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tiagogomesI am not sold in the need to create a cluster morph just to be able to deploy a system. I'd like that morph deploy supported deploying by passing deploy parameters in addition to a cluster morph. I know that in the past this led to some long command lines, but for some deployment types the command line will be short (e.g. tar), and it is an unnecessary extra step to have to create a cluster morph for those deployments09:11
paulsherwoodtiagogomes: you are not alone. some users have noted that they get confused between clusters and systems09:37
paulsherwoodbut also there is discussion about rationalizing the definitions (to remove 'stratum' etc)09:39
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tiagogomesmorph build needs or not a .morph suffix in the passed argument? Experimentation shows yes, in `morph build help` the documentation is contradictory with the example at the bottom17:05
tiagogomesalso morph build seems to only work when invoked from the root of the git directory that has the definitions. This seems an unnecessary limitation, it should work from any directory inside the system branch directory17:08
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tiagogomes_morph cross-bootstrap help documentation could be more extended17:52
tiagogomes_unpetrify-ref is not a good name with morph petrify gone, old-ref maybe?17:53
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