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pedroalvarezradiofree: it looks standard (if it's this one)
pedroalvarezfrom lorry source code:08:12
pedroalvarezif layout == "standard": \n layout = { "trunk": "trunk", "tags": "tags/*", "branches": "branches/*" }08:12
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petefothInteresting LWN Article on reproducible builds (for Android apps) at which references the work being done by F-Droid,_Reproducible_Builds09:14
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simonh_Can someone have a quick look at this morph file: For mips64 we need to change a h-file to set the ABI correct, it worked with the repo being checked out locally, but not with sed. Does the sed instruction (Line 59) need to be done before configuration?10:09
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ssam2simonh_: surely you need a ; after it ?10:10
ssam2maybe not10:10
ssam2actually, your \'s will be eaten by the shell10:11
ssam2try using ' quotes instead of "10:11
mauricemoss_ssam2, I checked the mips.h while building gcc and the file was changed correct.10:12
ssam2oh, then I don't know10:13
ssam2you could try moving the sed command to pre-configure-commands10:13
mauricemoss_Ok, I'll do that.10:14
radiofreelorry request
ofcourseistillloradiofree, looks fine to me10:28
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pedroalvarezradiofree: i'd like to know if it's going to be possible to build from git before we lorry it10:30
radiofreeyes it is10:30
radiofreewhy should that matter though?10:31
radiofree(it doesn't currently build for me on arm from a tarball...)10:31
pedroalvarezwe have lorried some repos and after that we have noticed that those repos could only be built from tarball10:31
radiofreeah i see10:32
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radiofreewell, to be honest, i haven't actually built it from this repo10:32
radiofreei downloaded the latest tarball release and built that10:32
radiofreewhat's the process for checking it builds from svn then?10:33
* tiagogomes_ thinks that we should have the VCS lorried even if a tarball is being used 10:34
* pedroalvarez thinks is a waste of resources10:34
radiofreewhich resources?10:35
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pedroalvarezcpu and space in g.b.o, (if we lorry things that are not needed)10:35
radiofreeit takes more time to submit a lorry request for a new tarball than to use a tag in a repo10:35
pedroalvarezI see, icu is in qtx strata. There shouldn't be a problem to install it from source10:36
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radiofreeok, i'll try building it from svn release tag then, what's the process for that10:37
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radiofreei can use an svn repo in a strata?10:37
pedroalvarezno, that's not possible.10:38
franredradiofree, you can git-svn the repo into your devel machine and point it in your stratum with file:///10:38
pedroalvarezlet me check10:38
franredI think10:38
ssam2you can use 'lorry' to run git-svn too, it's in devel systems now10:38
ssam2it also doubles as a test that your lorry won't cause git-svn to go mad and break g.b.o. which it seems to sometimes do10:39
ofcourseistillloheh maybe we could make morph run lorry in these situations10:39
* ofcourseistilllo hides10:39
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radiofree/bin/sh: lorry: not found10:40
ofcourseistilllomight need a more recent devel system?10:41
pedroalvarezanyway, the lorry looks ok, and I don't think you will have problems to build it10:42
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radiofreewas that a +1 from you ofcourseistilllo?10:43
* ofcourseistilllo nods10:43
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franredI have a question about apr and libapr, I've submitted a patch about apache where I create an apr chunk but I've seen (and pedroalvarez has pointed me out) that we have already a chunk called libapr which is the same. Im about to resubmit the 3rd version of the patch, do the people think I should replace my chunk name from apr to libapr?10:59
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ofcourseistillloif they're idential and we already have libapr, then yeah i guess it'd be simpler to just use libapr?11:01
tiagogomes_apr is a better name as it is the name of the project, however the lorry strata uses the libapr name11:02
