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tinsulpophopefully not a dumb question: any known issues with seems either down or unreachable.03:55
radiofreetinsulpop: yep I think it's down04:19
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petefothtinsulpop: still down sadly due to an incodent at the hosting company07:39
ssam2I believe this is the issue:
perryli'm guessing no news on exactly when everything will be back up and running again?07:48
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petefothperryl: good guess!08:01
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* paulsherwood hopes that perryl and others have access to local troves in the meantime09:21
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pedroalvarezHi guys! I'm restoring a backup of g.b.o. I think that the quickest way to do it is: Disable lorry controller and restore just the gits. So when the real g.b.o is back we only have to sync gits09:43
persiaSeems reasonable.  Do we believe there are commits not in the backup?09:44
Kinnisonthat's certainly a reasonable way to get started09:44
Kinnisonpersia: the backup is, I believe, from a time after most basrockers will have ceased work for the day09:45
Kinnisonso *hopefully* not09:45
pedroalvarezindeed, hopefully :(09:45
straycatI imagine most people keep copies of repos they work with locally, so they can push any commits that aren't at the remote09:45
persiaKinnison: My concern was for the potential for commits that may have happened between the backup time and the outage start.  I don't know the times in enough detail, so perhaps your answer answers that as well.09:46
persiaAnyway, if we don't expect any commits since backup, then I think it makes sense to turn on lorry controller in the restored location: while it increases sync load, it isn't likely to break anything, and restores complete operation.09:46
KinnisonI guess it depends on whether pedro is restoring somewhere he expects to be able to take the load of lorrying too :_)09:48
Kinnisonpedroalvarez: Either way, restore the git repos first because then people can start working09:48
pedroalvarezthat's true - so I'll restore git, then start the git-daemon and change the DNS. Then restore lorry data, and enable the lorry controller.09:48
persiaThat sounds like an excellent plan.09:49
pedroalvarezKinnison: yeah, it's in its old location, so it will be able to lorry :)09:49
Kinnisonpedroalvarez: sounds good09:49
pedroalvarezANNOUNCEMENT: git services of will be back in few minutes. Lorry-controller will be disabled until its data is restored.10:03
DavePagewoop woop10:04
paulsherwoodincluding dns?10:05
* DavePage will change IPs when pedroalvarez tells me to10:06
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pedroalvarezANNOUNCEMENT: git services of are up and running.10:21
franredpedroalvarez, should I expect to pull ssh:// without error?10:29
pedroalvarezerm.. you should, let me check if something is wrong10:30
pedroalvarezthis is odd10:32
pedroalvarezI confirm that I can't clone using ssh10:33
pedroalvarezproblem spotted10:34
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pedroalvarezfranred: Is it wokring now?10:51
franredpedroalvarez, yes10:52
franredis g.b.o.fully operational? can we pull, push, add lorry files, etc?10:52
pedroalvarezfranred: No, lorry controller is still disabled, that will take some hours to restore. Git services are restored though, so you can pull/push10:54
franredpedroalvarez, cheers for the info10:56
straycatZara_, Alright with you if I put the import tool guides into a single directory?11:00
Zara_within the guides directory? yes, but the old rubygems tutorial url needs to point to a redirect or something11:01
Zara_meant to do this yesterday, forgot11:01
* straycat nods11:01
Zara_cool :)11:02
petefothZara_: what / where is the latest version of your 'Import Tool' tutorial?11:03
petefothZara_: ta!11:04
straycatdone! broken links for all!11:11
straycatwill fix11:11
Zara_cool, most don't probably don't matter but the rubygems tutorial link has been around for a while and people might have it bookmarked11:12
Zara_*most probably don't11:13
straycatOh heh, no I meant I forgot to replace import-tool- with import-tool/ in all the guides >.> anyhow fixed now <.<11:18
