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jjardonNew rasperry-pi with armv7, time to try to put baserock on it? ;)
* bashrc noticed that09:34
bashrcI wonder if you can run regular Debian on it09:37
franredjjardon, 1GB of RAM, usually we suggest using 2 to build baserock systems, so probably it would be an slow compilation (long compilation)09:41
jjardonfranred: probably only a different kernel should be compiled, the rest its the same as the armv7 generic system, isn't it? And we have a cache server for that09:44
radiofreeuse a jetson to build an image for it09:46
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pedroalvarezfranred: you can build on a Jetson and then deploy on the PI10:02
franredpedroalvarez, yes, what will happen if you want to build from inside of the PI and update the system?10:05
franredI only said that a build inside of the rpi will be slow ;-)10:06
pedroalvarezfranred: yeah, but you only will be building whatever is not in our CI systems.10:07
pedroalvarezIt will be like: hey, you don't need expensive  hardware to build for arm10:08
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franredI agree10:16
bashrcwhat does it mean for chunks to be built in bootstrap mode?10:24
bashrca chunk is an upstream git repo?10:28
franredbashrc, yes10:32
persiaFor the use-a-cache-server-rather-than-local-compile, I'm really looking forward to pre-commit Ci builds.10:43
persiaBecause as a hobbyist, I can publish stuff for review, and directly use the CI build results.10:43
jjardonbashrc: "Because it has an ARMv7 processor, it can run the full range of ARM GNU/Linux distributions"10:53
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persiaThere are some ARMv5 instructions that aren't well-emulated by ARMv7, and still some ARMv5 distros around.10:59
bashrcmight be worth a go. However I am advised that the rpi requires a closed blob to boot11:01
persiaThat's annoying,  but not a huge issue.  Just stick it in git somewhere,and have the relevant chunk morphology consist of 1) a checksum validation to ensure one has the right blob, and 2) a copy operation.11:02
jjardonpatches to llorry stuff require +1 or +2 to merge?11:54
paulsherwoodjjardon: +1 from me. it's +2 normally11:55
* paulsherwood does wonder if these exist in git, somewhere though11:55
paulsherwoodjjardon: ^^11:55
jjardonpaulsherwood: yes, they exist, but we are commiting the tarball contents in our git repos instead11:56
persiaWe should probably lorry both.11:56
persiaFor bootstrap, we need the tarball lorries, but for ease of adjustment of a target platform, we should provide a mirror of the git repo for users.11:57
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persiaAnd, for target appliances, it makes sense to build from git, rather than from tarballs.11:57
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jjardonthis should be the exception (using tarballs) but when we need them, better to be clear about it in the chunk to use (gettext-tarball instead gettext)11:58
jjardonpersia: agree11:58
persiaAnd I agree about the chunk name :)11:58
paulsherwoodyes ok. so please merge :)11:58
jjardondone, thanks!12:01
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jjardonhi, is it ok to lorry the latest make tarball as well?
jjardonradiofree: you were rigth, the current version in baserock is *a bit* old17:26
radiofreejjardon: there's make-git now17:27
radiofreeoh wait17:28
radiofreei thought ssam was going to lorry it17:28
jjardonits not in g.b.o . We are using a tarball to build anyway17:28
jjardon(the tarball contents are committed in the git repo)17:28
radiofreeyes i know, but i pointed out last week it's in git17:29
radiofreesubmit a lorry for a make-git repo -
radiofreethe make repo is up to date as of 6 days ago at least -
jjardonbuilding from git will probably require more changes17:29
jjardonradiofree: yeah, because its a mirror of the old bzr repo17:30
radiofreeit's probably not lorrying for a tarball, i thought it was lorrying from bzr17:30
radiofreejjardon: i'm not saying build it directly from master, but just lorry the git repo and start using a version from that instead17:31
radiofree"moved-to-git".. 2 years ago17:31
jjardonwhat Im trying to say if that we are compiling a tarball rigth now:
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jjardoncompiling from git will probably require a reorganization of definitions17:32
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jjardon(you need autoreconf, that its in core, not build-essential)17:33
nowsteranyone come across this before?17:35
nowster/tools/mips64-bootstrap-linux-gnu/bin/ld: this linker was not configured to use sysroots17:35
radiofreejjardon: ah i get you17:36
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