IRC logs for #baserock for Sunday, 2014-10-19

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* pedroalvarez is building a baserock system with glibc11:16
pedroalvarezI'll have to do some tests before sending a patch, but it's looking ok :)11:26
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jjardon_pedroalvarez: cool!19:39
jjardon_ is now known as jjardon19:39
pedroalvarezI'm finding more problems than expected with other chunks like m4, bison.. But I'm almost there :) 20:46
pedroalvarezI want also to go for gcc 4.9, but that is going to be more complicated iirc20:46
paulsherwoodwill this be x86 only?20:47
pedroalvarezNo no, all architectures20:48
paulsherwoodooh, cool! :)20:48
straycatthis all sounds far more useful than what I've been up to20:48
paulsherwoodwhich is?20:48
pedroalvarezThat's why I need to do deep testing. Cross bootstrapping a system had to work 20:48
pedroalvarezstraycat: not sure if switching to glibc is useful for anybody.. :) 20:49
straycatpaulsherwood, messing around with the graphing plugin >.>20:49
pedroalvarezOuch. Gobject-introspection fails. Another one to fix! 20:56
straycatgood luck :)21:03
pedroalvarezbuf.. I think the ldd script installed by glibc needs bash :/21:23
pedroalvareza build failure woul have been more useful than an unusable ldd script:

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