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bashrc_the instructions for upgrading to a devel image seem rather unhelpful. I get "morph: not found"
persiabashrc_: Where are you running the command?09:52
bashrc_morph branch09:52
bashrc_or if I just run morph --version09:52
SotKbashrc_: What does `which morph` say?09:53
persiaRight.  From which environment are you running `morph branch ...`?09:53
SotKwhere did you get this system from?09:53
bashrc_not sure. It's an openstack baserock VM created by terry last week09:54
SotKOK, can you paste the contents of /baserock/deployment.meta somewhere please?09:54
SotKhm, it looks like that was a base system, which doesn't contain morph09:58
persiabashrc_: Probably best to download a new "build" system from, and start from there.09:58
SotKthere should be a file /baserock/base-system-x86_32-generic-rootfs.meta which lists what was included in the system, if you paste that I'll confirm that its the base system :)10:00
SotKbut yeah, downloading the build system from is your best bet to get working10:00
persiabashrc_: Indeed, that doesn't contain morph-utils, so no morph.10:04
bashrc_ok. I've no idea how to create openstack images. Will have to find out10:05
* SotK notices we can't upgrade the base system either, since it doesn't have rsync10:05
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pedroalvarezHi tiagogomes_, I've seen some failures in our CI that I think are related to the latest toolchain upgrade. Can you take a quick look to the failure and see if it's something trivial to fix?
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tiagogomes_pedroalvarez I didn't test weston-system-x86_64-generic.morph. It seems that json-c-misc needs to be configured with --no-werror10:30
pedroalvareztiagogomes_: do you have time to make a patch for that?10:31
radiofreethis makes persia sad10:31
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pedroalvarezradiofree: hehe, mason in red make all of us sad10:32
radiofreepersia: working around build failures by disabling -Werror10:33
tiagogomes_radiofree newer gcc, more warnings it finds10:34
tiagogomes_pedroalvarez, sure10:34
persiaIndeed.  This is the lazy way to do it.10:34
persiatiagogomes_: Yes, but they should be fixed, and patches sent to the offending projects.10:35
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pedroalvarezI think here it's explained how to fix that warning.
straycatpedroalvarez, what is for?10:48
pedroalvarezstraycat: I didn't know about pbr when I did this patch. It was to avoid  using pbr and use setuptools10:49
pedroalvarezstraycat: that is going to be fixed as part of the current work of openstack integration10:50
pedroalvarezstraycat: wait, this is pbr? I thought it was a openstack client, sorry10:50
pedroalvarezdoes pbr require pbr to be installed?10:51
straycatdoesn't seem to10:52
straycatwe should try and build from a tag if we can10:52
SotKI think I found that commit to be unneeded when doing the zuul stuff10:52
straycati'm not sure pbr from that commit is functioning10:53
straycati mean your doesn't add the entry points or anything10:53
SotKstraycat: it wasn't working properly from that commit for me :)10:53
* straycat nods10:54
* pedroalvarez did that commit more than a year ago10:55
* straycat nods10:56
straycatno big deal, just wasn't sure if it had a purpose or not10:57
straycati'll try building it from a tag instead10:58
nowsterhi all... doing native-bootstrap and failing at the python-setuptools with missing _ctypes module.11:11
ssam2that's weird, seems that your build of cpython has missed out the _ctypes module from its build11:14
ssam2is this on a non-standard architecture?11:14
ssam2right. checking the configure and build logs for cpython for any weirdness would be my first point of call11:14
ssam2that's a little awkward right now, I think there are instructions somewhere11:14
nowsterok. Not sure if the build process kept them.11:14
ssam2i'll try to find them, but I'm in the middle of something else first11:14
ssam2it kept them in /src/cache/artifacts with a funny name11:15
nowsterin native-bootstrap, there's no /src/cache11:15
ssam2oh yeah11:16
ssam2this is the 'second phase' of a cross-bootstrap, right?11:16
nowsterI have a _ctypes_failed.so11:17
nowster-rwxr-xr-x    1 root     root        567030 Jan 27 03:24 /usr/lib/python2.7/lib-dynload/_ctypes_failed.so11:18
nowster-rwxr-xr-x    1 root     root         98894 Jan 27 03:15 /usr/lib/python2.7/lib-dynload/_ctypes_test.so11:18
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ssam2heh, right11:18
