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jjardontlsa: hi, are you working in the split x-xorg / x-xwayland stratum in a branch ? I think it would be useful for what I'm doing09:56
tlsaI was yesterday, now I'm looking at the new mason stuff09:57
tlsajjardon: I was planning on squeezing the x work in around that09:58
tlsajjardon: but that might not be quick enough for you if you need it?09:58
tlsaI can push the branch somewhere09:58
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jjardonIf you can push what you have somewhere it would be great09:59
tlsajjardon: ok10:00
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kejiahupedro, morning, I wonder how can I apply for a VM in DC cloud? tiago suggested me to inquiry to you.10:06
pedroalvarezhi kejiahu, let me check10:08
kejiahupedroalvarez, thanks10:09
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pedroalvarezOk, the request was denied. IMO we shouldn't do this anymore, and when we did it for tiagogomes_ was an excepion. kejiahu, I hope you understand.10:28
straycatAre we out of capacity or something?10:29
pedroalvarezstraycat: no. The main reason is that our space in DC is for baserock infrastructure.10:31
pedroalvareznothing else10:31
pedroalvarezalso, CPU and RAM there is not free10:32
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tlsajjardon: that is currently unfinnished - there's still some missing dep for xfce10:39
tlsabut plain x does start10:39
tlsa(the xfce system builds, but reports a missing lib when you do `startxfce4`)10:40
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petefothI'm trying to track down commiters to so I can contact them about licensing. Users who edit via the web interface are particularly challenging. DOes anyone10:42
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petefothown upo to being 'citizenfive' who has been editing the arm64-be-kernel page a biot recently?10:43
mwilliams_ctbashrc perhaps?10:43
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petefothmwilliams_ct: Bob Mottram? (aka 'Robert@web')?10:44
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petefothbashrc: do you own up to being citizenfive?10:45
pedroalvarezyou won't  have problems with Pedro's10:45
bashrcpeteforth: yes10:45
petefothbashrc: thanks10:46
petefothothers I am trying to identify are 'cyclesport', 'Ric', 'Randy', 'Peter_Mortensen', 'Steven', 'Alessio-Igor', 'Adrian', 'Jon'.10:50
petefothNot sure whether 'Ben' is benbrown_ ,flatmush or bjdooks, and I'm guessing 'Mike' is Krin. 'dev' may be devcurmudgeon or someone else10:52
petefothAny clues gratefully received10:52
rjekIf only we enforced editing the wiki via git and curated ssh keys!10:52
jmacsDoesn't the authenication provider tell us anything more about those names? Like a contact address?10:52
jmacsI can't imagine "dev" is a globally unique username10:52
straycatyes it's in the git log10:52
petefothjmacs: not that I can see10:52
jmacsrjek: ssh keys don't give you a method of contacting someone10:53
petefothstraycat: have I missed something?10:53
tpollard_ikiwiki will only strip the remote_user for the git commiter when doing web edits unfortunately10:54
rjekjmacs: Indeed not; but they do tell you who made the edit, and if the permitted keys are curated you'll know who it is.10:54
jmacsrjek: Mine just says username@thinkpad10:55
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jjardontlsa: you are moving some X stuff to graphincs-common and duplicating the x protocols in x-xorg, any reason for that?10:55
tlsathe idea was to move stuff out of x-generic that was going to be shared by both x-xorg and x-wayland10:56
tlsaso x-xorg and x-wayland would only have a duplicate for the xserver10:57
tlsaI didn't quite finish that though10:57
tlsadidn't mean to duplicate any x protocols10:58
* Krin just wandered over and took a look as to what was potentially his work to save the confusion.10:58
tlsajjardon: I put the fonts stuff in graphics common because that's were freetype2 was10:59
straycatpetefoth, no sorry11:00
jjardontlsa: mmm, Id like graphics-common to not have any ~X11:00
petefothstraycat: OK thanks11:00
jjardonany X specific11:01
tlsajjardon: iirc graphics common build deps on x-common11:01
tlsawhich is why I did it like that11:01
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radiofreehi, openstack on baserock, is that a thing?11:04
franredradiofree, it is a thing ongoing, why?11:05
franredthere is not stable public branch yet, the branches that gbo has are all under development11:06
franredradiofree, ^^11:06
radiofreefranred: how complete is it?11:07
franredradiofree, it is a PoC, which contains keystone, glance, cinder, nova, neutron working, horizon under development - there are some works to stabilize the system after reboots, work in baremetal, add remaining pieces of horizon and swift11:09
radiofreeok, thanks11:10
radiofreeis anyone working on shifting it from a PoC to something that's production ready?11:10
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Guest57861yup, everyone :)11:11
