dbus setup: seems one of the binaries is not installed with the correct permissions:
jjardonnot sure why this is happening as we are running as root (so id -u should be 0)?09:13
radiofreeis there any documentation for things like post-install-commands (is there a pre-install-command? post-build-commands? etc..) anywhere?09:13
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straycatit used to be in the README, it should now be on the wiki09:13
radiofreeit's in the readme, thanks09:14
richard_mawjjardon: in what context is this script being run?09:14
radiofreemaybe a guide to writing chunks would be useful on the wiki09:14
jjardonrichard_maw: dbus installation:
radiofreessam2: ah, ok, i failed to find that page! post-install-command didn't find anything09:15
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richard_mawjjardon: ah, that's because our biuld sandboxing doesn't allow chmod/chown09:16
richard_mawbeing root is not the same as having all the capabilities09:16
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jjardonrichard_maw: ok, so is it a bug in the, or should we set those manually in our dbus morphology?09:25
richard_mawset what manually?09:25
radiofreei already have the dbus untils for the systembus on a baserock system, if that's what you're refering to?09:26
jjardonradiofree: no, the permission and group of the dbus-daemon-launch-helper binary are not correct09:29
jjardonrichard_maw: I meant change manually the group/permission of the dbus-daemon-launch-helper binary in some way09:31
richard_mawjjardon: in the chunk definition you'll run into the same problem as Makefile.am09:33
richard_mawjjardon: currently I think you'd need to set it at deployment time or first-boot09:33
ssam2does that mean we have no setuid binaries built in Baserock, and can't have any?09:34
Kinnisonif that were true, we'd have issues09:34
jjardonseems that the case09:34
richard_mawhm, ping traditionally needs to be setuid09:40
richard_mawI'm not 100% sure if it's the case though, since we _do_ use sudo09:40
richard_mawwhich has to be setuid09:40
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paulsherwoodwhat system does mason build?09:46
SotKthe systems defined in clusters/ci.morph09:47
SotK(and also only the ones which are of the same architecture as the Mason)09:48
paulsherwoodthanks SotK09:49
jjardonrichard_maw: yeah, seems the setuid is set correctly (I see rwsr-x--- here), the group is still incorrect though (should be messagedbus instead root)09:50
paulsherwoodjonathanmaw: are you still subscribed to genivi-dev?09:51
jonathanmawpaulsherwood, I think so.09:51
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jonathanmawI see that you jumped into discussion on the topic "SAT feedback on the Tools Team Charter"09:51
paulsherwoodjonathanmaw: yes, and then jeremiah started a new thread relative to gdp - i wonder if you would be willing to comment on that, please?09:53
paulsherwood(back to him and that list, i mean)09:53
paulsherwoodsorry to note that it's a private list, folks.... we're hoping that will change in future09:54
ssam2Mason is fail:
ssam2seems to be Mesa failing due to -Werror09:55
* paulsherwood is ready to +2 a patch?09:56
ssam2not sure what has changed, Mesa certainly hasn;t09:56
jjardonmmm, there were not recent changes in mesa or gcc09:57
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ssam2seems to be the D-Bus marshalling patch that broke things, but that doesn't really make sense09:57
ssam2no, it was the previous commit. 'Add openstack ansible modules to ansible.morph'. right.09:58
jjardonthis is suspicious: Progress: Ready to build mesa-misc: waiting for a worker to become available09:58
ssam2ah... systemd update09:58
ssam2the error is from something that links against udev09:58
ssam2or at least, in a function called 'udev_device_new_from_fd'09:59
ssam2i'll try a patch that disables -Werror in Mesa, don't have time to dig further10:01
persiaCan we unupdate systemd instead?10:01
ssam2seems it doesn't have -Werror, it specifically enables '-Werror=implicit-function-declaration -Werror=missing-prototypes'10:01
ssam2so it might go deeper10:01
ssam2persia: I believe it was updated for a reason10:02
ssam2i don't know more than that10:02