ssam2ok, during the native part of a cross-bootstrap it doesn't keep build logs11:19
ssam2I guess what you need to do is run a build of cpython manually in the same environment11:19
nowsterI wonder if I rename to it'll just work...11:20
straycatpedroalvarez, i missed the firest line of the original script that imports util from pbr, i expect it can be bootstrapped11:21
nowsterI also have a weirdness:11:21
nowsterldconfig: /usr/lib64/ is not an ELF file - it has the wrong magic bytes at the start.11:21
ssam2is that file Python source code, as the .py extension suggests>11:22
ssam2right. I'd guess that's another weird thing in the build of Cpython11:22
nowsterI'm going to attempt to rebuild cpython11:22
ssam2you may well be the first to build cpython on mips64 :)11:23
nowsterOne small step for a mips.11:23
straycatokay if i move pbr into python-tools and we make openstack depend on python-tools?11:25
ssam2franred was talking about having a python-core stratum for common python deps11:26
ssam2to me, 'tools' is more like 'developer utils that aren't necessarily needed' while 'core' is 'stuff you actually can't do without'11:26
ssam2so by this metric, 'pip' belongs in 'tools' while 'pbr' belongs in 'core'11:27
straycatwell you'd think that11:27
straycatbut pbr depend on pip :p11:27
straycatso we'd want to move pip into core too11:27
ssam2franred is about to land a huge patch series for OpenStack, so check with him11:27
* straycat nods11:27
straycatfranred, penny for your thoughts?11:28 is a pretty printer that comes with gcc, that gdb loads11:28
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ratmice__not sure why its in lib64 though, will have to check out the defaults...11:33
tiagogomes_great, json-c does't not support --disable-werror11:35
tiagogomes_what installs cpython?11:36
ratmice__tiagogomes_: gcc does, see gcc bug #4181611:38
franredssam2, straycat, pbr depends on pip, I agree, I would say that both in core because they are part of the python install process11:39
franredor one of them11:39
straycatfranred, do the changes you're about to land add a python-core stratum that contains pip then?11:39
straycat*pip & pbr11:39
nowsterCaught the bugger!11:40
nowster*** WARNING: renaming "_ctypes" since importing it failed: build/lib.linux-mips64-2.7/ undefined symbol: ffi_call_N3211:40
tiagogomes_oh, In expericence with gcc, it just installs to different places depending on the arch. Gcc also doen't honor `--with-libdir`.  I suggest configure the linker to look at /lib3211:40
franredstraycat, no, I have pip and pbr in strata/openstack-common.morph so for me is independent... when I will merge this I need to do changes anyway so go ahead to create the core stratum if you can11:40
straycatcool, okay will do then11:41
nowsterThis might also be relevant:11:41
nowster /cpython.inst/ In function 'ffi_closure_mips_inner_O32':11:41
nowster /cpython.inst/ In function 'ffi_closure_mips_inner_N32':11:41
nowster /cpython.inst/ warning: cast from pointer to integer of different size [-Wpointer-to-int-cast]11:41
nowsterLooks like it might not have a mips64 variant.11:42
ssam2nowster: yeah, I guess you have an embedded version of libffi there too :(11:44
ssam2libffi is reasonably widely used, so there might be support in the latest upstream version already...11:44
nowsterthis seems a bit dodgy11:48
nowster#  if (_MIPS_SIM==_ABIN32 && defined(_ABIN32)) || (_MIPS_SIM==_ABI64 && defined(11:48
nowster#    define FFI_MIPS_N3211:48
nowsterHmm. That's in upstream.11:48
pedroalvareztiagogomes_: can you try to fix the warning instead of --disable-werror?11:55
nowsterthe oddity is in (generated)11:56
tiagogomes_pedroalvarez I'd rather not, it is a dangerous path. I see myself fixing a warning, and then having to fix another one, and then another one...11:59
Kinnisonbleh, networking12:01
bashrc_looks like you have to build a system before deploying it :)12:07
bashrc_so how do you build a cluster?12:08
ssam2`morph build` each individual system that you need12:09
ssam2it'd be cool if `morph build` could build a whole cluster, but nobody's implemented that yet12:09
bashrc_going on
bashrc_so in that example I'd need to build systems/base-system-x86_64-generic.morph first?12:10
nowsterOK... think I have a fix, but it's not nice.12:16
nowstercpython's compiles o32.S which is OK for 32bit, but 64bit uses the functions from n32.S instead. Change the o to an n and it works.12:17
ssam2doesn't *sound* right... :)12:20
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mauricemoss_I cant' make sense of this error (stage2-fake-bash) why is a fake bash needed?14:01
