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paulsherwoodfolks, what's the state of play for the qt systems... last time i tried building them something was up with the lua/enlightment bits...10:11
paulsherwoodhas rdale or someone else been looking at qt recently?10:11
pedroalvarezcan this be caused by the toolchain upgrade?10:13
rdalenot since qt5.3.210:13
rdalei can fix the lua problem10:13
rdalebut systemd doesn't build with enlightenment at the moment10:13
paulsherwoodi can fix the lua problem (in fact i did...
rdaleok thanks10:15
paulsherwoodwe should maybe just drop enlightenment from that example. but i'm mainly interested to know if recent qt itself is building/working10:16
pedroalvarezaha, nothing to do with the toolchain, sorry :)10:16
rdalei would expect qt5.3.2 to build, but not enlightenment10:16
tiagogomes_jjardon, you are stepping in my toes regarding your last patch series, I was planning to update libtool, m4 and pkg-config as well10:18
rdalepaulsherwood: there is a problem with building qtcreator that i should fix10:19
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jjardontiagogomes_: sorry, I didnt see any public work about that on the mailing list. FWIW my branch is already ready to merge so less work for you ;)10:35
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paulsherwoodrdale: please do :-)10:46
paulsherwoodjjardon: +1 :-)10:48
paulsherwoodnow would be a great moment to start using gerrit, so everyone knows what's coming ?10:49
KinnisonI think ssam2 has been working on that10:49
robtaylordid anyone see the wikimedia talk on using phabricator? :)10:51
paulsherwoodKinnison: yup - maybe it just needs instructions on the wiki and 'please send to gerrit, not the ml' broadcast?10:52
Kinnisonpaulsherwood: I don't know if ssam2 finished yet10:52
Kinnisonrobtaylor: I'd personally argue strongly against using phabricator because we're not equipped to maintain security of PHP applications10:52
pedroalvarezlooks unfinished10:52
persiaDNS suggests "testgerrit" exists and "gerrit" doesn't, which makes me also think it isn't finished.10:54
pedroalvarez does exist10:54
persiaIndeed: we prefer gerrit to phabricator for almost precisely the same reasons mediawiki prefers phabricator to gerrit :)10:54
persiapedroalvarez: Good catch.  I need to test more frequently :)  No registered projects yet, though.10:55
paulsherwoodcan we start using it? what does it take to change our default way of working at this point?10:55
pedroalvarezI think that ssam2 wanted it host all the baserock/* projects (repos) and make it push to when a merge happens10:56
pedroalvarezI can be wrong, so I'll let him explain it10:57
ssam2gerrit is not finished10:58
ssam2i'm currently looking at some bugs in distbuild instead of looking integrating with, but once that is done I will be back to looking at gerrit10:58
franredwho has supercow powers to remove and stop its lorry minion to fix it and pointed to a correct repository? (see the mailing list for more info)10:58
ssam2franred: you...10:59
franred:P - short notice10:59
tiagogomes_Hi, is it possible to have a VM hosted at Datacentred?11:31
pedroalvareztiagogomes_: what for?11:31
Kinnisonpedroalvarez: ^^ this is to speed up tiago's work on the Moonshot11:31
Kinnisonpedroalvarez: currently it costs him 1h of productivity every time he has to upload a bootstrap tarball11:31
pedroalvarezok, makes sense to me. I;ll spin up a devel vm for him. Anyone disagree? ssam2 franred ?11:34
KinnisonThanks pedroalvarez11:35
paulsherwood+1 from me11:35
Kinnisonthanks paulsherwood11:35
ssam2go for it11:37
pedroalvareztiagogomes_: 2cpu 4Gram and 80G disk?11:37
tiagogomes_pedroalvarez, 4 cpus, 8G ram would be better :)11:39
pedroalvarezon it11:41
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pedroalvareztiagogomes_: please, msg me your public ssh key11:48
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*** pedroalvarez changes topic to "Conversation regarding the Baserock project | Please note: This channel is logged | IRC logs: | Pastebin:"11:56
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richard_maw may be of interest to people here who haven't already seen it :-)12:05
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rjekDo the reference system morphs for Baserock always include GCC?14:16
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richard_mawThe "minimal" systems shouldn't14:16
rdalei can't compile qt5 qtbase because xcb is missing from a stratum that used to have it, which qtbase depended on. are we supposed to be giving up with x11 support, or should the x11 stuff that used to be there be maintained and only removed when there are no dependencies in higher level strata in the baserock master defintions repo?14:22