persiaWe don't have pre-merge CI yet, but if we revert patches that break things, we stand a better chance of emulating it.10:02
* paulsherwood is bisecting, since we don't know for sure which patch broke this10:02
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persiaSure, but the person updating it broke things for everyone else, so needs to do it again, I'd think.10:02
paulsherwoodyup. and since i did one of the patches which *might* have caused it, i'm bisecting :)10:03
paulsherwoodor we could revert back to last-known-good?10:03
pedroalvarezI'd say only reverting the commit that breaks this10:05
pedroalvarezbut, if this is because the systemd upgrade, then the team which is integraing openstack in baserock will be very sad10:05
persiapedroalvarez: No easy way to do that with git without breaking history.  Revert-branch-to-parent is safe.  Reparenting existing commits is unsafe.10:06
franredsad = we will have problems using neutron....loads10:06
pedroalvarezfranred: openvirtualswitch iirc10:06
persiafranred: neutron is why systemd updated?  then neutron apparently has an interesting interaction with mesa that needs sorting :)10:06
* persia expects neither the neutron nor the mesa developers expected this10:07
jjardonAh, seems this has already detected in gnome-continuous: . Fixed in mesa 771cd266b9d00bdcf2cf7acaa3c8363c358d747810:07
pedroalvarezjjardon: great10:07
ratmice__so is the problem that CAP_FOWNER gets dropped, so root can no longer mess around with permissions of non-root users?10:08
persiajjardon: So we just update the mesa SHA1, and all should be fine?10:10
pedroalvarezI think there were problems re. upgrading mesa (for x86?)10:10
pedroalvarezI may be wrong10:10
pedroalvarezif that is the case, I'd cherrypick the fix in a branch10:11
jjardonyeah, we cannot upgrade mesa at the moment, we can cherry pick it though10:11
jjardonbut seems out mesa mirror is not up-to-date:
pedroalvarezjjardon: oh, i'll take a look at it soon and poke you once it's working again10:12
jjardonDo we change something so #ifdef HAVE_SYSFS will fail?10:14
Kinnisonrichard_maw: system integration commands get to modify *anywhere* in the system root, yes?10:15
richard_mawKinnison: I believe so10:16
Kinnisonrichard_maw: Okay, this bit of ybd hacking will be "fun" :)10:16
Kinnisonrichard_maw: thanks10:16
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richard_mawit's the slowest bit of building currently, as we don't have SotK's work on making it do copy on write for that rootfs10:21
Kinnisonybd will need specialcasing for systems currently anyway10:22
* paulsherwood sighs :)10:22
Kinnisonpaulsherwood: I have plans10:22
Kinnisonpaulsherwood: and plans on plans10:22
paulsherwoodcool :-)10:22
Kinnisonpaulsherwood: but many are still nascent squirmy things which could be stepped on if I'm not careful10:23
Kinnisonso I hide them away in my plan pouch10:23
jonathanmawWhen I was building the automotive message broker, it checked for the json-c package under the name "json", and tried to include the json-c header as <json/json.h> (which I had to change to <json-c/json.h> to get it to build)10:24
jonathanmawwas it expecting something non-standard?10:24
Kinnisonjonathanmaw: the NetSurf project has had similar issues in the past10:24
Kinnisonjonathanmaw: json-c changed their name/paths at some point10:24
nowsterIndeed! We had problems with that on one of the projects here.10:33
nowsterLots of the code assumed the old location.10:33
paulsherwoodjonathanmaw: submit a patch to amb ?10:34
jonathanmawpaulsherwood: I'll add that to my to-do list10:34
paulsherwoodheh :)10:35
pedroalvarezok, the weirdest error I've ever seen in the lorry-controller:
richard_mawgc already running sounds like the repository got stuck at one point and didn't clean up its state which said a gc was running10:45
pedroalvarez"Auto packing the repository in background for optimum performance."10:47
pedroalvarezso, git is doing this itself before we tell it to do it10:48
KinnisonMust be a new git behaviour10:49
bjdooksgit has has auto-compaction for some time.10:50
pedroalvarezgit version 2.3.010:50
Kinnisonbjdooks: usually only on commit10:52
Kinnisonbjdooks: since pull typically only creates packs not loose files10:52
persiaDoes that remove unanchored refs?  If so, we might want to try to cause that to be disabled for lorries.10:52
