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jjardonHi, would it be ok a patch to move systems to a systems/ directory in definitiions.git?11:06
franredjjardon, we are working on this in this moment11:09
persiafranred: What's the plan?11:10
* persia suspects a patch to the ML is better than a statement of intent, but doesn't want to encourage duplicate effort.11:11
franredpersia, the plan es have systems/ where it will be the systems definitions; strata/ where it will be the strata definitions and the chunks definitions for each stratum11:14
persiaMakes sense.  Is this going to be script-driven, or manual?11:14
petefothpersia: it's a bit more than a 'staement of intent'. There is a Kanban card asigned to franred and it's in the 'Doing' lane11:15
franredpersia, script-driven11:15
jjardonpetefoth: kanban?11:15
jjardonis that public?11:15
persiaIs the script likely to work on my custom systems and strata?11:16
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petefothSorry - my mistake - that work is internal at the moment and the Kanban is not public11:16
jjardonfranred: I guess the the chunks are going to be in a chunks directory?11:17
persiaI'd rather the chunks be in their stratas11:17
franredjjardon, chunks will belongs to the strata, so they will be under the strata directory11:17
persiaAh, good!11:17
persiafranred: Let me know if I can help with testing, etc.11:18
franredpersia, yes, it should work in custom systems, this would transform your definitions tree directory11:18
franredpersia, it is still ongoing ;-) but I will let you know - cheers11:19
persiaSo, the procedure is `git fetch; ./scripts/nifty-cool-transition-script; git rebase master`?11:19
jjardonfranred: cool, thanks for the info!11:24
franredpersia, something similar yes11:25
franredjjardon, no probs11:25
persiaWonderful.  I regularly rebase, so worried I'd have a transition.  Thanks for working on this!11:25
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richard_mawhm, new mail to baserock-dev, someone complaining about not seeing any output on his jetson board13:30
richard_mawusually when I see that error, it's because it's missing an appropriate console= on the kernel command line13:31
rjekThat's what I was thinking.13:31
rjekI'd ask him for what command he is booting it with13:31
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SotKWhy do we use `morph` in stratum specs (in system morphologies) but `name` in chunk specs (in stratum morphologies) to refer to things?15:42
SotKThis is a somewhat annoying inconsistency for me right now :(15:43
persiaI think it's a leftover.15:43
richard_mawwe use "morph" in stratum specs because we only need to know which morphology, we don't need to refer to it by name anywhere15:44
richard_mawand "name" because the name is needed for chunks15:45
persiaWhy do we use anything?15:45
richard_mawhowever, pre-chunks-in-definitions we could have used either15:45
persiaLooking at a system definition, I think it would be consistent to have the list under "strata" be similar to the list under "configuration extensions"15:45
SotKso why does the `morph` field contain stratum *names*, not stratum morphology paths then?15:45
richard_mawpersia: that's legacy reasons, we used to need more fields15:46
persiarichard_maw: Aha.  Can we fix both at the same time?15:46
persiaSotK: Would you be happy with nothing vs. "name: " ?15:46
richard_mawno, because I want to allow you to specify a list of artifacts to depend on, somewhat like the list of artifacts in system morphologies15:46
persiaI thought we were talking about system morphologies.15:47
* franred remembers to ask the same the day before yesterday, hehe15:47
richard_mawSotK: because we want to be compatible with pre-chunks-in-definitions morphologies, so we later massage the value of the "morph" field to be a proper path instead of a name15:47
SotKrichard_maw: makes sense I guess15:49
liw-orcssam2, thanks for the readline merge16:11
ssam2no problem. I need it for chef-shell ;)16:16
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