tiagogomes_franred, I think I wouldn't rename it for apache, and hope that someone sends a patch to rename libapr to apr for the lorry strata to be consistent11:04
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franredok, then I will leave it to apr and we can rename libapr afterwards11:17
franredthanks for the comments11:17
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pedroalvarezI think that icu-svn lorry is going to timeout. Has been lorrying from one hour, and is still in converting commits of 200111:48
tiagogomes_you may want to lorry just "trunk"11:49
pedroalvarezjust trunk? and tags, no?11:50
tiagogomes_does subversion has tags?11:50
tiagogomes_it seems so, but are branches and tags in subversion cheap? I had the idea that they were copies of the repository, which makes the repo to be very large in terms of disk space11:53
pedroalvarezthose were my concerns before11:57
bashrcso what is a BSP?12:06
nowsterbug squashing party?  board specific something12:07
CTtpollardbritish sea power12:07
tiagogomes_a customized kernel to run in some board12:08
tiagogomes_Board Support Package12:08
radiofreenot necessarily just the kernel, e.g for an bsp you might want to include the gpu binaries12:12
radiofreeqt5 demos 'work' with xwayland, however mouse events don't seem to get passed through12:20
radiofreekeyboard is fine12:22
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ZaraOkay, working on horizon.morph; not totally sure what counts as configure-commands, build-commands and install-commands (so I'm not sure how to divide stuff up). Also not sure if I need to add some kind of 'cd' before python, or if I should be in the right place to just run it.12:25
Zara(horizon.morph is basically lines 25 and lines 31-55 of what was in openstack/usr/share/openstack/openstack-horizon-setup in fran's openstack branch, with a few little extras. Just in case we have some morphology experts hanging around.)12:25
Zaraoh, yeah, also 'post-install-commands'12:27
radiofreeit might be easier if you pastebin horizon.morph12:27
ofcourseistillloisn't horizon just standard pbr?12:27
pedroalvarezofcourseistilllo: yeah, it works without a morphology, but I believe Zara wants to add more commands to the install process12:28
ofcourseistilllooh right12:28
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pedroalvarezZara: afaik, it doesn't matter where you put things, but they will be run in the configure - build - install order12:30
Zararadiofree: okay, not sure how to copy out of vim into pastebin (I'm running vim on baserock)12:31
pedroalvarezis possible to put all of them in configure, I think, but is better to split them12:31
tlsa`tar` in the webtools stratum does not build at the moement12:31
tlsa/ multiple definition of `quote'12:31
pedroalvareztlsa: I think I remember that problem in the past12:31
tlsacollect2: error: ld returned 1 exit status12:31
tlsaI think it's because acl has been added to the foundation stratum recently12:32
ofcourseistillloZara, sprunge is pretty useful in situations like that
radiofreethere was some script to send it to as well12:33
Zarapedroalvarez: cool, I'll bear that in mind.12:33
jjardonZara: or you can push your branch somewhere so we can take a look12:34
Zaracurrently skeletal and messy:
ofcourseistillloAre you intentionally overriding the setuptools stuff?12:38
ZaraWhat is the setuptools stuff?12:43
radiofreewhat exactly gets installed? there's no install commands12:44
ofcourseistilllomorph will automatically run python build, python install, but I think (though I'm not sure) that if you set each *-commands: to empty as you do in that morph you'll be overriding that default behaviour12:44
radiofreei'm assuming you want stuff in /etc/horizon/ at least, but i can't see where that's created12:44
ofcourseistillloMight want to ask someone else to check that12:44
Zaraofcourseistilllo: ah, right, they're only empty atm because I'm not sure how to divide things up12:45
ssam2i'm thinking of doing a Baserock 15.08 release tomorrow, anyone strongly for or against that ?12:45
ssam2mostly to save everyone from having to faff with manually installing PyLRU in order to get the Morph build-graph speedups12:45
ofcourseistilllosounds cool12:46
ofcourseistillloRight, well I'm guessing you just want all your stuff in post-install? probably12:47
SotKssam2: sounds like a good idea12:51
Zaraofcourseistilllo: Thanks, I think I'll do that for now since I want to check that the commands themselves work! Does anyone know, off the top of their head, an example morphology with multiline instructions? pipes were mentioned, not sure where to place them.12:54