radiofreewonderful, what's the timescale for that?11:11
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fay__as soon as possible - aiming for 4-6 weeks11:13
radiofreeok, thanks11:14
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jjardonradiofree: please, do not use my personal email in the commit messages ;)11:18
radiofreedon't use your personal e-mail to review then11:19
jjardonDid i? Nevermind then11:19
pedroalvarezha! radiofree 1 - 0 jjardon11:20
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franredhaha, I was about to do the same the other day in my last review from one of your patches, jjardon11:21
jjardonfranred: what thing?11:22
rjekfolder-hook BaserockDev "my_hdr From: Rob Kendrick <>"11:23
rjekyay, mutt11:23
franredjjardon, add your personal email11:23
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radiofreejjardon: is there any reason you didn't add the tools stratum to the weston system?11:24
jjardonfranred: mmm, did I use my personal mail when I sent the patches? Or I review a patch of you with my personal email?11:24
radiofreecan't upgrade them without that (tools has rsync)11:24
jjardonradiofree: no reason, feel free to add it if its useful11:25
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franredjjardon, when you send the patches and sometimes on reviews too11:25
jjardonfranred: thats strangre, I think there is not a single commit in the definitions history with my personal email. I will take more care with the reviews though11:27
tiagogomes_jjardon, is your personal one ?11:29
jjardontiagogomes_: no, my personal one is javierjc1982@gmail.com11:29
franredjjardon, no probs, I think11:30
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jjardonfranred: AFAIK, I only use my personal email in the last review to upgrade weston to 1.7 and in a comment to add the weston-common stratum (in Oct last year). What are the cases you are talking about? Im only curious as Im not aware to use it any other time11:41
franredjjardon, sorry, it was with, should we add this email when your reviews are with it?11:44
jjardonfranred: oh, ok! yes please, use in those cases11:46
franredjjardon, ok, I will do, sorry for the noise11:47
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nowster_General query: I have some kernel patches (on top of 3.19) some of which will be in 3.20, and some which will probably not be. I wish to make a branch available for the board specific kernel build to use. I've currently got one on the internal CT trove. How do I get it onto
franrednowster_, you will need to submit a patch modifying the sha1 and the unpetrify ref to a linux 3.19 branch with your patches. After the review, the person in charge of merge the patches into master will create a non-personal branch in g.b.o linux and will point the linux chunk to it12:17
franreds/of merge/to merge/12:17
nowster_This can't be merged into master.12:17
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radiofreenowster: i usually create a new branch baserock/3.18-with-some-foo and point the morph file at that branch12:18
radiofreemaybe e-mail the list with your linux tree (on github or somewhere public) and ask someone to push that to gbo/delta/linux?12:19
franrednowster, when I refer to master I mean master definitions12:20
franredradiofree, nowster, you need to create a personal branch first, and after the review the responsible for merging the changes will create the stable branch (so first baserock/nowster/my_3.19_branch_which_fixes_foo and then someone will create the  baserock/my_3.19_branch_which_fixes_foo)12:22
nowsterI'm in the process of setting up a github repo for this now.12:22
tiagogomes_franred that seems a step in the away. Why can't he create directly a baserock/my_3.19_branch_which_fixes_foo branch. This would approximate what is sent to review and what will be actually merged.12:26
radiofreeyeah, i doubt anyone is going to review a load of patches on top of 3.19 anyway12:27
radiofree"this is my kernel branch, it works on this board" is good enough for me12:28
franredtiagogomes_, I imagine that branch would be a development branch, I think we have a policy when it is a devel branch we create with the name of the developer on the branch. When the branch becomes stable would change the name as stable by baserock team.12:30
franredradiofree, ^^12:30
radiofreefranred: that's probably what i used to do, these days i'll just force push a baserock/3.19-my-foo branch until i'm ready to submit12:31
franredradiofree, you have push permissions in gbo12:31
radiofreenowster doesn't have push access to gbo though (assumption....) so he can just say "here's my linux tree, create baserock/3.19-foo"12:31
radiofreei don't think we need to do his branch -> baserock/nowster/3.19-foo -> review -> baserock/3.19-foo12:32
franredand force push is a bad practice for stables branches, AFAIK12:32
radiofree' until i'm ready to submit'12:32
tiagogomes_but he will have push access to whatever git host he uses (eg github)12:32
