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ssam2doh, gstreamer in baserock doesn't build because of -Werror11:39
ssam2seems nothing has changed in the gstreamer baserock/genivi/baseline branch since 2012, though11:42
ssam2as far as I know neither have we changed eglibc or GCC11:42
ssam2hmm, we have updated GLib, though11:45
rjekGlib and Gtk are famous for breaking things that used to work due to a never-ending cycle of deprecation.11:45
radiofreeare you talking about gstreamer 0.10 ssam211:45
radiofreei sent patches for that on the 23/06/14 "[PATCH 0/7] Fix gstreamer 0.10 build with newer glibs"11:46
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ssam2I thought gstreamer 1, but now I'm not so sure11:49
ssam2no, definitely gstreamer111:49
ssam2I'm trying to build the GENIVI baseline11:49
ssam2I'd like to fix this by just updating to GStreamer 1.411:50
ssam2but I don't want to spend time fixing any new issues that might introduce, this was already a tangent11:50
radiofreessam2: see [PATCH 3/7] Automatic update of common submodule11:50
radiofreesubmodule is probably pointing at an old sha in gstreamer-common11:51
ssam2seems so11:51
ssam2thanks for pointing that out11:51
ssam2i'm not quite sure where it *should* be pointing to, though, how do I find that out?11:52
ssam2presumably for 0.10 and 1.2 the answer to that question is different11:52
* paulsherwood thought jjardon had done this already11:53
radiofreeyeah, HEAD for 1.2 branch?11:53
radiofreealso what paulsherwood said..11:53
ssam2oh, you're right. I missed that11:54
paulsherwoodhas jjardon's stuff been reviewed? merged?11:56
ssam2no, it's still outstanding11:58
ssam2at least, the gstreamer fixes are outstanding11:58
ssam2I merged the gtk patch series he sent11:58
ssam2I'd like to review his gstreamer stuff, but i'm in the middle of doing something else11:58
straycat is a quick patch to change where we get git-fat from.12:07
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ssam2straycat: thanks. Why is this patch needed?12:14
straycatI don't know in detail, other than that it's better and it's the repo that gets linked from python.org12:15
ssam2straycat: ok. well +1 from me, hopefully someone who knows more about git-fat than I do can comment though12:19
KinnisonWell, it's a potentially newer git-fat but without reviewing what has changed I can't say how it will affect morph etc12:20
Kinnisonso I'd be +0.5 on the lorry change but would -10 any attempt to use it yet12:20
straycatIt should probably be tested before merging.12:21
KinnisonWhat prompted you to want to provide the patch?12:21
straycatWe couldn't build some software because our trove lorried this git-fat from gbo rather than the "official" one.12:22
richard_mawthe situation is a bit odd, since the cyaninc one is a fork of the one we're currently using12:23
richard_mawbut the cyaninc one has tags and is the one pip uses12:23
KinnisonSo the cyaninc one is a fork of jedbrown's but jedbrown's still is under development12:25
Kinnisonand cyaninc aren't merging his work12:25
KinnisonI'd be more tempted to move to the tip of jedbrown's work than to switch to a different provider unless cyaninc's is definitively better in some manner12:26
Kinnison(note, "this is the one pip uses" is actually a negative strike for me because I find pip to generally be awful)12:26
* straycat nods12:28
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jjardonrjek: nothing should break because you deprecate things13:05
jjardondeprecate means its deprecated, not removed13:06
rjekjjardon: Unless people use -Werror13:12
jjardonthen is a problem of the people that use -Werror, not the library that deprecate API13:13
rjekNo, -Werror is very useful.  It means that code that may be depending on undocumented, unspecified, or changed functionality won't build until somebody decides that the resulting binary won't destroy all your data.13:14
rjekI never want to trust my important data to an application that the compiler wasn't sure about how to compile, and emitted a warning that got lost in thousands of lines of build output, tbh.13:15
jjardonWerror means the compilation fails if there is a compilation error. In this case it fails because you are used perfectly documented and correct API, but deprecated: its is ok if the compilation fails, as thats your choice when you choose to use -Werror, but not the fault of the library that decide to deprecate some api13:30
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ssam2I've just thought of one negative side-effect of chunks-in-definitions16:52
ssam2creating a temporary build branch is already slow, and this will make it WAY slower still16:52
ssam2I think16:52
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