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petefothpedroalvarez: proposed text for is at .Please can you quickly check that it makes sense, and is an accurate reflection of our chat yesteday? Thanks08:56
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petefothDo we need to care about and
pedroalvarezpetefoth: re - I'm reviewing it09:09
petefothpedroalvarez: ta!09:09
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pedroalvarezpetefoth: do you know that you can also use the rawdisk extension to deploy to storage devices?09:20
petefothpedroalvarez: no I didn't knwo that. Can you spare 5 minute to explain to me how that works?09:21
pedroalvarezyeah, but actually is really easy to understand09:21
pedroalvarezwe probably should change the name of the rawdisk write extension :)09:24
pedroalvarezso the thing is that a rawdisk image is like a "fake" disk, that you can plug into a VM09:24
pedroalvarezyou can do the same process to deploy to a real disk, and plug it into a laptop e.g.09:24
petefothpedroalvarez: so could you give me (or point me at) an example command line for deploying to a 'real' storage device?09:25
pedroalvarezpetefoth: the rawdisk.write extension detects if the "location" of your cluster morphology is a storage device  or not09:25
pedroalvarezif is not an storage device, then it creates the rawdisk image, etc. If it is, then it formats the device and installs09:26
pedroalvarezpetefoth: I'd change these two things:
petefothpedroalvarez: thank you09:30
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bashrcmaybe there should be a morph format handling mode for emacs09:40
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pedroalvarezBut Baserock doesn't have emacs09:43
pedroalvarezand I find writting yaml really easy :)09:44
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ssam2I started reviewing a simple documentation change from petefoth and it's turned into debugging why `morph help-extensions` doesn't work :(10:08
ssam2on the plus side, 'pdb' exists10:09
petefothssam2: I *love* it when that happens :)10:09
pedroalvarezhm... `morph help rawdisk.write` seems to work here10:11
ssam2I've worked it out :)10:12
petefothssam2: and the answer was...?10:12
ssam2it seems like `morph help-extensions` can't ever have worked, although I'm sure I remember using it10:12
ssam2petefoth: you'll have to wait for the patch series ;)10:12
ssam2well, path10:12
pedroalvarezoh yeah, that doesn't work10:13
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* ssam2 discovers that if 'morph help-extension' is run in /, it tries to traverse the entire root file system10:23
pedroalvarezthat's why it takes that long?10:24
ssam2yeah, it's trying to find if it's in a system branch10:26
ssam2help-extensions rather10:26
richard_mawit should only need to look up to see if it's in a system branch10:33
ssam2or in the cwd, yeah10:38
ssam2but for some reason it calls morphlib.util.find_leaf() which searches every subdirectory under '.'10:38
ssam2I've added a 'recurse' flag to that function to make it more sensible10:38
rdalemy train from reading to gatwick stopped at redhill and they said 'the train is late, and so we won't be going to gatwick, and the next train is in 40 minutes'10:40
rdaleoops sorry wrong channel10:41
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bashrcmade an emacs mode for morph files, based upon yaml-mode
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franredwhen adding openvswitch to the virtualization stratum and adding optional support for ingress policing on linux (probably it will be required by openstack depending on some configurations) I will add iptroute2 to baserock, which will be the better place to add this?11:32
bashrcthere was already a morph-mode, so I called it brmorph-mode instead11:32
ssam2bashrc: cool! I wonder if there's a good place to link to it on the wiki11:33
franred  --> search by Iproute211:33
ssam2bashrc: I guess Kinnison will be happy. I'm a Vim user personally ;)11:33
ssam2franred: I don't jnow11:34
jmacsbashrc: Brilliant, thanks!11:34
bashrcno doubt can be tweaked as required11:34
ssam2franred: some kind of networking-utils stratum? seems like 'connectivity' is a bit too generic11:34
franredssam2, if I create an stratum with this, I may move iptables to it then11:35
pedroalvarezlooks like iproute2 replaces ifconfig, route and arp11:36
pedroalvarezs/replaces/also installs/11:36
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franredpedroalvarez, is that a problem?11:40
pedroalvarezfranred: I hope it isn't 11:41
franredpedroalvarez, Im going to use it in openstack system, so I will test it :)11:42
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robtaylorssam2: have you tried gnome builder yet? christan's doing some very cool stuff there12:37
ssam2robtaylor: having seen how fast he can write code in vim, I have high hopes for Builder !12:46