franredI don't have strong opinion on this, just communicate what we are doing, maybe other members has their opinions, so if you want to modify the policy, just ask for it in a RFC :)12:33
franredtiagogomes_, but his branch wouldn't be in gbo as an stable branch12:34
tiagogomes_franred, I didn't quite follow. Here what I imagine that would happen. Someone forks linux in a git host which has push access. He creates the baserock/3.19-foo branch which is private as it is in his own repo. He sends a patch to definitions to merge that branch for his repo.12:38
tiagogomes_But I don't have any strong opinions either, I just wondered12:38
radiofreeon his personal git repo he has baserock/3.19-foo, his intial 'patch' e-mail should be "move this to gbo/linux"12:46
radiofreehis person git repo could be mybranch/whateverthehelliwanttocallit12:46
radiofreebut his 'patch' should be "mobe this to gbo/linux as baserock/3.19-with-patches-for-foo" or something12:46
radiofreewe don't need to bother creating baserock/personalbranch/3.19-with-patches-for-foo on gbo12:47
petefothrjek: whic would put off many people and make contributing much less convenient12:47
petefothooops - sorry about that EDELAYEDPASTE12:48
radiofreedo we have "Chef 10" in baserock?12:49
radiofreei suppose that means version 10 of "Chef"12:49
ssam2I think so...12:50
radiofreei used to think we had 'go' as well, but it's not there in definitions?12:52
radiofreeor was that only on the docker branch?12:52
ssam2only in the docker branch12:54
radiofreeok, thanks12:55
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rdalei am having trouble with building stage2-busybox because some networking headers aren't under 'net', such as net/if_ppp.h, they are only present under linux. I notice that in my baserock installation i have both the net and the linux headers - when are the includes under 'net' created?13:20
richard_mawrdale: I'd guess they are added by the libc. Is this still the attempted musl port work?13:21
pedroalvarezrdale: `grep "net/if_ppp.h" /baserock/*` may be useful13:22
richard_mawI'd guess that the version of busybox listed is reliant on where glibc puts the libraries, while musl attempts to be more standards compliant13:22
rdaleaha: /baserock/glibc-devel.meta:        "usr/include/net/if_ppp.h",13:23
richard_mawrdale: I remember seeing a few patches on the busybox mailing list about header includes like these, have you tried updating the version of busybox?13:23
rdaleno, not yet - it sounds like i should fine the mailing list comments then13:23
richard_mawgood luck on the porting rdale13:24
richard_mawI remember someone sending patches to systemd for musl compatibility with a subset of systemd's services, they didn't all go in because systemd upstream is firmly of the opinion that missing functionality should go in the libc or other libraries, rather than every binary implementing the missing functionality themselves13:26
rdaleok, i'm not sure that the system that we are trying to build with musl uses systemd13:27
richard_mawthat should be fine then13:51
* richard_maw generally assumed that musl-based systems would be for something like an initramfs13:51
rdaleit's for a router system13:51
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petefothDoes anyone know who worked on setting up Acer CB5-311 with a chroot, as described in (According to the logs it was someone called 'dev@web' who edited the pages)14:17
pedroalvarezpetefoth: is 'dev'
petefothpedroalvarez: I thought that, but I don't think that person worked on Acer on a Chromebook14:24
* petefoth could be wrong :)14:24
pedroalvarezpetefoth: I think that mauricemoss (Simon) worked on that14:24
pedroalvarezbut I also can be wrong14:24
radiofreeaccording to;a=history;f=guides/baserock-cb5-311.mdwn;hb=HEAD14:35
radiofreedev@web made a commit with a message "FIXME :)"14:36
radiofreewhich seems very unlike me14:36
radiofreethe next commit after that is <James@web>14:36
petefothLooks like they were pasting in your comments from IRC14:36
radiofreedev@web =
petefothMaybe it was mr curmudegon tidying up14:38
radiofreeJames@web =
radiofreepetefoth: there's a Paul@web14:38
petefothradiofree: I know, and several others. looks like dev is another one14:39
radiofreethat's urls don't really reveal anything though14:39
petefothradiofree: don't worry about it :) I'm down to 8 possible non-codethink contributors via the web14:40
petefothonly two of whom have made more than 3 commits (Randy@web and Peter_Mortensen@web)14:41
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edcraggis there a preferred way to specify custom commands to be run when deploying a cluster morph, since it seems configuration extensions are only supported in system definitions?15:01
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pedroalvarezedcragg: configuration extensions are run at deployment time, before execuing the write extension that does the deployment. With them you only are able to modify the system  rootfs before deploying it.15:04
