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paulsherwoodwe should update bash... anyone have a view on whether to go for master, or something else?12:18
rjekIf they've not made a new release, I would go for back-porting the patch to fix to whatever is the latest version.13:03
rjek(latest release version)13:03
paulsherwoodrjek: i'm not a fan of backporting myself. official current release seems to be 4.313:05
paulsherwoodi've built with master and am testing that13:06
* paulsherwood notices in passing `time /src/` outputs real1192h 5m 38s13:07
pedroalvarez1192 hours??:13:08
paulsherwoodseems unlikely - only 2 mins passed in my corner of the multiverse :)13:08
pedroalvarezare you running baserock in the same dimension as me?13:09
dutch_how fast are you travelling relative to the shell?13:09
* pedroalvarez wants to build Android with baserock13:09
* paulsherwood too13:09
paulsherwoodtoday? :)13:09
pedroalvarezi think the xda community will be very interested13:10
paulsherwooddutch_: very good question13:10
paulsherwoodpedroalvarez: i assume you mean the baserock way, not just a hack?13:10
dutch_pedroalvarez: from the Q&A this morning it seems very relevant to peoples interests13:10
paulsherwoodwhere are you guys?13:11
violetaat xda devcon :-)13:11
pedroalvarezpaulsherwood: yeah, baserock way13:11
* paulsherwood is in sunny codethink13:11
paulsherwooddo all our builds use busybox shell, or are there some things that actively engage with bash?13:12
* paulsherwood seems to be happily using master bash in baserock13:13
pedroalvarezpaulsherwood: did the mariadb trick worked?13:14
paulsherwoodpedroalvarez: seems to, yes. i've built it, am going to try it in a while13:15
paulsherwoodpedroalvarez: i'd like to add mariadb to databases stratum, rather than havign its own system/stratumn13:15
rjekpaulsherwood: Yes, but master may not be of release quality :)13:15
pedroalvarezyeah, I didn't want to build postgresql when I did it13:16
paulsherwoodwell neither is the latest release, as of this week, rjek :)13:16
pedroalvarezdon't know if they should be in the same stratum, thogh13:16
rjekIf they've not made a release with the fix, I'd certainly backport the fix to the latest release.13:16
rjekmaster everywhere terrifies me :)13:16
pedroalvarezbtw, mariadb installation is 500M13:16
rjekpedroalvarez: !13:16
paulsherwoodpedroalvarez: the databases stratum is already just a collection of databases. if someone wants a specific database my thought is they'd take it from there13:17
paulsherwoodi can be wrong, of course13:17
rjekIt's been known.13:17
* rjek hides.13:17
rjekI can see situations where you'd want more than one DB installed.  I can't think of a situation where you'd want them /all/ installed :)13:18
rjekfor example, on Pepperfish we have both PostgreSQL and MySQL installed.  PostgreSQL for the real work, and MySQL for the couple of apps written by people without taste.13:18
paulsherwoodbut in our current design we have systems/strata/chunks. what's the point of having a stratum for maria containing only the maria chunk?13:19
rjekNot a lot, AFAICT.13:19
rjekThe stratum might contain the admin tools and such, seperate from the DB itself?13:19
paulsherwoodagreed. hence... here's databases.morph with some databases in it. feel free to scrap the ones you don't care about13:20
paulsherwoodrjek: you may be right13:20
rjekDebian splits MySQL into -client -common -server and -docs sub-packages.13:20
rjekA worker in a cluster won't be needed docs and clients.13:20
rjekFront end or developer VM probably will.13:21
rjekHmm; wouldn't somebody create a stratum /for their app/ which would include the database they wanted?13:21
* rjek can't quite see the value in a databases.morph stratum13:22
paulsherwoodyes, they would13:22
paulsherwoodthe main value is that it has a set of known buildable database definitions in it13:22
rjekIt would be like having a webservers.morph that gave you Apache, lighty, nginx...13:22
rjekHmm; as a reference of what you can pick-and-mix, rather than something you'd actually use or include?13:23
paulsherwoodyes. and although you think that's weird, i believe that may be the best approach for us13:23
paulsherwoodrjek: yes13:23
rjekI'd rather see some sort of catalogue of googies you can cherry-pick, otherwise you know people are going to end up including databases.morph just for SQLite.13:23
paulsherwoodi've not persuaded folks to change the organisation of definitions yet, but i think there's some agreement that we have 'infrastructure' and 'examples'13:24
* rjek 's typing is awful today.13:24
paulsherwooddatabases.morph contains some examples13:24
* rjek still aches.13:24
rjekPerhaps we could have a morph kind "examples" that causes morph to emit a warning that it's not really meant to be included in a system wholesale.13:24
paulsherwoodas does webtools.morph13:24
pedroalvarezdatabases.morph for now seems ok to me13:25
paulsherwoodrjek: interesting idea. but i'm generally against most of the situations where morph says 'not for you'13:25
ratmice_______paulsherwood: wow bash master, wasn't aware that bash had joined the world of version controlled software finally13:25
rjekHousework beckons.13:26
paulsherwoodratmice_______: maybe only on :)13:26
paulsherwoodratmice_______: that's a very long tail you have there...13:26
ratmice_______no, there apparently is one on savannah13:26
pedroalvarezis a rat :)13:26
ratmice_______yeah, i'm waiting until it wraps around to _________r or something, wonder how long the maximum nickname length is :D13:27
* paulsherwood is looking at
paulsherwoodwhich claims to be Bash-4.3 patch 2613:27
paulsherwoodso actually, i'm tempted to say, it should satisfy rjek13:28
paulsherwoodsince that looks like an official release kind of commit to me13:28
ratmice_______well, the one i'd found was
pedroalvarezooi, we lorry bash from git://
ratmice_______it was there last time i looked for it apparently, but i'd missed it somehow13:29
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* paulsherwood sees that `bash --version` reports GNU bash, version 4.3.26(1)-release (x86_64-unknown-linux-gnu)13:32
paulsherwoodso i think that's a release13:33
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* paulsherwood wonders why his jetson gets bounced by gbo these days....14:31
paulsherwoodprobably down to my choice of network14:31
paulsherwoodit claims 'network unreachable' but i can ping g.b.o from the jetson14:33
pedroalvarezI believe that the ip of gbo is not
pedroalvarezSomething odd is happening, but I think you are not connecting to gbo14:44
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paulsherwoodyup... something to do with office network16:25
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