persiamauricemoss_: Some stuff depends on having bash, but doesn't actually need bash.  fakebash works around this.14:03
persiaUnfortunately, I can't remember the detail of the discussion: `git blame` might help.14:03
paulsherwoodkejiahu: hi - pls could you explain why you are seeking commit access to g.b.o? i'm not against it in principle, just interested14:04
kejiahupaulsherwood, as I need to update make and gawk to support aarch64 for the moonshot on BR project14:05
persiakejiahu: You don't need commit for that: that sort of change needs review anyway.  Just send the patches to the list for review.14:06
mauricemoss_persia, ta14:07
mauricemoss_pedroalvarez, git blame point to you :-) it's weird complaining about line 3, where there are only two lines in the script.14:08
persiamauricemoss_: Looking at the specific error, I wonder if you have a working sh.  Try running the nexec line in a chroot in the failed build environment.14:08
persiamauricemoss_: Rather than a person: what is the commit message for that commit?14:08
persiaSimilarly, the date can tell you where to look in the ML archives to find the discussion14:09
pedroalvarezmauricemoss_: we found an issue, and we fixed it in this commit:
pedroalvarezI think it's related. Can you check if your definitions have this patch?14:10
pedroalvarezIt's exactly the same error that Daniel had a while ago. So this patch should also fix yours14:11
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mauricemoss_ah, no this patch is missing.14:12
* mauricemoss_ plans to worker closer at upstream14:13
paulsherwoodyay! :)14:13
nowsterOK... *adding* n32.S to the configuration works too (in addition to o32.S)14:14
ssam2nowster: does give you any useful info ?14:16
nowsterIncidentally native-bootstrap completed on this target. :)14:16
radiofreetiagogomes: have you tried upgrading json-c?14:18
kejiahupersia, sorry, may be a stupid question, is 'get commit access' and 'to be in the writer group' the same thing? I don't need to merge my change to master myself, but now it seems I can't push my branch to git, and tiago is waiting for the updated chunk to be test on moonshot14:18
radiofree is in 0.1114:18
persiakejiahu: They are the same thing.  Most folk tend to use other git hosts for stuff that isn't ready.14:19
persiaSome folk use, but that is expected to go away with the new patch tracking plans.14:19
kejiahupersia, ok, thanks14:21
tiagogomesradiofree no, that would be more work. Updating GCC was already a big effort14:24
radiofreetiagogomes: changing the ref to 97ef11033a39d85752d2fb262f2aae5712504fb2 is too much work?14:25
radiofreerather odd time to have a public meetup, 9am on a workday?14:39
persiaFor me, the strange thing is it being one day instead of 3-5: most of these sorts of things I attend start at 8am or 9am in whatever is the local timezone.14:41
rjekI find it touching that FOSDEM's opening talk is till at 0930.  After all these years.14:42
rjekMost people are still in bed after the traditional Friday night beer tasting.14:42
radiofreepersia: well for a conference it's fine, you book time off for that, i just think a one day thing like this would have been more accessible if it were on a sunday or something14:48
persiaOr even a Monday or Friday.  Thursday is a particularly difficult day for folk who need to travel.14:49
ssam2depends if your interest in Baserock stems from work or not, really14:50
persiaThat said, choosing weekend days is tricky: spending Sunday in Manchester means taking Monday and Tuesday off if returning to Japan.  Similarly, taking Saturday in Manchester means taking Thursday and Friday off if starting in California.14:51
persiassam2: Even if the interest stems from work, it means losing workdays *on both sides* to visit.14:51
ssam2true, my employer only gives 2 days total for a conference14:52
persiaAny conference?  That's hard.  Lots of them last 3-5 days.14:52
tiagogomesradiofree, I'll reply in the email14:52
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nowsterbootstrapping again... as native-bootstrap uses busybox init, it wants an /etc/init.d/  but bootstrap doesn't make one.15:22
nowsterinit started: BusyBox v1.21.0.git (2015-01-27 00:27:55 UTC)15:22
nowsterstarting pid 97, tty '': '/etc/init.d/rcS'15:22
nowstercan't run '/etc/init.d/rcS': No such file or directory15:22
Kinnisonuse init=/tools/bin/sh15:25
Kinnisondon't expect the bootstrap tarball to be a bootable system per-se15:25
persiaIs that something that it is sane to fix?  Bootstrapping seems like something that ought be easy.15:27
KinnisonNo it's not sane or sensible15:28
straycati do love virtenv15:29