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pedroalvarezedcragg: what kind of commands do you want to run>?15:04
edcraggpedroalvarez: converting a kernel image15:05
edcraggKinnison suggested that this could be done in a deployment specific to the moonshot, while the system definition is left for generic armv8l64 builds15:06
tpollard_Hi I've got a trove instance, and I'm trying to create a new repo on it, after checking with whoami that I have trove-admin rights, doing ssh git@172.16.20.XX create trove-test/cg999/project-wiki gives  [trove-test] CRIT: Repository creation is not permitted.15:07
tpollard_ [trove-test] CRIT: Ruleset denied action.  Sorry.15:07
tpollard_ [trove-test] FATAL: Not authorized15:07
tpollard_Am I missing a stage?15:07
straycatyou need to createa trove-test project and add yourself to it15:08
straycata cg99915:08
pedroalvarezedcragg: right, but I guess that you only need the nfsboot.write extension, but modifying the kernel?15:09
edcraggpedroalvarez: yes... just want to modify the kernel for this deployment target15:12
tpollard_straycat, trying it without cg999 also gives the same error15:12
edcraggpedroalvarez: trying to use the pxeboot.write extention btw15:12
tpollard_straycat: does groups need to be in place before a project can be created?15:13
straycattpollard_, sorry when i said project, i meant project group :/15:14
straycatfoo-readers, foo-writers, foo-admin, foo-managers etc15:14
pedroalvarezedcragg: then.. a configuration extension would be enough I believe15:16
edcraggpedroalvarez: but specifying it in a separate system morph?15:16
straycattpollard_, you can ssh@trove help admin for info on admin commands15:16
straycate.g. ssh@trove help group15:17
straycat*ssh git@trove15:17
edcraggpedroalvarez: since trying to add a configuration extension to the cluster morph isn't allowed15:17
tpollard_Ta straycat I was aware of that, I'm still getting used to the differences coming from vanilla gitano to trove15:19
tpollard_thanks sorted now :)15:19
pedroalvarezedcragg: you have to add the configuration to the system that you are deploying, but make the configuration extension "clever" enough to only run when a variable is set15:20
*** tpollard_ is now known as CTtpollard15:20
edcraggpedroalvarez: ah ok, i see15:20
franredssam2, pedroalvarez, could we share the shame on this and we can fix it fast? :)15:38
pedroalvarez+2 is 415:39
franred:D thanks ssam2, pedroalvarez15:40
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radiofreeis there something called "bundler" in baserock?15:50
radiofreeit's a ruby dependency manager by the looks of it15:50
SotKyes, I think so15:50
rdaleyes, it's in the ruby stratum afaik15:50
radiofreerdale: is rake part of ruby?15:59
radiofreethere's a comment "Tools which extend Rake, such as  'hoe' and 'rake-compiler'" but no rake chunk15:59
radiofreeah, ok15:59
rdalewell it has it's own git repo15:59
radiofreein the ruby strata there is no "rake" chunk15:59
ssam2rake comes with ruby iirc16:01
ssam2as does gem16:01
rdaleyes, there is rake 0.9.6 with the ruby in my baserock, but i needed to build a later one for the rails app i got working under baserock16:03
ssam2I've hit a *really* weird error that is breaking the yarns for me ...16:16
ssam2scripts/edit-morph cluster-init16:16
ssam2ERROR: unknown subcommand cluster-init16:16
ssam2that command, and all the others, are defined... and none of them work16:16
CTtpollardgot what we wanted working straycat, cheers16:18
radiofreerdale: upgrading ruby would be relatively painless right?16:19
ssam2must be something wrong in my chroot, I guess...16:19
rdaleradiofree: yes, i would expect so - why do you need to upgrade ruby?16:20
radiofreelooking through some documentation, some component will need "Ruby 1.9.3, 2.0.x, or 2.1.x."16:21
rdalei see, we're on 2.0.x at the moment16:21
ssam2argh!!! I know what i've done...16:23
radiofreerdale: oooooh16:23
ssam2having a script named scripts/distbuild causes stuff in scripts/ that do 'import distbuild' to import the script, instead of the module...16:23
radiofreei just saw "ruby 1.8", but you need that to build ruby 2.016:23
pedroalvarezgreat, My build starts 43 seconds faster with morph master!16:33
pedroalvarezSotK, ssam2! Thanks for this!16:34
straycatpedroalvarez, have you been using the local-changes=ignore option as well? I quite like this16:53
pedroalvarezstraycat: never used that16:54
pedroalvarezI normally build things that are not commited/pushed, and that option sounds like I have to do that before building. Am I right?16:55
* straycat nods16:55
radiofreejjardon: are you going to merge your qt fix patches?16:57
pedroalvarezstraycat: does that speed up things?16:57
jjardonradiofree: you mean the xcb related ones? yep, when I have a moment16:58
radiofreeyep those ones, a16:58
wdutchhello all, the lorry readme says that lorries can be found at git:// but I needed to clone git://, should I fix this or is there a reason for it being the way it is?16:58
straycatpedroalvarez, yes, by a few seconds iirc16:59
