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pedroalvarezrdale: Any luck with " running `make` in the staging area"?09:32
rdaleyes, it works find for me if i bind mount dev, tmp and proc09:33
pedroalvarezI'll give it a try, although I believe that I tried that before09:33
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rdaleok, this is all i'm doing:
pedroalvarezthanks rdale :)09:40
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pedroalvarezpetefoth: oh! well spotted! (
KinnisonYeah, I don't know why mailman's archiver does that09:49
KinnisonIf you can work out how to patch pipermail to fix that, I'll gladly regenerate the archive09:49
petefoth The 'thread' view of the archive does't deal well with threads pased on [PATCH} emails - see
KinnisonOh pipermail's thread display is also poor09:56
KinnisonI'd love for a better mail archiver, perhaps gmane09:56
straycatjjardon, what do you want steam for again?09:56
petefoth:) Not a huge problem, I just though I'd point it out in case there is a quick fix09:56
tlsaKinnison: I like best10:00
KinnisonWell it wouldn't be hard to set that up :)10:00
rjektlsa: That appears to have broken threading, like pipermail10:01
perryli'm looking at the guide to upgrading a baserock installation and i've noticed that there's a note saying "This method can not be used to upgrade a Baserock system running in a chroot"10:02
tlsathe threading in the thread view is better:
perrylis this a universal case or just for using to upgrade?10:03
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tlsauniversal, I think10:05
pedroalvarezperryl: chroots may be upgradeable, but not with our current upgrades mechanism10:08
perrylpedroalvarez: ahh, i wondered if it was the same as how i would usually build a system, deploy and create a new chroot out of the resulting tarball10:08
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pedroalvarezperryl: that's exactly what you have to do to upgrade your chroot system, or you can also download the chroot reference system released on friday10:11
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petefothIf it is universal, it might be useful to document how the 'build / upgrade' cycle *can* be done for chroots. I'd volunteer, but I have no idea what the answer is :)10:11
perrylpedroalvarez: ahh, if it's the same process it may be worth me updating the documentation! but yeah it seems easier to download the new changes perhaps, most of my work on my current chroot is in the new release :)10:12 builds and deploys a system as an upgrade, but not all the systems are suitable to receive an upgrade10:13
pedroalvarezchroots aren't10:13
pedroalvarezAlso, building and deploying a new chroot tarball doesn't sound like you  are "upgrading" the current system10:14
perrylprobably not...i suppose it would be a case of having a development vm and in the process of upgrading that, coming out with the old vm as it was and a new upgraded vm10:15
* perryl decides to just make another chroot for simplicity's sake10:18
ssam2the manage-baserock tool could be extended to make chroot upgrades a bit more friendly10:26
ssam2it already makes your /src be a separate mount so that it gets shared between all chroots10:26
ssam2but that's about all it does, right now10:26
perrylssam2: does manage-baserock have a function to list all chroots currently on a machine?10:27
perrylsilly me, it has list, ignore that10:28
jjardonstraycat: Id like to explore the possibility of build a steam system based on baserock10:36
radiofreei can't imagine that would be a very pleasurable experience in a vm, or are you intending to try it on baremetal?10:48
pedroalvarezI'd be interested on making baserock installable on a partition of a laptop10:51
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straycatjjardon, Might be worth lorrying locally to experiment then submit the lorry when you've got a working system? Just in case you decide you need a different version or something, just a thought.11:00
* straycat disappears11:00
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straycata style format for install-files might be nicer?12:00
tiagogomes_straycat everything would be better than the current install-files12:01
paulsherwood+1 for adopting ansible format where it covers what we need12:03
wdutchI have a few related lorries I'd like to submit, would it be better to submit them as a single patch or as a group of patches?12:06
pedroalvarezsingle patch if they are related I guess12:08
wdutchokay thanks12:09
kejiahuHi, I am trying to make a cross-strap tarball for armv8 big endian system. I've got a branch worked on January, is there anything regarding cross boot been changed in morph master since January?12:10
pedroalvarezkejiahu: is this because it isn't working now?12:10
pedroalvarezkejiahu: if your branch is of morph.git and you are asking this so you can rebase your branch on top of current master: No, there weren't changes regarding cross-bootstrap in morph.git12:11
jjardonstraycat: if thats the rule to accept lorries (have a working system), im fine with that12:12