ofcourseistilllogitano.morph installs manually12:55
franredZara, you only need to add build-system: python-distutils, remove configure- build- install- commands line12:57
franredand then you need to add a - in every command12:57
franredremember that if you have multiline commands you will need "- |"12:57
franredand you will add the commands in the next line12:58
Zarahm, just got 'KeyError: 'Unknown build system: python-disutils'13:05
ssam2should be python-distutils13:05
* Zara hangs head in shame13:06
Zarathanks :)13:06
ZaraI have only just realised that in 'removing temp sudirectory: failed', 'failed' is the name of a directory, not a message telling me that the removal failed. flagging it up since I might not be the only one who got the wrong end of the stick.13:14
SotKit took me a while to get that too, perhaps that output should be made more clear13:16
Zarayeah. I found it pretty funny when I realised, though, so it has that going for it.13:17
petefothSeems like an opportunityu for a patch :)13:18
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Zara:) btw, other than morph gc, are there any quick things people know of that can speed up baserock? I find that the more builds I do, the slower it gets, so I'm assuming that something gets left behind somewhere.13:25
ofcourseistilllossam2, added a new option that can speed things up, and i think SotK and ssam2's speedups have been merged, so using a newer version of morph may help you, but as ssam2 said you'll need pylru installed13:28
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robtaylorZara: is your local filesystem btrfs?13:47
robtaylorZara: or your /src mount in your vm?13:48
robtaylorZara: if so, try a btrfs filesystem defrag on the folder (sometime when you have time and power)13:49
robtaylorand that reminds me, we need a unit that defrags/balances user mounts, and we should defrag/blanace on upgrades13:49
Zaraokay, I think that /src is, since the quickstart guide says to format it that way. (unless I've massively misinterpreted something!)13:50
* ofcourseistilllo uses ext4 for /src13:51
ofcourseistilllorobtaylor, there should be a unit for /var now at least, which should speedup journalctl13:51
tiagogomes_the last systemd release will speed up journalctl as well13:52
ofcourseistilllooh except i don't think it got merged yet13:52
Zara:( running install_scripts13:52
Zara# post-install13:52
Zara# # mkdir -p /var/lib/horizon13:52
Zaramkdir: can't create directory '/var/lib/horizon': Read-only file system13:52
ZaraERROR: In staging area /src/tmp/staging/tmpu13Twf: running command 'sh -c mkdir -p /var/lib/horizon' failed.13:52
ofcourseistillloZara, I think you want to use $DESTDIR in that morph13:52
robtaylorofcourseistilllo: it could just defrag any non-root rw btrfs mounts13:52
ofcourseistilllo$DESTDIR/$PREFIX usually13:53
ofcourseistilllorobtaylor, it could, I think richard_maw said autodefrag is going to be enabled by default soon though13:54
robtaylorthat would be good13:55
franredZara, you don't need $PREFIX this time, just $DESTDIR13:55
franredmkdir -p "$DESTDIR"/var/lib/horizon13:56
richard_mawofcourseistilllo: I have no data about when autodefrag will be the default, just that the btrfs guys wanted to make it so. If we update to systemd v219 though, the journal will also be more performant, since systemd turns off CoW for journal files13:56
* ofcourseistilllo nods13:57
Zaraokay, for now I'm going to make a new devel vm, so it might take me a little while to get back to sorting out horizon.morph13:57
robtayloryeah, i would think it'd be good to do a timer unit, and maybe even sumbit it to systemd if anyone feels up to that. glory and mailing list discussion awaits the intrepid!13:57
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Zarasaw this on irc a while ago but can't remember how to get round it: ERROR: Unknown architecture armv8l64 in morphology systems/build-system-armv8l64.morph14:07
Zara(when trying to use to upgrade to devel system)14:08
robtaylorZara: a defrag will probaly take less time, tbh14:08
SotKZara: are you using latest morph?14:10
SotKZara: if not, either use latest morph or remove systems/build-system-armv8l64.morph from your definitions checkout14:11
Zarathanks, everyone :) I went with the 'build anew' option; slower but I'll be busy shortly so it can run in the background, and it has solved this issue for me before.14:21
tiagogomes_SotK why remove that file would help? Does morph reads *every* definition?14:24
