IRC logs for #trustable for Wednesday, 2020-05-27

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lanoSTPA standup in 1209:38
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lanowho's here :)09:51
lanoorder is lano, shaunmooney, lchlan_09:51
lano## Milan (lano)09:51
lano* Done09:51
lano  - A Systems Component Modelling on the STPA requirements app, using persia's instructions09:51
lano* Doing09:51
lano  - Writing up the results of the Systems Compenent Modelling into the Requirements doc09:51
lano  - Look into TellTale09:51
lano## Shaun09:51
shaunmooney* Done09:51
shaunmooney  - ELISA workshop09:51
shaunmooney* Doing09:51
shaunmooney  - Continued:09:51
shaunmooney    - Ventillator STPA with ELISA09:51
shaunmooney      - Writing UCA guide and reviewing current UCAs09:51
shaunmooney    - Review STPA tool spec feedback09:51
shaunmooney## Lachlan (lchlan_)09:51
lchlan_* Done / For Review09:52
lchlan_   * Further mustard changes09:52
lchlan_   * Starting looking at missedELISA recordings09:52
lchlan_* Doing09:52
lchlan_   * Mustard more corrections.09:52
lchlan_* Next09:52
lchlan_   * Will have a look at Elisa project as soon as09:52
lchlan_   * It is still unclear how some of the Mustard scripts09:52
lchlan_     should be invoked.09:52
lchlan_   * DOORS data still outstanding.09:52
lchlan_# Discussion09:52
lanoactually _o_09:53
lanoit was a non-point on the component analysis09:53
lanostandup to end in 509:53
lchlan_Thanks lano09:53
lanostandup complete, ta all09:53
lanolchlan_, would you like me to think about / rubber duck on the Mustard script invoking?09:55
lchlan_If you want to have a look09:55
lchlan_I suspect we are missing some environment settings together with some bespoke authorisation elements09:56
lanoI'll have a look after I've written up the component analysis10:01
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lanoGoogle Meet link for the STPA meeting incoming:
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