Zara_oh, right. :P okay, I can stick something up on the old rubygems page now, if you want11:19
paulsherwoodfranred: what's with this pcre2 thing?11:19
franredpaulsherwood, it is the new version of pcre, perl compatible regular expresions11:20
paulsherwoodso upstream has decided to have a new repo for future?11:20
paulsherwoodleaving the old one?11:20
franredpaulsherwood, that is what they say in their webpage
paulsherwoodok, great.11:21
paulsherwoodi've +2 on list11:22
franredpaulsherwood, cheers11:22
straycatZara_, stick what where? :311:23
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pedroalvarezI wonder if we move lorry files out of the lorries folder, lorry-controller will stop lorrying it or also remove the repo?11:24
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Zara_straycat: a page with a redirect message on where the rubygems tutorial used to be11:24
straycatoh, you could just link directly11:24
Zara_How would I do that?11:25
pedroalvarezbut a page with a redirect link is better so the user knows that the current page will disappear11:25
straycatactually yes ignore me11:25
Zara_okay, I'll get on it :)11:26
Zara_message up11:31
pedroalvarezANNOUNCEMENT: All the services of have been restored. Now it is fully operational.11:34
Kinnisonexcellent, thanks pedroalvarez 11:35
DavePagepedroalvarez: Should I change the DNS of ?11:35
pedroalvarezDavePage: yes, but of please :)11:36
DavePageBah sorry11:36
DavePageOK, setting to
pedroalvarezfranred: lorried :)11:37
franredpedroalvarez, cheers11:37
pedroalvarezwasn't me, was lorry-controller itself :)11:38
* straycat wonders how people would feel about increasing the width of the preformatted text box on wbo11:39
straycat here be scrollbars11:39
Kinnisonthe issue is that the style is to have a narrow column for the page11:40
straycatbut we have long paths :(11:40
Kinnisonthis is to reduce strain because apparently people read shorter lines more easily11:40
* straycat nods11:40
straycatit's true11:40
Kinnisonuse judicious insertion of backslashes and newlines in sample shell :-)11:40
straycati guess a newline between the path and the command might be ok11:42
bashrcwhen trying to cross-bootstrap I'm getting the error: ERROR: Couldn't find morphology: strata/build-essential/stage2-linux-api-headers.morph11:42
Zara_straycat: yay! :) I can go through it and fix links and things, if you want (eg: info on installing and updating the tool (and other generic things) is now on the import tool quickstart page). There's also now a section on the 'could not find refs' error on the import tool troubleshooting page, so that error can probably be extracted from the pkg-specific tutorials.11:45
straycatZara_, that guide's not finished11:47
Zara_okay, I'll leave it alone for now. :)11:47
pedroalvarezbashrc: when did that error happened? before or after g.b.o was restored?11:48
Zara_(I read 'here be scrollbars' as 'here's a guide! shame about the scrollbars.' :P)11:48
jmacsssam2: Can you remind me why the x-fields (like x-build-dependencies-rubygems) were in the chef morph files and why they need to be removed? I need something to put in the commit log.11:49
bashrcpedroalvare: after11:49
tlsastraycat: <-- that would make it use the full width of the window, but as Kinnison said, its prob. best to avoid long lines11:49
pedroalvarezbashrc: hmm.. odd then11:49
Kinnisontlsa: oddly, I have a similar set of rules set in my user-css for the baserock wiki11:49
Kinnisontlsa: because I find artificial width-restriction on sites to be massively irritating11:50
straycati'm now less sure about dropping backslashes everywhere11:50
straycati don't know, most tutorials i've read seem to manage to convey preformatted stuff without resorting to that11:51
Zara_I personally don't like backslashes b/c it then means that if I use the command in a terminal (copied into a textfile first, jic!), I can't just press 'up' if I want to repeat the command. Though that might just be me not knowing how to get around it.11:52
KinnisonErm you should be able to11:52
straycat debian wiki seem to have wider preformatted text boxes11:52
Kinnisonshells are supposed to combine backslashed stuff11:52
tlsathe other thing is is useing a very lart font size for preformatted text11:52
straycattlsa, good point11:53