SotKtiagogomes_: yes, sometimes :(14:25
tiagogomes_SotK, that's odd, any reason why? I'd expect that it would recursively read the morphs that were on the system definition14:26
SotKI think its historical reasons, but I could be mistaken14:27
robtaylorno, it'll be even more so going forward, if the conculsions from the summit play out14:28
tiagogomes_which conclusion in particular?14:29
robtaylortiagogomes_: see the writeup on declaritive defintiions14:31
robtaylortiagogomes_: specifically " Components may be nested and contain other components. The14:32
robtaylorinformation which specifies a Component may be split across multiple14:32
robtaylorDefinition files."14:32
robtaylorthere was a general consensus that we wanted to remove meaning from file locations in definitions14:33
robtaylor- at least, that was my understanding ;)14:33
* robtaylor is just a lurker really14:33
SotKSo we want to go back to referencing things by name rather than filename?14:35
tiagogomes_I don't like that. I'd prefer something explicit like "component A is corresponds to subcomponent A1 and subcomponent A2 together"14:37
tiagogomes_reading all morphs doesn't scale14:37
SotKI agree, I want to be able to say "component A contains component foo (from foo.def) and component bar (from things/bar.def)"14:39
SotKthen morph only needs to look at A.def, foo.def and things/bar.def14:39
tiagogomes_SotK exactly14:40
paulsherwoodSotK: i want to say component A contains foo and bar. period. bar and foo are forced unique14:47
paulsherwoodi'm happy for morph to parse all the definitions, because that takes almost no time14:48
paulsherwoodbut i expect we disagree on this14:48
tiagogomes_I do :)14:48
SotKit depends on how big we expect the definitions repo to get I guess14:49
paulsherwoodso you end up having to have two fields to identify a definition, as opposed to one14:49
tiagogomes_Why not remove the name field instead?14:50
SotKbut I also dislike that loading and validating them all causes errors seemingly unrelated to what you did, like Zara's earlier.14:50
paulsherwoodtiagogomes_: because 'name' means name. so if there is only one field, it shoudl be name, imo14:51
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paulsherwoodSotK: fair point. but that's morph specific. there's no reason the code *has* to behave that way14:51
paulsherwoodfor example - morph spits if build-depends: is missing. it could trivially default to []14:52
tiagogomes_what about doing similar to C. You define componentA to be composed of componentB and componentC, and you have a includes section that has filepaths for the components that define component A and B14:56
paulsherwoodtiagogomes_: i think that's unnecessarily complicated?14:56
tiagogomes_I don't think that is that complicated tbh, has an analogy to C regarding functions and include files, and adds extra flexibility14:58
tiagogomes_just throwing ideas...14:58
robtaylortiagogomes_: cos includes are the worst thing about C15:01
robtaylortiagogomes_: richard_maw tells me parsing all of definitions is actually pretty fast15:02
ratmice__I like not referencing file paths, among other reasons it makes it possible to send them easily via a port15:02
robtaylor(i think it was richard_maw at least, my memory isn't the best...)15:02
ratmice__not sure if they are parsed incrementally e.g. parse the name field and only the rest if its required?15:03
ratmice__anyhow that is a potential optimization that could occurr15:04
robtayloryeah, tricky to get right but potential15:05
robtaylortbh there's probably low hanging fruit in just fixing the yaml parser15:05
richard_mawrobtaylor: it was paulsherwood who asserted it was actually fast, and Kinnison who backed it up that for the amount of yaml we have, yaml's not too slow15:07
wdutchI tried to deploy the latest devel x86_64 to openstack but it sticks at syslinux when booting, does anybody know what might be causing this?15:08
robtaylorrichard_maw: ah thanks :)15:09
richard_mawwdutch: we've encountered some strangeness related to btrfs recently. I'd guess syslinux is having trouble with a btrfs format change15:10
richard_mawwdutch: which would require us to update our version of syslinux to cope, unfortunately syslinux has split out functionality into more binaries since the version we currently have integrated15:10
richard_mawwdutch: so things like pxe booting would also require update15:11
robtaylorwe can probably parallelise yaml parsing as well for a decent speedup if needed15:11