pedroalvarezwdutch: we moved from the former to the latter, is that URL in the lorry.git README?16:59
wdutchpedroalvarez: yes the former url is17:00
pedroalvarezwdutch: I see, but only to point out some examples. That repo still exists17:01
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wdutchpedroalvarez: I got this error when I tried fatal: remote error: access denied or repository not exported: /baserock/lorries.git17:01
pedroalvarezwdutch: I see, it should be git://
pedroalvarezIn that case, I guess we can update it to point to git://
ssam2that'd be good, yeah17:02
* wdutch will do it now17:04
radiofreerdale: do we have "sinatra" and "gabba"?17:04
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jjardonradiofree: merged17:11
jjardonthis can be of interest here:
rdaleradiofree: no those aren't lorried yet afaik17:15
straycatradiofree, might be fun to try using the import tool to import them17:20
radiofreejjardon: nice!17:20
radiofreeyou can even download the images17:20
jjardonwould be ok to move git to tools stratum? nothing seems to directly depend on it in core (at least bison and utils-linux dont)17:28
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ssam2jjardon: I think that several things need it at build time17:30
tiagogomes_jjardon that sounds good17:30
ssam2remember bison uses gnulib, which requires git17:30
ssam2really, we should fix the things in GNUlib and any other chunks that need Git available to build from Git17:31
ssam2all they ever actually want to do is calculate a version number17:31
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ssam2but I don't think it's trivial17:31
jjardonYou can configure gnulib to not use git to update the submodule17:31
tiagogomes_in which way it uses git?  Aren't we disabling network o the chroot?17:31
tiagogomes_on the chroot17:32
ssam2mostly `git describe`17:32
jjardonI will make a full build a report back17:36
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richard_mawINBOX 0 \o/17:48
richard_maw700 e-mails worth of back-log caught up with17:49
* ssam2 emails richard_maw with congratulations17:50
ssam2thanks for the reviews by the way :)17:50
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jjardoncan we move python-setuptools and pyyaml to python-core?18:21
persiasetuptools, please.  I don't have an opinion about pyyaml.18:22
ssam2pyyaml too, yes please18:24
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radiofreejjardon: you broke mason!21:12
radiofreein record time as well, 18s21:12
radiofreecan i use a tarball link directly in a stratum?21:15
radiofreeas the ref21:15
persiaI believe not  I think morph has an expectation that every ref can be resolved by git, from the repository in repo:21:19
jjardonradiofree: spotted the error, working in a patch. Thanks for noticing21:21
radiofreepersia: ah ok, i'll morph edit it for now21:22
persiaI remember some folk talking about local lorrying.  I don't know if that was made to work, but that ought allow one to specify the URI and attributes of a tarball and cause it to generate a git repo for morph to consume.21:22
persiamorph edit ought work.21:23
radiofreethat's more or less what i wanted to21:24
persiaAlso `tar tf foo; cd foo; git init; git commit -a` ought work if you have a local copy.21:24
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radiofreeicu is lorried from a tarball, i just morph edit icu and then extracted a more recent version over the top21:24
persiaI don't know enough about lorry to suggest how to do that.21:24
radiofreeobviously if it works i'll send a lorry change for the new version21:24
persiaWe need a better workflow for that.21:24
persiaWould you mind describing your experience in a story: there needs to be a way to locally update tarballs for integration before changing the master lorry.21:25
radiofreewill do tomorrow, currently trying to get qt5 to compile21:26
radiofreewell, icu21:27
persiaHeh, understood.21:27
jjardonradiofree: icu is duplicated in several strata, so it would be good to think a stratum to move it into21:28
persiaI just worry that the folk who know how to drive lorry won't see the issue in backscroll.21:28
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jjardonradiofree: and Id suggest add qt5 to the weston system when you finish21:29
radiofree54 didn't work, however 52 (which is our master seems to be ok21:35
radiofreeshouldn't have said that...21:36
jjardonradiofree: whats the error with 54?21:45
radiofreejjardon: might have been me21:46
jjardonBtw, id suggest lorry and build icu from git, if possible21:48
radiofreethey use svn21:53
radiofreeit works, but i had to comment out
jjardonI think lorry can import from svn repos21:57
jjardonNot in the computer at the moment , will try to take a look later21:58
persialorry can most definitely import from subversion.21:58
radiofreeit can21:59
radiofreethe last time i tried to do it though i was confused22:00
radiofreebecuase i wasn't lorrying a standard layout... is that icu standard?22:00
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