Kinnisongetting rid of the extra left padding/margin?  and reducing the font size would be a good step to not needing backslashing11:53
straycatif we could tweak wbo to be a bit more like debian wiki, that might work?11:53
Zara_Kinnison: I find that pressing 'up' only gives me one line at a time. the command is combined when first used, though.11:54
KinnisonZara_: Hmm, might be a failing in the particular shell you are using11:54
jmacsSame here Zara_. Backslashed commands are a real pain to copy and paste11:54
* Kinnison hugs zsh which makes them easy and comfortable11:55
* Kinnison should really sort out zsh in devel systems11:55
Zara_Kinnison: yeah, I think I use the baserock default shell (I don't remember changing anything).11:55
jmacsKinnison: The wiki pages have to work for real users11:55
jmacsWhich means gnome-terminal and bash11:55
Kinnisonjmacs: I can make zsh the default for baserock devel systems, and I already use gnome-terminal :-)11:56
* Kinnison appreciates he is a strange isolated case :)11:56
jmacsBut you're not just pasting into baserock11:56
Zara_(though I do run it from my terminal, which is bash)11:56
tlsastraycat: pushed a change which reduces the font size for pre11:56
straycattlsa, cool11:57
Kinnisonbash seems to fold backslashed pasted commands into single lines for history11:57
Kinnison(just tested)11:57
Kinnisonso busybox ash is probably the issue here11:57
straycattlsa, would you be against setting the width to auto?11:57
straycati'm guessing that's what debian wiki is doing?11:57
tlsayeah, the only issue is that my previous paste for that is a quick fix.  It needs various margins tweaking to make it look properly balanced without the max-width11:58
jmacsKinnison: If you want to run a command as-is, pasting a backslashed command works. But bash will only let you edit the last physical line pasted - so if you want to change anything before that, you're stuck11:59
jmacsYou can't even add a # at the start of the line to put it into the command history11:59
KinnisonI see12:00
Kinnisonthat's a failing in bash's readline usage then :-(12:00
persiaYour bash differs from mine.12:00
Kinnisonhowever this is moot since straycat is sorting the formatting instead :-)12:01
straycatI changed my mind, debian wiki and nix os wiki seem to use auto rather than fixed width12:02
straycatso I think we should too12:02
Zara_ooi, why does this sometimes happen when I try to edit the wiki from the page itself: "Error: OpenID failure: time_bad_sig: Return_to signature is not valid." ? It seems erratic; some days it works fine, and other days I can only use git clone if I want to edit (irritating for just fixing a typo or formatting).12:08
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* SotK runs the morph test suite a few times, then discovers a huge number of scripts/git-daemon-wrap processes left over12:10
straycatSotK, Possibly, I've not seen that before12:16
pedroalvarezSotK: oh! I've seen that once12:22
SotKI suspect its caused by some yarns not doing `FINALLY the git server is shut down`12:23
jmacsWhy is ant lorried (a) in a file called "java.lorry" and (b) to a repository called "java/ant" ?12:26
straycatI guess presumably because ant is typically used for java stuff?12:26
persiaa) is probably because someone tried to do all the java stuff at once, and b) because of a)12:26
SotKI'd imagine the idea was for java.lorry to contain lorries of various java programs (like python-packages.lorry)12:27
SotK(I'm assuming ant is written in java here)12:27
radiofreeis there a mirror for gbo?12:27
jmacsSotK: Nope12:27
SotKjmacs: well in that case, I have no idea and agree it seems misleading12:27
jmacsSotK: Sorry, ant is written in javas12:28
jmacsBut we don't put other programs in hierarchies based on their programming language12:28
persiaradiofree: Not specifically.  I think has a 2-hour out-of-date mirror most of the time (may not work right now).12:28
persiaradiofree: Most folk who want one tend to run a local trove.12:29
jmacsI'm trying to figure out if I should put chef repos into some sort of hierarchy. There seems to be a lot of hierarchy in lorries at the moment, but I can't figure out the reasoning behind it12:32
pedroalvarezit will be difficult to understand the reasoning... :/12:32
jmacsAs another example, there's "gitano/luacov", although I can easily imagine luacov being used by things other than gitano12:33