KinnisonParsing the yaml of a definitions repository should not be in the least bit slow15:13
paulsherwood< 1 second for me on macbookpro15:16
SotKwhat if the definitions repository in question was much larger than our current definitions repository?15:21
jjardontlsa: tar builded fine here with this morphology:
robtaylorSotK: if it was 10x bigger, you' might hit 8 seconds?15:24
robtaylorwith no optimisations15:24
robtaylorits not going to be the main time taker in a build...15:24
jjardonDoes anyone know what FORCE_UNSAFE_CONFIGURE=1 is for?15:24
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richard_mawwe don't run `make check` anyway, so it doesn't really matter15:26
tlsajjardon: thanks, I'll try that15:27
SotKIf I want to build a component with very few contents (say I need to look at 3 or 4 definitions), I don't want to spend 8 seconds loading all ~6000? files when they aren't useful to me.15:27
SotKEspecially when I've just merged a patch series reducing the time taken for morph to decide what it needs to build15:29
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richard_mawSotK: that's one trade-off, but to be able to do that you need every definition file to list file paths to what it needs to look at next, which means we either need one defined thing you can build per-file, or we need to specify both file path and name all the time15:30
paulsherwoodSotK: in the use-case you describe, i think you would discover other issues, deeper than a few seconds15:30
richard_mawplus, it makes it more annoying to rearrange the definitions tree if you have to refer to everything by file path rather than name15:30
* richard_maw has been on both sides of this argument before15:30
paulsherwoodheh :)15:30
rjekThe faster the whole lot is parsed, the sooner morph can tell me to fix my stupid typo.15:34
robtaylorrichard_maw gives a good summary15:35
paulsherwoodactually, rjek has a point. if the typo is in a later step, and you haven't parsed it, you won't know til it gets there15:35
ofcourseistilllowe install pyyaml without libyaml?15:35
ofcourseistilllocould we not parse faster if we installed with libyaml and used Cloader?15:37
pedroalvarezslow parsing is not an issue afaik15:37
* SotK wonders how much faster that would make the huge yaml dump when distbuild calculates the build graph15:37
richard_mawofcourseistilllo: possibly, but you get better error messages out of the python loader, and the python loader is more extensible15:38
ssam2SotK: I've realised that huge yaml dump isn't actually needed any more15:38
ssam2the controller doesn't need to pass the build graph to the workers, the workers can just calculate it for themselves15:38
ssam2since it will take 1-2 seconds each time15:39
ssam2so the output of serialise-artifact can be greatly simplified too15:39
rjekpaulsherwood: Yes, I've been bitten by that more times than I care to enumerate.15:39
ssam2SotK: also, I think I've hit a bug in morph master which we have caused15:40
SotKssam2: oops :)15:40
ofcourseistilllorichard_maw, *nod*15:40
SotKssam2: what is it?15:40
ssam2SotK: morph was ignoring a .morph file even though one was present. when I deleted /src/cache/detect-chunk-buildsystems.pickle it stopped ignoring it15:40
ssam2i was using temporary build branches created by 'morph build', which might be part of what caused it15:41
tlsajjardon: with your morphology, tar failed to build for me, with / multiple definition of `quote'15:42
tlsajjardon: are you using the latest definitions?  The change that broke it was just 1 week ago15:44
jjardontlsa: mmm, strange, Im using current definitions master, yes15:44
SotKssam2: I guess we should try and get the morphology before we get the cached build system then?15:45
jjardontlsa: are you using lastest morph?15:45
tlsaI did what the wiki said to get the latest morph on friday15:46
tlsadon't know beyond that15:46
jjardonuh, after upgrading morph I can not run it in my chroot anymore:
tlsatar builds when I add --without-posix-acls the configure command15:48
ssam2SotK: would that not negate the speedup?15:48
ssam2maybe if we try and get it from local definitions only it'd be fine15:49
jjardonpedroalvarez: are the pylru change announced somewhere?15:49
ssam2yeah, that makes sense actually15:49
ssam2jjardon: only as part of the patch reviews on baserock-dev15:49
SotKyeah, if we only look in local definitions it will be OK (which was something we were going to do anyway I think)15:49
jjardonpedroalvarez: thanks btw15:51