kejiahupedroalvarez, no, I am about to checkout lastest morph and baserock, and just want to aovid wasting time on building the tarball if there is any change needed. thanks for the information12:14
bashrcare there any plans to add gnuplot to baserock?12:16
tiagogomes_kejiahu it should work fine12:16
straycatjjardon, not a rule afaik just a suggestion, it's probably useful to be able to do it the other way around sometimes as well12:16
kejiahutiagogomes_, thanks.12:17
pedroalvarezbashrc: why do you want gnuplot in baserock?12:17
pedroalvarez(just curious)12:17
bashrcas a way to test some of my software on it12:18
bashrca lot of my utilities create graphs12:18
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ssam2I've tightened the firewall rules on quite a bit, please let me know if anything is broken12:50
ssam2git, storyboard, masons and openid all work for me12:50
pedroalvarezthanks ssam2 :)12:50
ssam2also, ping should work now12:58
straycati can't ssh into gbo12:59
straycatnow i can12:59
straycatoh no i can't13:00
ssam2git pushes to seem to be broken, actually...13:00
ssam2as does ssh, you're right13:00
straycatthat's why i was trying ssh :p13:00 is in 2 security groups that permit ssh, so this is weird13:01
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ssam2i can't even log in on the console, and there are systemd units restarting for no reason13:04
ssam2i'll reboot. sorry for the downtime13:05
straycatnp, i think i just found a bug, i can't checkout something with the same ref from a different remote13:06
straycatlike morph checkout13:07
straycatERROR: /src/richardipsum/openstack-swift-on-v4-rebase/baserock/richardipsum/openstack-swift-on-v4-rebase: File exists13:07
straycatoh i guess it's stupid to expect to be able to do that13:09
tiagogomes_mmm, I can't pull from gbo13:20
tiagogomes_anyone has the same problem?13:20
straycattiagogomes_, gbo's firewalls are being tweaked a bit13:20
tiagogomes_and no public service announcement?13:20
straycatwell i'm not sure the downtime was scheduled as such13:20
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ssam2after 10 minutes, it's finally managed to mount all its filesystems13:24
ssam2something werid is going on though13:24
straycatthe grues are taking no prisoners13:25
ssam2i've opened a support ticket with our cloud provider, I'm afraid there's not much else I can do, since the machine doesn't boot13:31
ssam2so will be down until further notice13:31
jjardon--no-git-update is your friend13:32
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radiofreeyou won't be able to deploy though?13:35
ssam2seems to be the 'Trigger Flushing of Journal to Persistent Storage' systemd service that is causing it to fail to boot13:35
ssam2perhaps this is just due to the abysmal performance of the systemd journal on btrfs...13:36
richard_mawssam2: is this on v219? It's supposed to set the journal to NOCOW to prevent this happening.13:41
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ssam2I have no idea why it works again -- I hard rebooted it after 25m of waiting for thr 'Trigger Flushing of Journal' unit, and this time it came up quickly13:46
* Kinnison worries that a piece of core infrastructure is potentially unreliable :(13:46
ssam2richard_maw: it's systemd 21713:47
ssam2Kinnison: it's definitely unreliable, as I've just proved. But not sure what to do, other than update to 'master' when we get time13:47
ssam2the cloud provider assures me there are no IO issues their end13:47
Kinnisonssam2: presumably to 15.10 rather than 'master' ?13:47
ssam2is 15.10 more stable than master?13:48
ssam2I don't usually pay attention to release tags when upgrading, as we don't do a release for each new security fix13:48
KinnisonI know that nominally master is fine, and of course we can trace whatever we install (yay baserock) but I'm still leery of basing infrastructure off non-tagged points13:48
ssam2so usually 'master' is more secure than $last-release13:48
* Kinnison is still a tad too 'trad' in his thinking perhaps:)13:48
ssam2Kinnison: infrastructure is deployed by merging 'master' of definitions into 'infrastructure.git', so it's not as if we don't track exactly what SHA1 the systems are running13:49
Kinnisonaah okay13:49
* Kinnison wasn't aware of infrastructure.git13:49
* Kinnison is out of the loop13:49
KinnisonSounds like an excellent approach13:49
bashrcfor upgrades you have two installs, rebuild the non-active one and then swap. Is that right?13:57
pedroalvareznope, we can have more than 2 installs. Is not rebuild a non-active, is more like add another one14:00
bashrcso what happens when you run out of space?14:02
SotKyou can delete installs you don't want/need anymore14:02
rjek(This occurs regardless of situation, OS, and software in use.)14:03
tiagogomes_We should put some instructions in the wiki how download a baserock image and create an openstack instance with it14:09
pedroalvarezI wanted to do releases of cloud systems  :/14:11
* rjek imagines Mr. Burns shouting "release the clouds!"14:14
tiagogomes_but that would require more work when doing a release. I think instructions would be enough, download the compressed rawdisk, extract, mount it, replace /dev/sda in extlinux.conf and etc/fstab by /dev/vda, umont, upload it14:14
