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straycatAbout wiki notification, there's a simple bot called 'wookie' that does this reasonably well, and doesn't try to do anything else. It was originally written for in channel torrent notifications but is easily repurposed for more general rss notifications. If this is something we really want then we just need somewhere to host it, dependencies are just: python and python-irclib.09:20
paulsherwoodstraycat: td is a timedelta, not a datetime09:39
* paulsherwood wonders if pedroalvarez is around10:16
pedroalvarezI kind of am10:39
paulsherwoodjust wondered if instructions for deploying mason are around anywhere?10:41
paulsherwoodin particular i'm wondering if i could deploy an openstack mason, with MASON_DEFINITIONS_REF set to some experimental branch10:42
pedroalvarezpaulsherwood: there is a cluster morphology to deploy mason in definitions.git. But no, there are not documentation about how to deploy it to OpenStack 10:44
paulsherwoodbut i guess i could extrapolate from the trove openstack instructions...10:45
pedroalvarezYup, but I'm afraid you are going to find many problems and difficulties  :(10:47
pedroalvarezId like to spend time in mason, integrating the OpenStack tests that tlsa did, and document things10:48
pedroalvarezAlso document distbuild in OpenStack, which is possible 10:49
pedroalvarezSome examples, videos, etc10:49
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