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pedroalvarezjjardon: then you will be the first one! 08:47
* pedroalvarez meanwhile tries to build an armv7b jetson system10:00
pedroalvarezHmm.. Failed to build gcc. 12:37
persiaThat's rather extreme12:44
pedroalvarezI'm going to try again, this hardware is not very reliable 12:45
radiofreepedroalvarez: i doubt this is going to work, just use the existing big endian rootfs14:33
radiofreei quickly tried a hf kernel last night (needed to modify some things in the kernel tree)14:34
radiofreeit, kinda booted, but couldn't seem to do anything with the emmc/mmc, quite a few issues involved here i think14:34
radiofreethe timings in the log were also *way* off and seemingly random14:35
persiaIs it that the drivers have endian-assumptions?15:49
* persia was reading about automotive computing today16:14
persiaDoes anyone know if we have any AUTOSAR components in any of the reference systems?16:14
* persia was looking at , but didn't know if there was something else that was more current16:15
paulsherwoodi don't think we do17:59
persiaMight be interesting, but there seems to be only one implementation with an open license, and it's a free/enterprise model, so I'm not sure how useful that one would be to add.18:55
pedroalvarezwrt gcc: reverting the update to gcc 4.7 solved the build failure.19:14
pedroalvarezI guess we didn't test the armv7b systems when upgrading.19:16
persiaHeh.  Apparently :)  Are there armv7b-specific patches in the baserock 4.7 tree, or is it an upstream regression?19:18
pedroalvarezafaik, in gcc stage 1 & 2 have is 4.6 + patches to build the gcc 4.7 stage 319:20
* pedroalvarez should read twice before pressing enter19:21
persiaThat makes it sound like bootstrap ought be revisited at some point.19:27
persiaOh, and the patches need be ported, and probably re-proposed upstream.19:28
pedroalvarezsearching about gcc issues I found some comments from ssam2, I should ask him19:36
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