pedroalvarezit depends on who has created/reviewed the lorries12:33
persiaThe practice seems to often be to put bundles of stuff into a single lorry, possibly with namespacing if the creator thinks it relevant.12:37
persiaThere seems to be little effort on the part of reviewers to verify more than whether it works.12:37
persiaI'm not sure this is the best way to do it, but it is how we seem to have been doing it, so probably a safe procedure to follow.12:38
ssam2jmacs: it was a way for the import tool to store extra metadata about the projects/packages that the .morph files represented12:42
ssam2jmacs: but we later moved that info into separate .foreign-dependencies files12:42
jmacsssam2: Thanks!12:48
Zara_hm, trying to use and baserock is hanging at the 'deciding on task order' step. Is this connected to the g.b.o outage, and do I need to change some settings?12:54
pedroalvarezssam2: I spotted an error the other day regarding upgrading a trove. I guess you are intersted now that you are upgrading a trove.12:55
pedroalvarezssam2: there is a bug in systemd (fixed in the commit 0ffce503cd6e5a5ff5ba5cd1cc23684cfb8bb9e3) that makes `systemctl enable` not usable for template units. This is a critical bug for deploying/upgrading a trove, since the lorry-controller-minions won't be enabled.12:57
pedroalvarezI didn't have time to add this commit to baserock and check if that fixes the issue12:58
ssam2pedroalvarez: ok. upgrading to 14.46 has gone fine12:59
ssam2but i'll make sure nobody upgrades to master / 15.02 (which they can't here anyway right now)12:59
ssam2please note the issue, might be able to fix in a while13:00
pedroalvarezupgrades from 14.46 to master should be fine, since the units are now enabled :)13:00
ssam2ah, cool13:00
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straycatI think I'm almost happy with now, I doubt anyone has to try it out, but if you notice any mistakes or have any suggestions let me know13:12
pedroalvarezstraycat: I'll give it a go to import a couple of python packages, although I think they don't have dependencies :)13:14
straycatcool, still worth trying it out in case i've missed something13:15
SotKZara_: if you are still having problems, try adding --verbose to the "morph build" line in cycle.sh13:20
Zara_SotK: thanks. It seems to be hanging here:13:24
Zara_2015-01-14 13:23:23 [Build 156/163] [nodejs-devel] stratum nodejs-devel is cached at /src/cache/artifacts/4ef57d547fe233cf087cb587644b2627844aabc7efcb9fbe10034ea284bbdf33.stratum.nodejs-devel13:24
jmacsZara_: Does your /src/morph.conf have "artifact-cache-server =" in it?13:25
Zara_jmacs: unless it's the default, probably not; I'll check now13:25
jmacsAnd does anyone know if is working? (It wasn't yesterday)13:26
Zara_jmacs: it does have that in it, yes13:26
SotKI doubt it, its hosted in the same place as g.b.o was13:26
jmacsZara_: Comment it out, see if that helps13:27
Zara_cool, thanks :)13:27
bashrctrying to run perhaps this would better be called and have something like a manpage13:59
Zara_hahaha, I put the '--verbose' flag on the command line, before I found out it had to go in the file, so I just discovered that I accidentally created a system called '--verbose', which I don't know how to remove (b/c the 'system-version-manager remove' command reads its name as a flag). I assume I need to escape the -- somehow...14:14
rjekZara_: rm -- --verbose14:17
persiabashrc: was written specifically to handle the case of bouncing in and out of a development environment trying things.  If you're looking for an upgrade, you may be perfectly satisfied with `morph upgrade`.14:17
DavePage-- is GNUese for "don't treat anything after me as an option"14:17
* persia wonders if system-version-manager happens to interpret it that way14:18
pedroalvarezhehe, I don't think so14:18
pedroalvarezsystem-version-manager remove '-- --verbose' ?14:19
bwhDavePage: It is not GNUese, it is understood by the Unix standard getopt() function too14:19
paulsherwoodbashrc: have you seen ?14:19
bwhDavePage: not that all standard commands on Unix-like systems consistently use it14:20
persiapaulsherwood: Why `git reset --hard ${BRANCH}` as opposed to `git checkout ${BRANCH}`?14:20
bashrcmorph upgrade doesn't appear to be a recognised subcommand14:21