Kinnisonit may remove unanchored commits10:52
Kinnisonbut only from lorry's copy, not the copy in the git server which baserock then uses10:53
pedroalvarezso, if git autopacks automatically, should we remove the `git gc` in the lorrying process?10:54
pedroalvarezI'd prefer if we can disable the autopacking10:55
KinnisonIt might be that the new autopacking is more efficient than the explicit gc we did10:55
Kinnisonrichard_maw: You mentioned WIP for copy-on-write for system artifact construction -- do you happen to have a link to that?11:00
* Kinnison has a slow HDD and is wishing he hadn't written a copy installer now11:00
richard_mawKinnison: it's SotK's overlayfs patches11:00
* Kinnison makes a partition with more room11:02
Kinnison3G spare isn't enough for this work11:02
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ssam2I had missed that commit changes the Linux repo we use from delta/linux.git to delta/linux-stable.git11:32
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ssam2which mirrors git:// instead of git://
jjardonssam2: yeah, linux repo doesnt contain the minor releases (3.19.2, for example)11:34
ssam2right, makes sense11:34
jjardonpedroalvarez: thanks, patch coming!11:35
pedroalvarezcool! thanks!11:41
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paulsherwoodjonathanmaw: your email has been well received :)12:43
pedroalvarezI ended up sending a Yocto patch to the Genivi patch tracker last genivi release12:46
* jonathanmaw also notes the problem with E-mail threads going to multiple mailing lists - my reply got sent to mailing lists that I'm not a member of, so they're pending approval :/12:48
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paulsherwoodpedroalvarez: why on earth would you do that? what in the world were you thinking? :-)12:58
pedroalvarezheh. Well, I found that it wasn't building, I checked out why it was building for them, and then I realized that they were carrying a patch.  Given that they did the patch it seemed unfair to me to re-do it and send it with my name on it13:02
jjardoncan someone take a look to this bashrc patches (they already have a +1):
bwhjonathanmaw: My approach with closed mailman lists is to subscribe and then turn off mail13:08
bashrcfirst baserock patch merged13:13
jjardonbashrc: welcome! (and thanks)13:16
tlsawhy's the openssl chunk called "openssl-new"?13:40
Kinnisonbecause it's a new source for the repo13:40
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jjardonpedroalvarez: I think should be added to the instructions here? (in the 1 point):
pedroalvarezjjardon: yes, whatever is included in the bootstrap systems these days13:47
jjardonok, will update the page13:48
pedroalvarezmaybe we can point that out with a link to a bootstrapsystem in the master branch of definitions?13:48
jjardonpedroalvarez: yep, I was thinking about that13:48
pedroalvarezjjardon: thanks for fixing it :)13:49
jjardonssam2: I can not authenticate with my google account in the wiki, known bug?13:49
pedroalvarezjjardon: so I take that you are going to bootstrap to a new architecutre?13:49
pedroalvarezjjardon: you can use the openid to authenticate in the meantime13:50
jjardonssam2: the error is: "OpenID auth request contains an unregistered domain:"13:50
paulsherwoodmason still borked?13:59
radiofreeERROR: Insufficient space on disk14:00
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radiofreei don't know, it's confusing, the log says that early on but the goes on to build loads of things14:01
radiofree"2015-04-14 13:51:54 Finished building weston-system-x86_64-generic-rootfs"14:01
pedroalvarezI just created some space in both mason14:05
ssam2jjardon: no idea about that. Use
ssam2or contact Branchable and ask what's up14:05
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jonathanmawooh, the AudioManager PoC is going to appear in a *real* repository this week, quite possibly adhering to FHS, as well.14:19
paulsherwoodjonathanmaw: great news. i wonder if they were already working towards that?14:20
jonathanmawpaulsherwood: quite probably, since it comes as a response to the code review, not to me sticking my oar in.14:21
jonathanmawhow to integrate the FSA is under discussion, and apparently yocto's postponed integrating it until after the AMM, since there's been discussion on how to integrate it into the LayerManager14:23