ssam2jjardon: ^^14:23
persiaI'd like to keep X11 support if we can.14:30
ssam2it's easy enough to revert the patch that removed X11 support. I don't have an opinion either way.14:31
ssam2persia, rdale: jjardon's idea I think was that we can use Xwayland for things that still need X11. how do you feel about that?14:32
persiaI mostly only care about two things: 1) client support, and 2) network-transparency in terms of running clients on other hosts that display on my local environment.14:33
persiaThe other stuff I don't use as much.14:33
rdalei don't know much about xwayland, and so i don't know what using it with qt5 involves. there is an option to build qt5 with its own xcb support, but maybe that wouldn't work if you wanted to build enlightenment to use with qt5 under x1114:36
ssam2I think for Qt5 you wouldn't need Xwayland14:37
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ssam2you'd just build Qt5 with its wayland backend enabled and its X11 backend disabled14:38
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ssam2I think Xwayland is to run apps that still need X11 under a Wayland compositor14:38
persiaMy worry there is that I can't necessarily link something against Qt and run it remote via X.  I might be wrong about this (and hope I am).14:38
rdalei think qt5 mostly works with wayland, but i don't the webkit does. and webkit is being superceeded in qt5.4, and i don't think blink works with wayland yet either14:40
rdalei don't know what the target audience for qt5 is really14:42
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ssam2persia: I'd imagine that you'd need to use a lower-level protocol to forward your connection at that point. Something like VNC or SPICE. I really don't know what I'm talking about though at this point :)14:51
ssam2s/at that point/if Qt5 was built with only its Wayland backend/14:51
jjardonrdale: is not qtwayland ready yet? there are instructions to compile Qt on wayland here:
jjardonbut I think xcb should not have been removed, let me check14:56
rdaleyes, qt wayland works well especially in qt5.4, but i'm not so sure about the chromium and webkit based browser libraries14:57
jjardonrdale: so what is exactly the component that its currently failing?14:58
rdalethe error that terminated the qt5 qtbase config was this one: fatal error: xcb/xcb_icccm.h: No such file or directory14:58
jjardonyeah, seems qt5 depends on xcb-util, will send a patch shortly15:04
rdaleok thanks15:05
jjardon(sorry, I though it was a utilility, not a library when I removed it)15:05
persiassam2: That's precisely what I want to avoid.  With X bindings, I can easily tunnel stuff with ssh's X support.15:05
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jjardonrdale: you have a patch in baserock/jjardon/xcb-util , mind to check if that fixes the problem for you?15:11
rdaleok, i'll try that15:12
jjardonpersia: modern X is not network transparent: DRI, for example, is not network transparent15:13
persiajjardon: Yes, but there are *lots* of programs that don't use DRI :)15:13
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radiofreewhat is a "subsystem" in a cluster?15:21
Kinnisonallows for deploying one system inside another15:22
Kinnisone.g. for sysroots, initramfsen etc15:22
radiofreeah, ok15:23
rdalejjardon: it looks like xcb-util has git submodules: You have uninitialized git submodules.15:27
jjardonrdale: oh, true. One minute15:29
jjardonrdale: can you try again?15:32
jjardonrdale: Ive just push another fix15:38
rdaleoh ok15:38
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jjardonrdale: it compiles fine here now15:51
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franredssam2, Im creating the lorry file for apache to add httpd, apr and apr-util, should I called apache-projects.lorry or just apache.lorry ?15:54
ssam2apache.lorry makes sense15:55
ssam2or apache-projects.lorry15:55
ssam2i don't know. I guess the 2nd so we know it's not just for httpd15:55
ssam2so apache-projects15:55
persiaI like "apache-httpd" or some such.15:55
persiaApache has become really huge: they do Zookeeper, for example.15:55
ssam2exactly. So apache-projects.lorry15:56
ssam2which (ignoring the fact that Zookeeper is probably already lorried elsewhere) could reasonably contain Zookeeper as well as httpd15:56
pedroalvarezfranred: then apr-util is 100% needed?15:56
franredpedroalvarez, to compile httpd for sure15:56
pedroalvarezbut, apr-util repo is empty nowadays15:57
franredit is not15:57
