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* paulsherwood thinks definitions should be unique - it should not be possible to have stratum foo and chunk foo.10:48
radiofreei think that's fine10:52
radiofreee.g in my system i want wayland, so i include the wayland stratum, which includes the wayland chunk10:52
paulsherwoodi'm hoping we drop the whole idea of chunk/stratum10:53
paulsherwoodso one example currently is ruby. another would be wayland. i think it would be clearer if we had a different name that covered 'the stuff that we typically need for foo'10:55
paulsherwoodso wayland-tools or wayland-utils or wayland-stuff for example10:55
paulsherwoodor wayland-things or wayland-world :)10:56
rjekI quite like the simplicity of just having chunks, and chunks can have dependancies.  So a stratum is just a chunk that consists only of dependancies.11:19
rjekpaulsherwood: wouldn't it be strata/wayland.morph and chunks/wayland.morph? :)11:20
rjeknamespacing ftw11:20
pedroalvarezHm.. If we put them in a chunks folder then we won't have duplicated names for chunks, and also we won't duplicate chunks morphologies if they appear in various strata. But then that folder would be a mess with hundreds of files.. 12:06
jjardonJhbuild has metamodules for that: modules that are simply a group of modules13:39
pedroalvarezjjardon: and you can build depend in modules or in metamodules? 14:45
jjardonpedroalvarez: yes14:49
jjardonFor example: by default we build meta-gnome-core that depends on other metamodules that depend on different modules:
jjardonAlso, everything is in one file, but you can split different modules in different files if you want (we have -core, -core-deps and -apps in GNOME14:58
paulsherwoodat the moment, it's strata/wayland-generic.morph and strata/wayland-generic/wayland.morph15:02
paulsherwoodthe issue i hit is with ruby. we now have strata/ruby.morph, which contains ruby and ruby-1.8, and various other strata also contain ruby-1.8, ruby-1.9, with further definitions for them15:03
paulsherwoodi'm not suggesting having everything in one directory. just that it should not be possible to use a given name for a chunk/system as well as for a chunk15:05
straycatThe wiki is looking much better.15:42
jjardonpaulsherwood: agree15:45
jjardonI normally use -common suffix for the strata in those cases: mesa-common contains mesa, llvm-common llvm ...15:48
jjardonWhy do we have several versions of ruby BTW? Is it not possible to use the latest ones for everything?15:49
straycatI think you might need ruby 1.8 to build ruby 1.915:53
paulsherwoodyes, we need 1.8 to build 1.9. we just need a tidyup to get all systems that need ruby to use one stratum16:25

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