radiofreelayermanager? weston surely?14:24
jonathanmawradiofree: probably wayland-ivi-extension, since that implements the old LayerManager API14:25
jonathanmaw(more or less)14:25
radiofreeyeah, it's confusing to refer to it as LayerManager though14:26
* straycat did a little more digging and found
radiofreethough "weston-ivi-shell slash wayland-ivi-extension" hardly rolls off the tongue14:27
straycatso maybe should just set rlimit memlock 0 in the ntp.conf file?14:27
straycat(this will allow us to put hostnames back in the conf file)14:28
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jjardonssam2: np, I used my old launchpad account in the end :)14:35
straycatalright let's do it then14:35
richard_mawstraycat: I'm a little IO starved right now, I'm still loading your link to see what's going on :-)14:36
paulsherwoodstraycat: who are you seeking feedback from? i'd comment but i don't understand anything at that level...14:36
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straycatpaulsherwood, it's okay i just wanted to check with anyone who might be around14:38
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richard_mawstraycat: So ntp segfaults if it's allowed to lock memory, and it needs to use memory for hostnames?14:41
rjekWait, why is it using locked memory at all?  Surely it has no secrets?14:42
straycatrichard_maw, i'm not exactly sure it reports "out of memory" to stderr, i couldn't see what was going wrong from the strace14:42
straycatthe call to mlockall succeeded14:42
* rjek seems to recall that there's a sysconf for how much locked memory non-priviledged processes can have, and by default it is 64kB.14:44
straycat is the strace if it helps14:45
rjekit appears to exit in the middle of a syscall14:46
ratmice__rjek: I imagine it has more to do with avoiding paging latency14:47
richard_mawrjek: threads are involved14:47
rjekratmice__: Hmm, perhaps.  But you'd hope it'd never get swapped as it'll routinely be hot.14:47
rjekstraycat: strace -f?14:47
straycatrichard_maw, in any case presumably the amount being reserved is not enough14:47
richard_mawcould be14:48
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straycatrjek, ahh thanks now it's quite obvious that the calls to mmap() fail14:50
rjekis it obvious why, though? :)14:51
* rjek learns what MAP_NORESERVE does and is sick a bit in his mouth14:52
straycatnot really, i would expect the call to mlockall to fail earlier on14:52
rjek28388 setrlimit(RLIMIT_MEMLOCK, {rlim_cur=32768*1024, rlim_max=32768*1024}) = 014:53
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straycatahh it uses MCL_FUTURE14:58
straycatokay that makes more sense14:58
straycatratmice__, that's what i gather from
straycatso we could set the rlimit to something much higher? i've seen it fail with 128 though >.>  so i was thinking of setting it to 25615:11
straycat(we can set this in the ntp.conf)15:11
* richard_maw just submitted but hasn't got time to test it15:25
* rjek unclear how to +1 that15:26
rjekstraycat: I wonder if it works on 32 bit systems and not on 64 bit systems, due to larger structure sizes?15:27
straycatrjek, yes, and that's exactly the problem in that report ^15:27
straycatweird that they patched the source rather than setting the rlimit in the config file? maybe ntpd didn't have support for that back in 201015:28
rjekstraycat: man ntp.conf doesn't immediately reveal anything to me that woudl suggest you can do it from the config file?15:28
Kinnisonrjek: I've +1d it15:28
rjekAlthough I'm on wheezy, which is ancient.15:28
richard_mawrjek: you need an account on the provider, to log into with that provider, and click the reply button and select the +1 radio button15:28
richard_maw(note, there's two interfaces, I don't recall if there's a reply button on the other interface, and which interface you get by default)15:29
rjekI can't use an arbitrary OpenID?15:29
richard_mawrjek: sadly no, gerrit doesn't support that, AIUI it needs to be configured with a fixed openid provider, rather defeating the purpose15:30
richard_mawand we didn't want to tie ourselves to the launchpad openid15:30
* rjek facepalms15:30
ssam2Gerrit supports arbitrary openid's15:30
* richard_maw is happy to be proven wrong15:30