pedroalvareztiagogomes_: you forgot to enable the cloud-init services14:14
tiagogomes_pedroalvarez mmm, I haven't done that. What that does?14:15
pedroalvarezthose services enable some features in the system like: ssh-keys injection when creating the instance in openstack, cloud-config scripts to run also at instantiaton time, disk resizing on boot...14:17
tiagogomes_ pedroalvarez I didn't know that. That's why we should have instructions :)14:21
tiagogomes_ok, what is going on here:
tiagogomes_ah, I know what is happening14:22
pedroalvarezis trying to build from the master branch14:22
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petefothIs there a way of contacting the Baserock ops team (e.g. If so, we should add details to the 'Contact' page? If not, should there be, or do we live with just emailing baserock-dev?14:28
ssam2i'd rather it went via baserock-dev though14:28
ssam2unless it's secret14:28
ssam2otherwise nobody knows if an issue has been reported already or not14:28
pedroalvarezI agree14:29
* wdutch sent the wrong email to the dev list, doh!14:44
bashrcQ: is there a difference between a minion and a worker?14:45
SotKbashrc: in what context?14:46
* SotK can't remember what the worker SSH key is for14:49
radiofreei think that's use for distbuild networks14:49
bashrcyes I think it's for distbuild14:49
SotKbashrc: is this regarding Trove deployment?14:49
straycatit's used to let distbuild workers access any private trove content14:52
SotKbashrc: straycat: in that case they are different14:53
straycatwhat's they?14:54
* ssam2 marvells at the Gerrit 'generate password' button which seems to work for a while, then do nothing with no error14:54
bashrcworkers and minions14:54
rjekstraycat: Its suggested password is the empty string.14:54
straycatyeah maybe we should rename it to DISTBUILD_WORKER_SSH_PUBKEY14:55
rjekssam2: Its suggested password is the empty string.14:55
* rjek apologises for invoking straycat accidentally.14:55
* straycat is a little surprised no one's commented on the cache fixes he sent14:56
SotKstraycat: +114:56
SotK(regarding the rename)14:56
petefothis a /src partition of 32GB going to be big enough to build a build system?15:10
straycatshould be, but generally best to have at least 50G for /src imo15:10
KinnisonPossibly, but I'd recommend 50-100 gigs15:10
* straycat feels redundant and goes to sleep15:11
petefothOK thanks. And isd there any easy way to resize the viirtual disk or should I create a new one and start from scratch?15:11
straycatpetefoth, if it's a qemu image you can use qemu-img resize and then resize2fs if it's formatted with ext15:13
petefothstraycat: sadly it's a VirtualBox .vdi disk15:14
* straycat knows nothing of virtualbox15:14
* petefoth knows nothing of qemu :)15:15
jmacs^ How to resize a .vdi15:16
jmacsYou'll still need to do resize2fs15:16
petefothjmacs: fanks - you're a gent!15:17
petefothjmacs: a: do I need to do the GParted steps from that page and b: do I do resizefs from within the VM15:23
jmacsNo, don't do gparted - just use resizefs from within the VM15:24
jmacsYou probably want to unmount /src first - it depends what filing system is on it15:25
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petefoth'resize2fs: Bad magic number in super-block while trying to open /dev/sdb Couldn't find valid filesystem superblock.' this is with btrfs15:31
* petefoth explores google :)15:33
Kinnisonif your FS is btrfs you can't use resize2fs15:34
Kinnisonuse the btrfs tool15:34
rjekresize2fs is specific to ext2/3/415:34
* Kinnison guesses btrfs filesystem resize /15:34
Kinnisonor similar15:34
petefothrjek: Kinnison: thanks - just spotted  that, and reading about btrfs15:34
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petefoth' btrfs filesystem resize max /src' is my friend :)15:39
nowsterpetefoth: I question your taste in friends. :)15:41
petefothnowster: so do most of my firends :)15:41
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* petefoth leave his build vm to rebuild itself overnight15:42
jjardonHi, does baserock provide a way to run 32bits binaries in a x64 system?15:56
KinnisonI don't think we do15:56
KinnisonOther than putting a chroot in place15:56
rjekjjardon: s/x86/x86-64/15:56
rjekErr, jjardon: s/x64/x86-64/15:56
rjekMy fingers won't even let me type the wrongness of "x64" without significant effort, it appears.15:57
jjardonrjek: yep, sorry15:57
rjekI don't think there's any multiarch support, but that could be interesting.15:57
jjardonoh, didnt realize system-x86_32-generic is already in definitions. I think that would be enough for me for now15:59
jjardonKinnison: rjek thanks for the info15:59
rjekMultiarch could be useful when integrating third-party things into a system.16:00
rjekAs lots of commericial/closed-source stuff is still 32 bit.16:00
rjek(Also would allow mixing of different ARM architecture stuff in the same system, 32/64 bit ARM stuff for example.)16:01
nowsterI have actually migrated from 32bit to 64bit userland on a live system on Debian. It was scary, but just possible.16:09