Kinnisonthe bootstrap tarball is a midstate during morph's normal bootstrap phases, with a shell script added to mediate what morph would normally do15:29
KinnisonI don't see how we should make that any less scary15:29
Kinnisonit's a scary step15:29
persiaPerhaps it just needs better documentation?15:30
Kinnisonenhancing to indicate that init=/tools/bin/sh or similar may be necessary wouldn't be too hard15:31
* Kinnison suggests nowster do so, based on what he discovers as he goes15:31
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persiaIndeed.  That sounds like the best solution.15:31
ssam2yes, running the intermediate bootstrap tarball with init=/tools/bin/sh was always the intention15:33
ssam2seems that installing the 'lvm2 activation generator' systemd generator in my system has rendered it totally useless.15:41
ssam2systemd hangs for ten minutes, then turns the computer off again15:42
pedroalvarezIs that actually to boot the bootstrap tarball? 15:42
ssam2pedroalvarez: yes, boot the bootstrap tarball with init=/tools/bin/sh (or wherever 'sh' lives in the tarball, I don't remember off hand)15:42
tiagogomeswhat about Pedro's patch to improve the cross-bootstrap plugin? Was it forgotten?15:57
ssam2tiagogomes: that patch doesn't affect booting the intermediate bootstrap system at all15:59
ssam2it's about how the `morph cross-bootstrap` command itself works15:59
tiagogomesssam2 it doesn't but it makes it easy to create the tarball15:59
ssam2it's awaiting a second +1, anyway. whether it's been forgotten or not, I can't answer :)16:00
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perryli'm currently working in a baserock chroot running morph distbuild on a distbuild system and having a little trouble...i know there is an issue where certain versions of morph break cause the distbuild to crash.16:49
perryli'm using git bisect to narrow down to which commits crash but after bisecting, running morph distbuild gives me an error saying that morph must be built and deployed within the system branch checkout.16:49
perryldoes anyone have any ideas on what is causing this and/or how to avoid it?16:49
ssam2perryl: remember that `morph distbuild` expects to be run from a system branch checkout16:53
ssam2if you run it from /src/morph it won't know what branch you are trying to build, because it works that out based on your current directory16:53
perrylssam2: yep, i've just realised i was in morph instead of definitions16:54
perrylit's working fine now16:54
ssam2you can avoid this faff using the `distbuild-morphology` command16:54
ssam2cool :)16:54
pedroalvareztiagogomes: I need to rework it now that the behaviour of `build` and `deploy` have changed a bit16:54
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pedroalvarezjjardon: re - pulseaudio 5.99.3. I was pondering the upgrade to 5.0 for now to fix the error. What do you think?17:18
jjardonpedroalvarez: 5.0 is a bit old and 5.99.3 is stable enough (they meant to release 6.0 before christmas and master is frozen, only patches to fix major problems are eccepted at the moment). So Id go for 5.99.317:21
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bashrc_ecdsa-sha2-nistp256 ? I thought nist-anything was mud17:24
Kinnisongenerally thought of as attacked17:26
Kinnisonunfortunately it's also necessary for interoperability with a lot of things17:26
bashrc_(or argh64)17:27
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tiagogomesssam2, I tried to create an account on GCC's bug tracker to report the bug that you ask me to, but it didn't work. I also tried to send a message to, but the delivery failed17:38
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ssam2tiagogomes: their bug tracker is broken ????17:43
ssam2maybe I gave you the wrong URL? I've definitely reported bugs for GCC before...17:43
ssam2oh well, not much we can do for now17:44
tiagogomesssam2, I was using this one:
ssam2that's very worrying if GCC don't have a working bug tracker though!17:44
KinnisonNot unusual17:45
Kinnisonbug trackers are the least well managed of project resources in general17:45
Kinnisonif the bts is down, noone can annoy you with bugs while you work17:45
persiaMaybe just post something to the gcc mailing list?17:45
ratmice__actually (where gcc is hosted) has been slow since last week, its likely just a timeout because of that17:46
tiagogomesthe IRC channel when I tried looked "read-only" as well. So I couldn't ask any question17:47
jjardonHi! Ive just read about the baserock meetup, cool! :) Any reason to not do it on a weekend instead a workday?17:47
ssam2jjardon: several :)17:48