Kinnisonssam2: it does?15:30
ssam2but it's trivial to set up an anonymous openID provider, so that would defeat the point of having an authentication mechinism15:30
straycatrjek, well did say it's not well documented >.>15:31
straycatbut you clearly can do it15:31
* Kinnison keeps meaning to set up an openID provider which works by you asserting fooprovider/FULLGPGKEYFINGERPRINT/TYPE/SIZE and then it challenges you to sign something with your key15:31
straycatanyway, we'll use 256 and hope that's enough15:31
ssam2storyboard only supports OpenID single-signon, that's probably what you were thinking of richard_maw15:32
rjekAnyway, I've managed now :)15:33
richard_mawit still needs to be +2'd and merged, and I won't do that without testing15:48
* rjek has nothing to try it on atm15:49
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* nowster has something locally that's intermittently interfering with 60kHz reception.15:57
nowsterBearing from Manchester would be about 20°W of N16:04
nowster(or 340°)16:04
nowsterI've been toying with the idea of getting a DCF77 module, too.16:07
rjekI appear to have walked into a parellel universe where nothing is the same.16:07
paulsherwoodrjek: that happens every day at codethink :)16:07
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jjardonany reason to have 2 separate bsp-x86_32-generic and bsp-x86_64-generic strata? they are identical16:34
*** mariaderidder has quit IRC16:36
tlsajjardon: different chunk morphs16:43
jjardontlsa: the chunks morphs are identical as well16:44
jjardonwell, only the name changes (32/64)16:44
ssam2would be good to merge them then I think16:46
richard_mawwhere would the definition live then?16:46
jjardonI already have a patch to name it strata/bsp-x86_both-generic.morph16:48
ssam2please, just bsp-x86-generic :)16:48
jjardon42 files changed, 369 insertions(+), 739 deletions(-)16:49
jjardonssam2: ok16:49
pedroalvarezNo changes between HEAD and gerrit/master. Submitting for review would16:49
pedroalvarezbe pointless.16:49
richard_mawer what?16:50
pedroalvarezI hope I haven't pushed anything to master..16:50
richard_mawdoesn't look like it16:51
pedroalvareznope... phew16:51
paulsherwoodpedroalvarez: i get that issue, haven't got round to trying straycat's suggested fix16:51
pedroalvarezpaulsherwood: oh, when was this fix suggested?16:52
paulsherwoodgit commit --amend, and remove change-id16:52
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paulsherwoodmaybe with another git commit --amend after that? :)16:54
* paulsherwood has no idea if/how this magic works, though16:54
pedroalvarezit does16:55
ssam2anyone have a clue why `morph controller-daemon` might totally not listen on port 7878, even though it's running?16:55
ssam2the log file clearly shows 'controller-initiator-port = 7878' in the config..16:56
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ssam2'git master' of Morph16:56
paulsherwoodpedroalvarez: some merge conflicts there16:57
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paulsherwoodand lots red tones16:57
richard_mawpaulsherwood: that's because gerrit is bad at patch series16:57
richard_mawit's conflicting with itself in a way which isn't a problem if you consider the previous patch to have been merged when you check for whether it conflicts16:57
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ssam2ah, seems my problem might be that some of the distbuild services had started, but not all17:04
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jjardonWhat the arch parameter un the system morphology do?17:12
jjardonI though the arch depends on the bsp you choose17:13
*** mdunford has quit IRC17:14
pedroalvarezjjardon: is only possible to set an arch in the system morphology17:14
pedroalvarezsystems are per arch17:14
paulsherwoodybd ignores the arch field currently - i pass it in as a param on the command line :)17:15
jjardonYeah, i know, that's why I asked :)17:15
pedroalvarezsorry, brain frazzled17:16
ssam2morph sets TARGET and TARGET_STAGE1 env variables based on 'arch'17:16
ssam2i think. so that affects what compiler the bootstrap builds17:17
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jjardonOK, thanks17:17
* paulsherwood misunderstood the question, sorry17:33
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