rjekyeah, myself and Kinnison did that on a machine of mine :)16:09
rjekMany moons ago when Althon64 was new and shiny.16:10
nowsterit gets scary when essentials like dpkg get uninstalled as part of the upgrade16:10
jjardonforgot I cannot build a x86-32 system in my x86-64 chroot, guess I have to download and use a baserock x86-32 image in a vm16:18
rjekjjardon: Oh?16:19
pedroalvarezjjardon: the image should be built and cached in cache.baserock.org16:19
rjekOh, I suppose you'd be cross-bootstrapping essentially.16:19
pedroalvarezyou can try to just deploy a devel system (which is the one that the ci builds)16:20
jjardonrjek: looks like: "ERROR: Are you trying to cross-build? Host architecture is x86_64 but target is x86_32"16:20
pedroalvarezjjardon: also, there are rawdisk images and chroot in from the latest release16:20
jjardonpedroalvarez: yes, but I still need a 32 bit system to build a 32 bit system, or Im missing something?16:21
pedroalvarezjjardon: mason-x86_32 should have built latest master, caching the system artifact in cache.baserock.org16:22
Kinnisonjjardon: If you have a 32bit chroot to hand, you can run "linux32 enter-baserock foochroot"16:22
pedroalvarezso you can just use `morph deploy`16:22
Kinnisonjjardon: and that ought to work16:22
jjardonpedroalvarez: Im building a system that its not exactly the same as the reference systems, so I still need to build some things:16:24
pedroalvarezjjardon: oh, ok, I thought you only wanted to deploy an x86_32 system to be able to build for 32 bits16:25
SotKso, the docstring of SourcePool.lookup() says that it raises a KeyError if nothing is found, but its returning the empty list for me (so I assume it didn't find anything) and not raising a KeyError.16:25
jjardonI download but I do not seem to be able to ping outside the vm (the weston reference image seems to work out-of-the-box without any problem). Any idea what can be the problem?16:38
jjardonI noticed that /etc/network/interfaces exist, but that system is not using the simple-network extension. Do you know if any of the other extensions try to configure the network in a special way?16:41
jjardonoh, maybe nfsboot16:41
jjardonno, doesnt look like16:42
ssam2maybe it's installed by a chunk16:45
ssam2possibly fhs-dirs16:45
jjardonnevermind, seems the weston reference system doesnt have network here neither16:48
* pedroalvarez hopes this is only you16:49
tiagogomes_the weston systems don't have simple-network on the list of configuration extensions16:50
jjardonpedroalvarez: used to work so problably is only me . Still I do not know whay /etc/network/interfaces is created. Will check the ssam2 suggestion16:51
pedroalvarezSam is right, the file is created in fhs-dirs chunk16:53
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ssam2I have somehow reconfigured such that it won't let me push config changes16:59
ssam2the web interface still lets me change stuff, so I guess this is Gerrit being silly17:02
bashrcon baserock how do I obtain the version number (eg. 15.10) ?17:14
KinnisonIIRC there isn't a version number per-se17:14
bashrcsuch as for use with morph branch17:15
radiofreebashrc: i believe you can get the sha from /baserock/*-rootfs.morph17:27
Kinnisonor the deploy morph perhaps?17:27
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* ssam2 resorts to reading Gerrit source code to see if there's a way to let admins do administration17:35
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ssam2turns out if you set a project in Gerrit to 'hidden' it becomes read-only17:54
ssam2and you get an error message that seems totally unrelated when you try to push17:54
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jjardonha!, I forgot qemu uses "user" network by default, where ICMP doesnt work so you can not ping. sorry for the noise!18:01
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jjardonand llvm fail to build in 32 bits ... would be ok to put a weston-system-x86_34-generic in the ci?19:50
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jjardonseems there is something wrong with the compiler: "g++: internal compiler error"20:00
radiofreejjardon: usually means lack of memory20:14
radiofreeincrease the memory in your vm, add swap, or use max-jobs:120:14
jjardonradiofree: oh, good point, will try again20:14
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paulsherwoodradiofree: pls could you write to the ml explaining how to add swap, and/or update the wiki?21:51
* paulsherwood thinks maybe devel systems should have it by default21:51
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bwhpaulsherwood: I don't know how important swap is now, but it has been necessary to allow the Linux VM to defragment22:45
bwhSo unless the only block device available is flash with a crappy translation layer (most removable flash is like this), a small amount of swap is a good idea22:46
bwh(but not double/triple your RAM, that just allows the system to crash more slowly)22:47
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jjardonGetting closer but seems I still need GLX and GTK+2, rebuild time!

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