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tiagogomeswhich one is the dhcp client used in baserock? Is it udhcp or is it being managed by systemd? Whatever the dhcp client is, it is still not filling out resolv.conf. This is an old issue that I have with baserock15:48
paulsherwoodfor the last few months, it's been systemd15:53
paulsherwoodtiagogomes: ^^15:54
tiagogomesI am not surprised :)15:54
tiagogomesIn that case, maybe udhcp doesn't n need to be installed15:55
paulsherwoodmy (working) system has only nameserver in resolv.conf15:56
paulsherwooddon't know how that got there, though15:57
tiagogomespaulsherwood I know, because you put it there :) That's the IP for one of the Google DNS servers16:08
mauricemoss_tiagogomes, this worked for me
tiagogomesI used to do the same16:08
tiagogomesmauricemoss_, the point is DNS server discovery should be done automatically16:09
mauricemoss_maybe try deleting the DNS entry in the systemd network config? and just use "DHCP=v4"16:12
tiagogomesit could work, but resolv.conf should be automatically filled at boot time since the deployment of a baserock system without having to fiddle with configuration files16:15
paulsherwoodor at instantiation time16:16
tiagogomesI am currently cycling a base image to a development image. Around how much time this takes nowadays? I have no cached artifacts or gits16:17
paulsherwoodit will depend on how fast your network is, but i'd guess approx 30-60 mins?16:18
paulsherwood(might be faster just to create a new devel image?)16:19
tiagogomespaulsherwood, but I didn't find a development image to download16:20
tiagogomesah, I am cycling from a build image to a development image16:21
paulsherwoodtiagogomes: is it fetching, or building chunks?16:24
tiagogomespaulsherwood fetching16:24
mauricemoss_about the resolv.conf issue, I don't know if baserock is using systemd-resolved, but when I did a manual deployment on our chromebook, it didn't work out of the box.16:27
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tiagogomesI am morph building a system from baserock/definitions, baserock-14.40.1 branch. Shouldn't the artifacts be cached on trove? It is currently building stage1-binutils-locale20:10
tiagogomesI was expecting that morph only assembled a system artifact, not building every chunk contained in the system20:10
tiagogomesbaserock-14.40.1 is three months old, maybe the artifacts were garbage collected20:13
paulsherwoodtiagogomes: i think that was a fix, not a full release21:34
paulsherwoodhowever, i see the same effect with 14.4021:36
paulsherwood14.46 comes from cache...21:38
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paulsherwoodah... older releases were cached at i expect you have set artifact-cache-server = in your conf. if you comment that out, it should fetch instead of building.21:44
paulsherwoodmaybe we should copy all the old cache contents across21:45
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