IRC logs for #trustable for Monday, 2020-05-18

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lchlan_Are we having a standup today?09:52
lchlan_Ah lano is not in09:54
lchlan_shaunmooney: Are you available for standup?09:54
shaunmooneylchlan_:  yes  o/09:55
lchlan_In which case standup09:55
lchlan_Order shaunmooney, lchlan09:55
lchlan_# Shaun Mooney09:55
shaunmooney* Done09:55
shaunmooney  - STPA app spec doc09:55
shaunmooney* Doing09:55
shaunmooney  - Ventillator STPA with ELISA09:55
shaunmooney  - ELISA workshop09:55
shaunmooney## Lachlan (lchlan_)09:55
lchlan_* Done09:56
lchlan_   * Meeting09:56
lchlan_   * Started work on mustard Vagrant file09:56
lchlan_* Doing09:56
lchlan_   * Debugging vagrant file failures09:56
lchlan_* Issues09:56
lchlan_   * DOORS data still outstanding.09:56
lchlan_# Discussion09:56
lchlan_Any points?09:56
lchlan_In which case standup is over09:56
shaunmooneythanks lchlan_09:58
lchlan_Standup published to
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