pedroalvarezfranred: try to clone git://
pedroalvarezand check its contents15:58
pedroalvarezfranred: and check its contents please15:58
franredpedroalvarez, oh, I see15:59
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franredpedroalvarez, ok, no apr-utils16:00
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pedroalvarezfranred: I just asked if it was needed. It might be, I don't know16:01
franredpedroalvarez, I will need to compile httpd once again from scratch to know16:02
rdalejjardon: xcb-util has built for me too from your branch16:03
pedroalvarezfranred: ok, I just don't like the idea of lorrying an already-deprecated repo16:04
franredpedroalvarez, agreed, sorry for the noise - I need to test the new repo before create the patch in any case16:05
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jjardonrdale: great! can I have a +1 to the patch I sent to the mailing list then? ;)16:07
rdaleyes ok16:07
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radiofreeupgrading from a rawdisk image file works!16:11
radiofreealthough i forgot to change the cleanup code so it wiped the contents of the image file...16:12
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rdalejjardon: i'm still getting the same error in the qtbase config: xcb/xcb_icccm.h: No such file or directory16:25
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bashrcI know this is a classic, but does anyone know what "Only chunks built in 'bootstrap' mode can be cross-compiled" means?16:28
radiofreebashrc: the arch in your systems morph doesn't match the arch you're building on?16:31
jjardonrdale: ah, what you need is xcb/util-wm, let me prepare another patch. will check and report back16:35
rdaleok - i assume i added these chunks in the first place to build qt516:36
pedroalvarezoh, just remembered that last thursday I tried an upgrade to systemd 218. Gitano doesn't look happy with it :/16:38
Kinnisonpedroalvarez: Oh?16:38
Kinnisonpedroalvarez: did you talk with Gitano upstream?16:38
pedroalvarezI was going to  after verifying that it wasn't a baserock-related problem16:39
* persia thinks that asking usptream first is often the best strategy16:39
Kinnisonpedroalvarez: do you have a log of the failure mode?16:40
* pedroalvarez moves the discussion to #gitano16:41
jjardonrdale: what system are you using to test this? qt5-devel-system-x86_64-generic doesnt compile: "chunk efl references its dependency luajit2 before it is defined"16:49
pedroalvarezgiven that is not #gitano related, I'll post the error here too:
Kinnisonwhat does the system think its hostname is?16:50
richard_mawnss-myhostname comes from systemd16:50
KinnisonAnd does it have a loopback interface working?16:50
richard_mawfixed in commit 3fdcecc87eb381ef300719e419d5863dd8a64a9716:53
pedroalvarezthere is a 'lo' interface, localhost resolves16:53
pedroalvarezalthough I was upgrading to fix a bug, and I found another bigger :/16:53
pedroalvarezrichard_maw: thanks for helping :)16:54
richard_mawpedroalvarez: no problem, I'm currently digging through systemd's codebase anyway16:54
jjardonrdale: seems 604ce30fd8f0a40164ede05c5fb365fa382387d5 broke the enlightenment strata16:54
pedroalvarezKinnison: thank you too :)16:55
rdalejjardon: yes the i moved the luajit chunk to the lua morph but forgot to remove the chunk from the enlightenment stratum. but the systemd pkgconfig change is harder to fix17:06
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tiagogomes_ssam2, any change in speeding up file and lzo lorrying :) ?17:30
ssam2you'd like me to promote those two jobs? I can do that17:30
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ssam2i promoted delta/file and delta/lzo17:32
tiagogomes_ssam2 ta!17:33
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ssam2tiagogomes_: your baserock/tiagogomes/armv8 caused ./check to fail in morph17:38
ssam2I've fixed it, but please be sure to run './check' before merging branches in future17:39
tiagogomes_ssam2 noted.17:39
tiagogomes_ah, copyright years17:41
ssam2coverage as well17:43
jjardonrdale: configuration phase of qtbase passed with the patches I sent to the list. Building for more than 40 min now (any idea how much normally takes?)17:46
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rdalequite a long time - several hours and qtwebkit takes forever17:51
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rdalejjardon: i don't understand why it doesn't build for me if it builds for you. doesn't in need an xcb-icccm chunk?18:05
jjardonrdale: I sent new patches18:06
rdaleah ok18:06
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