radiofreessam2: 2015-02-19 15:54:04 [Build 271/277] [qtwebkit] Starting actual build: qtwebkit bc9843a15:56
ssam2thanks :)15:57
ssam2hopefully it'll complete before I go home15:57
jjardonrichard_maw: FYI, the build actually fail if you dont use FORCE_UNSAFE_CONFIGURE=1 : "configure: error: you should not run configure as root (set FORCE_UNSAFE_CONFIGURE=1 in environment to bypass this check)"15:57
tiagogomes_I wonder what weird things configure is doing to not be recommended to run as root15:59
tiagogomes_jjardon for which repo that happens?16:00
jjardontiagogomes_: tar16:00
pedroalvareztiagogomes_: good thing is that we don't care, given that the build environment is isolated and protected :)16:01
tiagogomes_pedroalvarez true :)16:02
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jjardoncan I force morph to build a chunk?16:03
radiofreessam2: it should take about 2 hours...16:04
ssam2jjardon: what do you need to do?16:05
ssam2if you change the .morph file it'll rebuild the chunk16:05
jjardonssam2: I upgrade morph I and want to build tar again, but morph seems to think its not needed16:05
tiagogomes_I thought the chunks depended on the morph version16:07
jjardonI removed the tar cache in the end16:07
ssam2jjardon: morph is probably right in that case. upgrading morph shouldn't change how chunks are built usually16:08
jjardonssam2: sure, thats why I ask if you can force a rebuild ;)16:09
ssam2tiagogomes_: there's a separate 'definitions-version' field (or something) that goes into the cache key and that can be used to cause rebuilds16:09
ssam2I think16:09
ssam2it's called 'metadata-version' in fact. in morphlib/cachekey.py16:09
ssam2morphlib/ even16:10
ssam2i wonder if that should be linked to the definitions.git/VERSION file or not ...16:15
ssam2probably should be separate, because Morph could change how it builds stuff in ways that don't affect the actual functionality, and aren't necessarily tied to the format of definitions..16:17
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* richard_maw thinks we ought to define an intermediate format that contains everything needed for the build, so we can decouple the format in definitions.git from what's needed to build16:19
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*** ChanServ sets mode: +v ssam216:32
Zarahas anyone seen this? ERROR: Failed to list tree in ref 2bc8555f0428af81c2d067aa76168ed7bc5e0179 of repo github:giampaolo/psutil16:34
ssam2not seen that before. check if there's more detailed info at the bottom of /src/morph.log16:36
ssam2might be a random network error16:36
jjardontlsa: yeah, latest morph and latest definitions and I can compile tar without problems with the morph file I pasted before. weird16:50
Zaramorph.log:   File "/src/morph/morphlib/", line 79, in ls_tree16:52
Zara    raise LsTreeError(repo_name, ref)16:52
ZaraLsTreeError: Failed to list tree in ref 2bc8555f0428af81c2d067aa76168ed7bc5e0179 of repo github:giampaolo/psutil16:52
ZaraI could pastebin some of the stuff before that, but that seemed like the most relevant bit16:52
Zaraoh wait, actually I should pastebin, gimme a sec16:53
tlsajjardon: that is strange :s16:54
tlsajjardon: I did get it working for me anyway16:54
pedroalvarezZara: oh, the problem might be that the sha1 doesn't exist anymore16:55
ssam2zara: from the log file: 2015-02-19 16:51:30 ERROR Caught exception: HTTP Error 404: Not Found16:56
pedroalvarezthat too16:57
nowsteris there something that morph would do which would cause a kernel tree to become "-dirty" when compiled?16:58
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ssam2the configure or build commands in the reference systems might do something17:00
ssam2e.g: does 'make defconfig'17:01
ssam2would that make the tree 'dirty' ?17:01
nowsterit's just 'make foo_defconfig; scripts/config -e BLAH; yes "" | make oldconfig'17:01
ssam2morph only does what it's told inside the build directory, it doesn't write any random files in there as far as I know17:03
nowsterthe only thing I should have done is "make $MAKEFLAGS" instead of "make -j3 all"17:03
nowsterI wonder if it's timestamps. Cached chunks extract with very old dates, eg. "1991-08-24 23:00:00"17:07
ofcourseistillloto be fair if that's the error you get now because you get a url not found then we should probably give a better message17:16
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ssam2zara, franred: try branch sam/fix-lstree-error17:18
jjardonCan I have a quick review to update to latest libtool tarball?