paulsherwoodpersia: because it keeps us in the branch that morph understands. git checkout puts us somewhere else14:21
persiaAh.  For folk who don't use `morph edit`, that isn't important :)14:22 runs into "Insufficient space on disk"14:22
persiabashrc: Apologies: I thought that patch had landed: try `morph deploy --upgrade`14:22
paulsherwoodbashrc: how many things in system-version-manager list ?14:23
bashrcpersia: ERROR: Too few arguments to deploy command14:23
persiabashrc: You'd need to supply other bits, like the cluster argument, and the cluster variables.14:23
persiaStill, `morph help deploy` should talk about --upgrade.14:24
* SotK has a `morph upgrade` command, so its in master14:24
paulsherwoodbashrc: please update to a more recent morph. upgrade is a valid command14:24
* paulsherwood wonders when bashrc created his br machine14:24
persiaZara_: If your attempts to remove the '--verbose' system with system-version-manager come to naught, it can also be done manually (if you boot a different system) by playing with btrfs, but perhaps best to avoid that if you can.14:25
pedroalvarezbashrc: clusters/upgrade-devel.morph has some useful info14:25
paulsherwoodbut in any case, if can't find enough space, neither will morph deploy14:25
persiaYes: this is a different class of issue.14:27
franredjmacs, I've reviewed you lorry patch, please read my review before merging your patch14:27
jmacsWill do (after standup)14:28
Zara_pedroalvarez' suggestion worked, thanks. :)14:29
Zara_(yes, persia, playing around with btrfs would have been more trouble than it was worth in this case :) )14:30
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tiagogomesIs it intentional that non-zero exit status in install-commands are ignored and morph doesn't abort the operation?14:47
* persia hopes not14:51
straycattiagogomes, no14:58
straycatI think we could perhaps use a guide on lorrying15:00
straycatif we don't already have one that is15:00
bashrcpaulsherwood: created on monday15:00
SotKbashrc: what is the output of `morph --version`?15:01
SotKthat explains why you don't have `morph upgrade`, that commit is from July15:02
SotKhow did you create this machine?15:02
bashrcGary created it15:03
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jmacsGiven the comments on my recent lorry patch I think it'd be good to try running lorry myself to test it. How long does it take to set up a new lorry from scratch?15:26
KinnisonTo just run lorry to check its behaviour is fairly easy, run the lorry command with the lorry file you wrote as input and give it a working area.  I believe you can instruct it to not care about pushing so you only need test the 'receive' side of things15:27
Kinnisonlorry --help should tell you wha tthe commandline arguments are15:27
franredjmacs, I think you can lorry files from inside your devel machine15:27
paulsherwoodjmacs: should be possible to run lorry --help 15:28
locallycompactThere seems to be several things wrong with the qt5 system from master.15:28
paulsherwoodlocallycompact: yes there are15:29
rdale_what are the problems with qt5?15:30
locallycompactFirst this dependency:
locallycompactand next this, which I don't understand
jmacsNo "lorry" on my development system. Is it part of devel-system by default?15:31
straycatbut only recently15:32
pedroalvarezit was included in the 14.46 devel systems I believe15:32
straycatiirc it was only added for the import tool15:32
pedroalvareznote: the systems downloaded from are NOT devel systems15:32
rdale_locallycompact: i did know about the luajit problem with enlightenment, but hadn't got round to fixing it because the enlightenment stratum doesn't build with the baserock systemd version. but qt5 itself is ok afaik15:33
franredlocallycompact, ERROR: Cannot find remote git repository: ../../qt-labs/qbs.git <-- it is expecting a repository in this path15:33
straycatwhy did we stop releasing devel systems?15:33
pedroalvarezstraycat: see c6057851915e40132e6524d5b6500e422c5dc639 in definitions.git15:35
jmacsRight... that'll be another few hours to set up a lorry then15:35
straycatpedroalvarez, kinda busy i'll look later15:36
paulsherwoodjmacs: shouldn't be?15:36
paulsherwoodjmacs: actually i have a machine could run this on, if you like?15:37