jjardonor at least not in the middle of the week...17:48
paulsherwoodin general, no. this time, it's primarily to align with diaries for some specific attendees 17:48
radiofreewill future ones be help over the weekend?17:50
radiofreeof at least after 517:50
paulsherwoodi'd be happy if they were17:50
persiaOr at least against a weekend?17:50
paulsherwoodand in future we should hope to give more notice17:51
* Kinnison is sure the community can generate its own meetings which aren't sponsored by Codethink if it so chooses too :-)17:51
paulsherwoodthat too17:51
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pedroalvarezI wonder if anybody knows how to test that pulseaudio is working..18:00
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paulsherwoodflatmush: ^^18:00
flatmushpulseaudio is never working18:01
flatmushpedroalvarez: You can cat /dev/urandom | pacat18:01
flatmushdon't wear headphones while doing that or you'll get a nasty shock18:01
flatmushit should cause incredibly loud whitenoise to be played on the default sink18:01
pedroalvarezflatmush:  now i wonder if I can  do that in a VM as well18:01
flatmushI don't see why not, as long as the VM audio is correctly setup18:02
flatmushdetermining if the VM audio is correctly setup might be more difficult though18:02
flatmushyou can first use aplay to determine if alsa is working18:02
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flatmushsince pulse is a layer above alsa18:02
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pedroalvarezflatmush: right, thanks!18:04
pedroalvarezgiving it a try18:04
pedroalvarezLooks like enabling CONFIG_KVM_INTEL in the kernel enables KVM in this machine :)18:06
paulsherwoodpedroalvarez: it's obvious, now you mention it :_)18:06
pedroalvarezsometimes somthing obvious has loads of non-obvious things hidden18:07
pedroalvarezI have to test it a bit more though18:08
franredpedroalvarez, does enable the kernel or the userspace too?18:11
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pedroalvarezkvm was already enabled, but not for this processor. I think that the current qemu version installed also supports kvm virtualization, so hopefully I don't have to do anything else.18:15
pedroalvareztesting it know18:15
franredpedroalvarez, cool18:17
pedroalvarezkvm works18:20
ssam2tiagogomes: I just got a 'confirm account creation' mail from GCC bugzilla18:21
persiaDoes it make sense to enable CONFIG_KVM_* : I notice entries for many other processors in upstream config.18:21
ssam2tiagogomes: so seems they are just a bit delayed18:21
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franredpersia, I imagine that every KVM_* in its bsp18:24
franredand depending if we want to enable KVM in all of them18:24
pedroalvarezyeah.. I had to enable a couple of things more only for this machine to work... and I don't thnk they belong to the generic bsp18:26
pedroalvarezbut KVM_*.. I don't know :/18:26
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persiaI don't know the right set, but if we want a single x86_64 BSP, we should probably have CONFIG_KVM_AMD at a minimum18:34
persiaIt would also be cool to support KVM for ARM, but there are a lot of CONFIG_KVM_ARM_* options, and I don't know what they all do.18:35
pedroalvarezHm.. no sound at all with this pulseaudio18:43
pedroalvarezNot saying that it doesn't work.18:44
persiaDoes ALSA work?18:45
persiae.g. `aplay < /dev/urandom` should render unpleasant noise18:45
pedroalvarezaplay only complains when I do that18:47
persiaHow does it complain?  On my laptop, it generates noise.18:47
persiaHow about `aplay -l`?18:51
pedroalvarezheh, no soudcards found...18:52
* pedroalvarez changes the soundcard type in its VM and reboots the machine18:52
persiaDo you have CONFIG_SND_18:52
pedroalvarezpersia: there are some enabled  enabled and some not18:53
persiaAh, good.  So you're part way there.  Fiddle with which are enabled and which are advertised by the VM until `aplay -l` reports it can find something.18:54
persia`aplay < /dev/urandom` should then generate noise.18:54
persiaAnd then you can try `pacat < /dev/urandom` to see if pulse is working18:55
persiaNote that there are many layers to this stack :)18:55
pedroalvarezI'll send a patch to fix the build of json-c + pulseaudio for now.18:59
pedroalvarezI have to look into alsa too18:59
pedroalvarezI mean, get working alsa19:00
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* persia wishes again for a better IRC client that could manage netsplits in a user-invisible fashion20:34
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