pedroalvarezjjardon: +1'517:22
pedroalvarezjjardon: why this minour upgrade?17:22
jjardonpedroalvarez: it fixes a regression that makes builds slower17:23
pedroalvarezjjardon: here you have the +0'5 left17:23
jjardon:) thanks!17:23
jjardonI tried to use libtool from git instead a tarball but that will require quite a lot of changes17:24
nowsterHEAD detached at d1a9b7517:26
nowsternothing to commit, working directory clean17:26
nowster# make kernelreleas17:27
nowsterit's nice and clean...17:27
nowsterI wonder what's dirtying it...17:27
franredok, I always has a problem when I create link in baserock on install-commands or post-install-commands, if I want to link something from an installed file should I do: ln -sf "$DESTDIR"/path_to_foo "$DESTDIR"/path_to_bar or I don't have to put the latest "$DESTDIR"?17:30
pedroalvarezyou don't have to put the former17:31
richard_mawyou must not put DESTDIR in the first argument, as it's interpreted at link dereference time, where DESTDIR will no longer exist17:41
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jjardonto avoid busybox to put binaries in /bin, would it be enough to create a symlink from bin -> /usr/bin just before the busybox configure step? Or another stuff has to be taken in account?17:49
radiofreefedora uses symlinks for that, i thought pedroalvarez was looking into that?17:49
ssam2jjardon: I believe /bin is already a symlink to /tools/bin in stage 3. I might be wrong though17:50
ssam2try it and see :)17:51
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pedroalvarezjjardon: are you looking at the "kill /bin /sbin /lib" story?17:56
jjardonpedroalvarez: yes17:57
pedroalvarezjjardon: I've been working on it (as the story says)17:57
pedroalvarezjjardon: still a WIP, though17:59
jjardonpedroalvarez: oh, brilliant17:59
pedroalvarezjjardon: you are welcome to continue the work, I haven't had spare time last weeks to play with this18:00
jjardonIs ther any way to get notifications from storyboard? Ive created that story and Id expect to receive an email or something18:00
nowstergrr     DEPMOD  3.19.0-gd1a9b75-dirty18:02
nowsterso something between make and install has dirtied it...18:02
ssam2jjardon: I think it doesn't work yet18:02
ssam2as in, feature missing in upstream storyboard. I could be wrong18:02
jjardonmmm, building current definitions morph is trying to build systemd instead get it from the cache ... Any idea what can be the problem?18:15
jjardonseems is down?18:17
ssam2nope, seems fine18:19
ssam2systemd 219 didn't get merged yet afaik18:20
jjardonyep, I know. Nevermind, probably I did something weird here18:21
richard_mawATTENTION: The current combination of Linux 3.19 and btrfs-progs 3.18.2 results in it creating disk images that are not bootable by syslinux. will force btrfs-progs to something that our current version of syslinux can read.18:22
richard_mawI haven't proposed a proper patch series for it because I'm head-down in OpenStack stuff, and we might need to support building with latest morph and older btrfs-progs, so we'd need to test for available features first.18:23
richard_mawI just thought it would be useful for anyone who is encountering this bug to have a work-around until we get around to fixing it properly18:24
ssam2thanks for the fix up18:24
pedroalvarezindeed thanks18:27
ssam2i propose merging this to master of morph, so I can do a 15.08 release tomorrow that isn't broken18:28
ssam2this might cause new morph to not work in old baserock (with old btrfs-progs), but we can cross that bridge if we come to it18:28
ssam2i'll send a patch tomorrow anyway18:31
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nowsternow I'm really puzzled!18:37
nowsterHEAD detached at d1a9b7518:37
nowsternothing to commit, working directory clean18:37
jmacsWhat's the confusion?18:39
nowsterjust wondering why it was clean during the build but is now -dirty.18:40
jmacsAh. No idea.18:41
ofcourseistilllothanks richard_maw18:42
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radiofreejetson build times, qtwebkit, max-jobs:1 = [Build 271/277] [qtwebkit] Elapsed time 03:44:4522:12
radiofreeadd swap (just a 10GB file on the SSD, overkill...)  [Build 271/277] [qtwebkit] Elapsed time 01:12:4822:12
radiofree(that's with max-jobs: 4)22:12

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