ssam2but I've not tried it out, i figure it's quite unstable at the minute12:46
robtaylorssam2: yeah, haven't tried it myself yet, Quite cool to have a modern tool coming together that is vim user friendly :)12:47
* robtaylor will b very excited at the clang as you type compilation and buildtin clang-analyze12:47
ssam2yeah. there seem to have been a fair few existing attempts that never made it12:47
ssam2but those tried to actually embed Vim rather than just trying to act a bit like it12:48
robtayloryeah, they way he's handled modality is quite nice12:53
tiagogomesgnome-builder seems to be progressing quite well:
* tiagogomes thinks in donating12:56
franredssam2, Im having an error since yesterday when I try to deploy, sometimes and when I don't use --verbose deploy a system into a raw image fails but if I run the with --verbose it does not fail -->
franredI imagine that this error is shown because your fixes13:25
franredbut I can be wrong13:25
franredalso the error message looks wrong: a .py is not a device13:26
franredalthough it doesn't look like is related with your patches... I will investigate a little bit more13:31
robtaylorgosh, sorry for the noise13:50
* robtaylor was caught out my mosh actually working really well..13:50
richard_mawpedroalvarez: I've reviewed [PATCHv2] Add tge ability to deploy installer systems14:00
pedroalvarezrichard_maw: you copied even the typo in de subject :/14:02
pedroalvarezLooks like it doesn't need more versions14:03
richard_mawI had quite a few nit-picks, but they're simple things I'm happy with being fixed at merge time14:03
pedroalvarezand all of them make sense, so nothing to discuss except init= overloading14:06
pedroalvarezoh, just received the installer script review14:07
richard_mawwhich also isn't anything to discuss, since we need this now, and systemd hasn't implemented the temporary service derived from a command passed on the kernel command-line yet14:08
richard_mawyeah, there's a lot more nit-picks in the installer script review14:08
pedroalvarezthanks for reviewing :)14:09
ssam2franred: i'm not sure what's going on with that error!14:30
ssam2the morph.log file should give you more of a clue though14:30
bashrccan I specify a github repo within a morph file?14:31
richard_mawpedroalvarez' patch currently does14:31
bashrcsomething like github:username/repo14:31
ssam2bashrc: you can either use a full URL, or an alias. There is a predefined alias for github:14:32
ssam2bashrc: the aliases are defined in the 'repo-alias' config setting, if you get curious14:32
paulsher1oodfranred: are you sure you do have enough space on the device?14:33
franredpaulsher1ood, I haven't done anything between the first and the second attempt, only add --verbose14:34
pedroalvarezradiofree: hey, just seen your flashing script, and I see that you use fdisk on it. Would make sense to use sfdisk instead?14:43
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radiofreei have no idea what sfdisk is14:44
robtaylorsfdisk doesnt undertand GPT, i think14:46
DavePageI didn't think that fdisk understood GPT, but parted does.14:47
pedroalvarezwell, just for sharing some info:
robtaylorDavePage: i was just about to say that as well =)14:47
robtaylorhandn't realised fdisk didn't understand GPT either14:48
DavePageI could be wrong :)14:48
robtaylorDavePage: no, you're quite right :)14:50
robtaylorparted is the right thing for partition manipluation nowadays14:50
ssam2robtaylor: including automated partition manipulation?14:59
robtaylorssam2: should be ok, you can pass commands on the commandline15:00
robtaylor(or even a sequence of commands, i think)15:01
radiofreefdisk g15:12
radiofreecreate a new empty GTP partition table?15:12
radiofreeGPT even15:12
radiofreei prefer parted but didn't want to use it since baserock doesn't have it on a devel system15:13
jmacsBetter than feeding stuff into fdisk's stdin15:13
radiofreewell i do warn of "catastrophic data loss"15:14
pedroalvarezthat's why I suggested sfdisk15:16
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* pedroalvarez reads about GPT and wonders if he shouldn't use it when migrating to a SSD disk15:20
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franredssam2, -- 2 in a row15:30
franredthat is the morph.log15:30
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pedroalvarezthis error is weird15:32
franred <-- I have plenty of space15:34
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SotKfranred: what does `btrfs filesystem df /src` say?15:34
franredwhy does the system think that a py file is a device? 15:36
pedroalvarezI thinkt that's the file that it was trying to write15:37
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richard_mawsolved? unhelpful error message combined with lack of space15:41
franredrichard_maw, yep15:42
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