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lanomorning, STPA standup in 15 mins09:36
lanoo/ standup is nigh, who's here?09:50
lanoorder is lano, shaunmooney, lchlan_09:50
lano## Milan Lakhani (lano)09:51
lano* Doing09:51
lano  - Investigating doorstop and mustard to see if they can be used / extended for the web app09:51
lano    - Read more about Doorstop and try its external GUI, next will configure version control and make a working copy09:51
lano    - Mustard is built properly but currently don't have something to render09:51
lano## Shaun (shaunmooney)09:51
shaunmooney* Done09:51
shaunmooney  - Merged MRs09:51
shaunmooney* Doing09:51
shaunmooney  - Review doorstop and mustard09:51
shaunmooney* Next09:51
shaunmooney  - Level 3 UCAs09:51
shaunmooney    - Provide example level 3 UCAs09:51
shaunmooney  - Review Lachlan's work and discuss with John Thomas09:51
shaunmooney# Lachlan (lchlan_)09:51
lchlan_* Done09:51
lchlan_   * Got mustard working (unsure if manual build of certain dependencies still09:51
lchlan_     required)09:51
lchlan_* Doing09:51
lchlan_   * Looking at testing python 2 implementation.09:51
lchlan_   * Prep for Python 3 migration.09:51
lchlan_# Discussion09:51
lanoany points?09:51
lanoyep shaunmooney ?09:51
shaunmooneyWhat are your thoughts on mustard and doorstop guys?09:52
shaunmooneyDo you think we'd be ready tomorrow morning for a discussion to review them?09:52
lchlan_I've only looked at Mustard, but as a requirement tool it is in house and good09:53
lanoFirst impressions doorstop seems decent, should be ready for tomorrow morning for a discussion09:53
lchlan_Only problem I see is that stpa is a very specialised and crafted form of requirement handling09:53
lanohad some problems getting them going09:53
shaunmooneylchlan_: Agreed, I doubt anything would be stpa ready straight out of the box, but hopefully they can be added to with minimal effort to make them more stpa appropriate09:54
shaunmooneyLet's have a review discussion tomorrow then09:55
lanodo you know if there are any aspects I should focus on looking into that may cause issues for the STPA?09:55
lanoor just a general evaluation09:55
lanothere might have been things I've forgotten since the phone call09:56
lanobut I'll just make pros and cons09:56
lanoany other points?09:56
lanostandup to end in 509:57
lanostandup ends09:57
lchlan_Thanks lano09:57
shaunmooneythanks lano09:57
shaunmooneyYeh make pros and cons, you know the stpa process so use your judgement09:57
lchlan_shaunmooney: The process we have been using so far is not necessarily typical - has anyone drafted the workflow that happens if stpa is done in parallel with code/system development?09:58
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shaunmooneylchlan_:  there are some white papers on the topic, I'll have a dig around to see if I can find them again10:10
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