jmacspaulsherwood: I know the current patch doesn't work (see franred's comment) so it needs adjusting first15:37
Kinnisonpedroalvarez: when you did the most recent release of Baserock, did you produce x86_64 chroot system tarballs too?15:41
straycatpedroalvarez, ahh i see15:41
pedroalvarezKinnison: everything in clusters/release.morph15:41
Kinnisonpedroalvarez: cool15:41
pedroalvarezso yes15:41
Kinnisonthank you15:41
Kinnisonand the checksums on the website are right?15:41
pedroalvarezthey should be15:42
Kinnisonthank you15:42
pedroalvarezyou are welcome15:42
jmacsShould there be a baserock-15.02 tag for definitions?15:43
pedroalvarezjmacs: yeah15:43
pedroalvarezI forgot that15:44
pedroalvareztagged, and sorry15:48
jmacsNo problem15:50
jmacsI'm just going to update the wiki15:50
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straycatjust double checking, everything's back to normal with gbo now, so I'm okay to merge stuff?15:57
straycatssam2, if you get a moment to check out the patch i sent the other day, it's pretty trivial and would be good to merge cause the docs depend on it15:59
ssam2sorry, won't have time til next week16:03
ssam2possibly on fri16:03
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tiagogomesHis ssam2, I am trying to understand a comment of yours in stage2-gcc.morph of definitions. You wrote that we can't use CPPFLAFS to set the sysroot as GCC compiles stuff for the build machine as well. Do you know which stuff is compiling for the build machine or why is trying to do so?16:06
ssam2i don't know right now, sorry16:06
ssam2am on a customer site trying to fix a fairly bad bug in distbuild16:07
tiagogomesok, no problem16:08
pedroalvarezlet us know if you need help Sam16:08
straycatssam2, oh :( what's the bug, out of interest?16:09
ssam2will send patch16:11
straycatok cool16:12
lachlanmackenzieA quick question, when I deploy to Virtualbox directly if VBoxManage can't create a disk image for some reason what should be the morph behaviour?16:17
rjekWhat's the state of Baserock upgrades atm, are we still dependent on btrfs?16:19
paulsherwoodrjek: our default approach is btrfs yes16:20
rjekpaulsherwood: Thanks16:20
paulsherwoodi'm not sure that we actually *need* it to be btrfs, though... straycat ???16:23
jmacslachlanmackenzie: I know what it will do; morph deploy will exit with an error. Whether that's what it *should* do, I don't know16:23
straycatpaulsherwood, Do we not rely on subvolumes for upgrades?16:25
persiapaulsherwood: system-version-manager depends on btrfs: it would need an alternate update mechanism, or patches to system-version-manager.16:25
lachlanmackenziejmacs: Hmm, not quite the behaviour that I'm getting at the moment.16:25
paulsherwoodlachlanmackenzie: iirc it will clean up before exiting16:26
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straycatI wonder whether it'd be worth adding a bit of code to fake up the current behaviour we have in the docs, so that they don't break if/when package date changes18:24
straycata bit like a demo version i guess18:24
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straycatprobably not worth the effort i guess18:26
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persiaBetter to fix the docs18:26
* straycat nods18:27
persia(probably easier too)18:27
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paulsherwood - is that current?19:05
persiaI would expect that to be unreliable, unless the infrastructure if different than I understand.19:11
persiamaster seems to be at 623c58c627f3d7d57eb7a6051b858ccbd8772a2b  , so the run is behind.19:12
persiaHmm, only two: the trove-setup change, and the baserock-import change.19:14
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* paulsherwood is guessing that the job to actually check for updates is not running19:29
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pedroalvarezIt may be running but it depends on cache.b.o 19:34
pedroalvarezOh hey br_logger! You are back19:35
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*** locallycompact [] has quit [Ping timeout: 264 seconds]19:49 seems to be alive too?19:59
persiabr_logger just dropped, so I suspect that we're seeing intermittent services, rather than full restoration yet.20:15
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